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How Do Large Family Moms Keep Their Energy Up?

This week, The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are discussing how large family moms keep their energy up.

After all, on an average day mothers have to be

  • chauffeurs
  • counselors
  • nurses
  • cooks
  • referees
  • cleaning ladies
  • teachers
  • story tellers
  • disciplinarians
  • librarians

And that's the short list when there's nothing else on the agenda, like teaching Sunday School, planning a vacation, or speaking at an event while your husband is out of town and having to farm the kids out to 3 different friend's houses at the last minute because your husband really thought that he was going to be home, but inclement weather pushed all his plans back and now he is in Oklahoma and the kiddies are in Texas and here you've got this speaking engagement that you committed to months ago and it just so happens that the big kids are gone to church camp, too, so they are no help.

And don't forget the milking!

It can be exhausting!

Unfortunately, I don't have any miracle remedy for exhaustion or special formula for energy. I mean besides Dr. Pepper. That's a given.

There are many days that I just gut it out and push myself to make it until bedtime. What I often tell the children, holds true for me too. "It doesn't have to be fun, it just has to be done."

There are lots of things to get done in a day which must be done, like diapers and milking, and being too tired just isn't an option.

I do have a few ways of ensuring that I have the energy I need to get through each day.

  • Get enough sleep. I do best on 8 hours.
  • Have a daily nap time. Mom can take a nap or just rest and think some thoughts without being needed for an hour.
  • Drink enough water. I tend to let myself get dehydrated, and that makes me sluggish.
  • Keep a healthy weight. When I am overweight, I drag around.
  • Interact with other adults. I'm an extrovert, so being around others energizes me.

And that is all I have.

I don't take vitamins or supplements. I don't have an exercise program. (I know. Bad mother. Bad, BAD mother.)

It really is amazing though, how much you can accomplish in a day if you put your mind to it. And falling into bed at night never feels better than it does when you have had a full day.

Like this lady. No comment on whether or not I have said all of this in a single day.

(Email readers may need to click through to view the video.)

Now, be sure to visit the rest of my 4 Moms team to see how they keep their energy up.

How do you make sure you have enough energy to get through the day?

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  1. Running helps me a lot, plus getting the wheat out of my diet. I used to be very tired and felt like I was dragging a lot. My brain felt foggy, too. I started not eating wheat back in January, though I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times. I started running then too; now I’m almost at 20 miles/week. The supplements helped a lot, but getting rid of the wheat helped even more.

  2. I love the youtube song!!! My kids loved it, too. I’m a mom (typing w/ right hand while baby is in the left arm) with an almost-18 year old daughter who wants to get married (after they’ve turned 18, of course) to her almost-18 year old boyfriend that she met 5 months ago at a church youth group meeting–and that idea has been throwing me for a loop lately (nothing I can do about it, but pray, gently counsel, and pray). We do homeschool and have always been a very close family. Our other 5 children range from 6 months to 9 yrs old.

    For energy, I drink coffee and take my BabyAndMe MegaFood vitamin in the morning (I’m still b’feeding). I started drinking Xing Green Tea w/ Blueberry at lunch. I’d really like to take a nap in the afternoon, but the baby is teething & that means naps of about 30 mins. at a time LOL.

    So, I’m now about 50 pounds overweight (yes, I eat terribly when pregnant and it’s worse when on bedrest! LOL), and I’ve already lost 17 pounds since the baby. I do notice a huge difference in energy that correlates with my being overweight. Actually, losing the 17 pounds (took 6 months for those so far) did help greatly in an energy increase. It will be a slow process, but I’m hoping to be back to my normal weight by next June. Once I stop breastfeeding, I lose weight much quicker (I’m so hungry while b’feeding!!). I did do weight watchers when one of my babies was 4 months old, and lost my milk because I lost too much weight too quickly, so if I want to breastfeed, I know I can’t do a “real” diet or too much exercise. Right now, I do want to start walking 30 mins a day—it’s amazing how good I feel after I start a daily routine of walking.

