What's the big deal about Young Living

FREE Online Knitting Class!

I betcha didn't know that I love to knit.

I even made this knitting tutorial video just days after the birth of my 8th baby. Is that dedication to the blog or what? I did all for you. My peeps. My posse.

If you love to knit or if you have always wanted to learn, here is a FREE online knitting class! Just choose "Online Classes" from the drop down menu at the top, click "Knitting", then scroll down and choose "Short Rows". You'll see the same picture as above.

It's totally FREE to sign up, so there's nothing to lose! (And I get 75 cents for each signup! Win-win!)

If you are a blogger and would like to offer deals like this to your readers, sign up with Escalate Network today!

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  1. Yes, Smockity. I knew you are A knitter, and I often wonder why we don’t see posts about your current WIP’s. Are you on Ravelry? I would love it if you shared more of your knitting with us!