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We have been busy around here, and I usually post little snippets of what we're doing on my Facebook page, but since some of you aren't on Facebook, I thought I would update here as well.

  • My awesome husband booked a hotel on the river walk in San Antonio for our 27th anniversary. We had fun relaxing, talking without being interrupted, and not cutting up anyone's meat.


  • We met up with Kim, from Life in a Shoe, and her husband for dinner at a fancy restaurant where they cut up your meat for you and an acrobat lady twirls around over your head.


  • I auditioned for a Bible Quiz game show that will be hosted by Jeff Foxworthy on the Game Show Network.
  • On Sunday, we visited a sweet, little congregation where we all enjoyed singing the "old" songs we always sing at home anyway.
  • During the Sunday school hour, there was a mix up and no teacher showed up to teach the high school class. Our teens reported to us that they all sat there for a few minutes wondering what to do until a 17 year old boy said, "Well, it looks like no one is coming to teach us, so I'll just do the lesson. Everyone open your Bibles and let's read together."
  • We fell in love with that 17 year old boy on the spot.
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  1. Jenn Lyons says:

    I think I’ve fallen in love with that 17 year old boy too :). What an awesome kid. How cool is that kid? :)

  2. The river walk looks lovely!

  3. 27 years how awesome is that! I often felt, while growing up, that I had the oddest family out there because shock of shocks my siblings and I all had the same two parents, and only two parents.:D

    The river walks looks so inviting hope you enjoyed you trip!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Praying you have many more blessed years together! Looking forward to hearing about the show and seeing you on it! :)