    My eldest daughter does work, and she’s also in college now (already completed 17 credits toward her degree), and with her wanting to get married—well, let’s just say, she’s not really home anymore. I’m trying to revamp my days, and with no family, nor supportive friends nearby, God is teaching me a lot. God and my hard-working husband are my pillars of strength. Also, reading your blog and the other blogs of large family moms have really helped me so much with encouragement and very useful ideas to help run a large household smoothly.

    Our children are a very happy and loving bunch (yes, they do fuss, fight, and argue at times–just like normal children LOL), and strangers in public have always said comments about how happy my children are (usually with a very surprised tone of voice—I guess they think because we have so many that they shouldn’t be happy??!?? LOL) and those comments show me that no matter how tough things are, I’m still stumbling along the right path.

  3. Great post! Thank you! I have wondered about how you keep your energy up.

    I am not sure busy moms must have an excercise plan in this season. There is an awful lot of lifting and moving involved in motherhood. :) I do try to dance, stretch, and play with the children too.

  4. For me, sleep is probably the biggest factor. I have a hard time going to bed if someone is up (purely psychological, I know, but I’ve been this way since I was a baby, my mom tells me), and my husband was, until a week or two ago, staying up late studying for his master’s. School’s out for the summer, but now he’s staying up late doing other things. It creates a vicious cycle for me. I stay up late, or go to sleep late (most evenings I’m in bed at a decent time, just not sleeping). Then I’m tired the next day. We have no schedule to speak of (I try, but being tired is not conducive to sticking to any kind of schedule), so that just makes things harder. Then I’m tired most of the day. Sometimes when I’m tired all day, I get a burst of energy around the time the kids go to bed. Then I can’t sleep until late, again! And since I was tired all day, I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, and end up using that energy to knock off a few things off my to-do list. But that isn’t conducive to sleep either.

    If I can get my sleep, it really helps to break the cycle. But then I’ll get these weird insomnia moments that come with pregnancy–you know, waking up at 3:00 am to pee and not being able to go back to sleep until about 6:00. Add to that the discomfort I experience in the last trimester of every pregnancy because I have scoliosis and it makes everything more difficult when I’ve got extra weight and a new center of gravity. Yeah, it makes me slow down a lot.

    But now I really should get up. Because sitting in this chair for very long always makes me hurt worse when I get up. And when I hurt, I move more slowly, so then things get done slower. Besides, I think it’s about time to close the windows–before the temperature outside rises above the inside temp. It’s supposed to be hot today, and we don’t use A/C–not sure we even have it (new home, just moved in this spring). And I’m pregnant. Enough said!

  5. Mmm… now you made me thirsty for a Dr Pepper. :)

    Energy – oh, yes, that thing that I had in my 20s. Now I think my energy is largely dependent on my mental state. My physical energy is less than it was when I had just a couple children, but I feel like if I’m mentally and spiritually sharp everyone benefits.

    It’s good if the kids have to wait while I make time in the Word a priority – and if I have the strength that comes from that it definitely affects how I deal w/ everybody. Even if I’m tired from being up AGAIN w/ a baby who thinks she’s starving. :)

  6. This was so fun to read! I hate dr. pepper, but cherry coke does me just fine…actually it probably doesn’t do me much good at all, but it tastes good, so that makes me feel good =) I agree, though…just push through the day b/c it has to be done. I try to nap when I can b/c being 25 weeks pregnant w/ number 8, well, I’m just perpetually tired. I also do notice a difference when I drink enough water, though, and working in my garden is energizing!

  7. That video is hilarious! Where did you find it?

    I just try to get enough sleep. I would love to get eight hours, but it’s not happening these days. In order to exercise, get my shower, and read my Bible before the children wake up, I have to get up at 5:15…which means that I need to be in bed with the lights out by 9:15, and that just doesn’t happen. I have found that, paradoxically, my getting up early to exercise actually gives me more energy, the energy I need to keep up with my four little ones.


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