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Make Your Own Bug Viewers

How to Make Your Own Bug Viewer

One of our activities for Camp Conniewannahavefun this week was a bug scavenger hunt team activity.

Here's how we made them.

Supplies needed:

  • Single serving drink bottles
  • scissors or Exacto knife
  • netting (or thin fabric that lets in air)
  • hot glue gun

  1. Save and rinse out small, plastic juice bottles.
  2. Cut a panel out of one side of the bottle.
  3. Hot glue a pice of netting over the hole in the bottle.
  4. Remove lid to put bugs.


I gave each team instructions to find as many little creatures as possible and place them in their bug viewers along with a few leaves and twigs and drops of water.

The yellow team won the challenge! They caught several varieties of beetles, ants, a baby lizard, and even a SCORPION!

Try making your own simple bug viewers. Kids love them!

Would you like to have your own mini summer camp? Try these tips for free summer fun! (<--- Includes a free printable scavenger hunt!)

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  1. Please tell me the next activity at camp was placing the animals BACK where they came from.

  2. Sounds like something my boys would really enjoy. Capturing bugs, ect. seems to be such great fun, but I really prefer if they don’t bring them into my kitchen. Great hands-on science fun!

  3. Hey thanks a lot for sharing this amazing idea. I was looking for an exciting idea for the kids at the nursery. This is a really good way to get the kids to know about the bugs and insects.

  4. I love it! We’re also doing our own “summer camps” started by the realization that the kids all wanted to do the model airplane camp, and only one was old enough….then they all wanted to do each camp—meaning dealing with either age problems, lots of money, and driving in the heat with a baby (with a “no-AC” van)….so, we had Monday was Airplane day (bought a bunch of cheap balsa wood rubberband models on amazon–definitely worth it! and reading reviews really helps to get good stuff–they did fly!), Tuesday was Movie Day, Wii day on Wednesday, Thursday sand & beach day (we built a huge sandbox & went to the pool later in the cooler time of day), and today is Lego and relaxation day. Last week, we had 3-d puzzles/models day (2 days) and quilt day… I haven’t done any of the ones you’re writing about–so I’m definitely excited to add yours to our “camp.”


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