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Library Update

Remember when I shared the video of my presentation to the library advisory board asking for a higher book checkout limit?


They raised the limit!

Each of my children now has his or her very own library card and they may check out as many as 20 books! Our family rule, though, is the number of books that can be checked out can be no greater than the child's age. Each person keeps up with books and library cards in an assigned rain gutter bookshelf.

It was said, when I posted the above photo on Facebook, that if my children could not truthfully read all those books, then I am not putting the needs of others in my children's hearts and what I am doing is known as hoarding.

The thing is that my children truthfully can read all those books during the 2 week checkout period. We spend many hours each day reading. We read silently. We read aloud. We discuss the books we read. We re-read books we enjoy.

We enjoy reading. A lot.

In fact, here is a genuine, spontaneous, truthful demonstration of how excited my 6 year old was to have read a whole book in one day for the very first time. (Email readers will want to click through to the post to view the video.)

So, I think we can all agree that the moral of this story is...


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  1. Good riddance to low number library card limits. Whoever said that you were hoarding books is absurd. Making sure that library books stay in nice condition and keeping them “found” is difficult enough. Why would I have my children check out more books than they can take care of?

    My 11 year old son is a voracious reader. I challenge him by finding him the biggest, best, thickest books I can. And he’s still plowed through them in about a week, much less two weeks!

  2. Awesome! I was a big reader as a kid (and still am today) so I totally know how fast you can go through all those books. Good for you – and ignore the haters!

  3. My 13 year checks out at least 20 our limit is 30 per person. The Liberian said not too long ago wow are’nt y’all a little low. She knows us personally. My 2 yr loves the library. Great job.

  4. This makes me thankful for our library, I don’t think there is a limit and we have no late fees.
    Yay to you for getting those limits raised!

  5. leah bush says:

    We can also go through 20 books in a week here in our house. We read a lot during the day and normally 3-4 books a night.

  6. Our local library offers teacher checkout for homeschool moms. I think the limit is 50 books and 5 movies. We can keep the books for 5 weeks and the movies for 1 week. And then the kids have the regular limit and time frame. With our huge personal library we don’t need to check out quite as many books as we are allowed to, but we do take advantage…We usually have a crate full of books from the library. And we can also go online to search and request books. The one of the librarians pulls them for me and has them at the checkout all ready to go!! Love my library!

  7. Heather Wawa says:

    That’s so great! Nicely done, Mama!

    Now, if someone could just find our TWO missing library books that I’ve already renewed twice and offered a $2.00 finders fee on, that would make my day!!!

  8. I worked at the local library between college and my wedding and was asked what the limit on checkouts was. My supervisor was standing right there and since I had only worked there about a week, I turned to her.

    She thought about it, shrugged, and said, “As many as you can carry.” She was pretty sure the system would limit a person at 100, but still…the idea of crazy restrictions is pretty foreign to me.

    Anyway, that was probably the sweetest video ever. I hope your little lady gets to read a book in a day LOTS of times! 😉

  9. Heather says:

    By the time I was about 10, I was reading a book a day every day (agatha Christie sized books). I literally ran out of appropriate reading material, and then ran out of things to re-read. I wish I had time to read that much now!

  10. That’s fantastic :) Good for you!

    I love that your kids read so much. I hope to instill that love in my kids as they get old enough to read (my oldest is just starting phonics.)

    I’ve always loved to read and, like your children, would take out a STACK of books and be able to read them all within a few days. So good for them! The love of reading will help them so much in life.

  11. That’s great news! Your persistence paid off!

  12. I’m a little shocked your commenters would think a kid COULDN’T go through 5 or 6 books in 2 weeks! That seems so low. Especially when you are homeschooling and don’t have so much wasted time in class (the only time I got a pink slip in public school was for reading in class…) And that doesn’t include any books you might need for research!

  13. Jeri @ Texas Piglets says:

    So glad y’all got your own cards! Boo to all of those that said you were hoarding. I’d like to know when they’ve EVER walked into a library and found not 1 book to check out.

  14. Yay!!!

    I don’t know if you saw my question about this or not. But I’ve been waiting with bated breath to know the outcome of the Smockity Library Crusade of 2012!!!

  15. Melanie says:

    So, so thrilled for you!!! As so many others have said, I read through STACKS of books all the time as a kid. My mom always joked that she was sure I’d read through the entire kids section. As with many negative comments, I don’t think those people accusing you of hoarding have all the information before making the judgements. Happy dance for all of you!!

  16. Christie DeSilva says:

    Our library book limit has been a problem in the past as well. Our public library is expensive too, about $100 per year for a card, and the fees, oh the fees if your books are late. Icarumba. This year, we are forgoing our library card. Not in the budget. Good thing we have a half-way decent home library and no kids over 10….

  17. Yep, forget the haters, each of those stacks would be less than a week for my kids. In fact my 10 year old would see it as a fun challenge to read all the books in the picture herself in less than 2 weeks! Both myself and my husband are big readers as well and our 7 year old while a bit of a reluctant reader reads on a 5th grade level and could easily read a book a day, she would just much rather play with her sister than to read quietly with her.

  18. We are lucky, my mother in law works at a library. Not ours, so we dont have a card there, but we use her card, and get unlimited books and movies, and keep them as long as we need to go through them (which honestly is not much longer than a week). It’s great because if they don’t have a book we want, I can interloan it from another library in the area.
    Our local library is is a different county and different library district. We have cards there as well, but with a short time to keep the books and high late fee, I noramlly just get digital books from my kindle from them. We love our libraries!! So happy we are starting summer reading right now, at both libraries.

  19. Good for you getting the limit changed. I’m not surprised at all that your children read that many books; I used to when I was a child. And I’m sure that my children will read that many once they learn how to read.

    Way to get the system changed! And way to encourage us to do the same…if needed!

  20. Good for you! I’m still a little stunned by the whole thing to begin with. And really surprised that someone would think you were hoarding. For real? I’m off for the summer and already have a longgg list of books through our inter library loan coming in.

  21. Whenever someone starts giving me grief about our library bookshelf or our book “hoarding” (as we’ve been accused)….I ask them two simple questions? Do you know the name of at least one of the librarians in your local library? Do they know YOUR name?

    Giving them OUR family answer to that (and naming off all 8 of the library staff in the answer) usually makes people understand that books to a homeschooler are like desks to a public school. We don’t have desks, because we use the couch, floor, counter, porch, car, park, and so on for our classroom……but without books we feel like we just can’t function.