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FREE Homeschooling Ebook

Do you homeschool and need some tips to keep things running smoothly?

Or are you thinking of homeschooling, but would like some more information on it before you take the plunge?

Do you know someone who fits either of the above descriptions?

Then be sure to pick up my FREE 50+ page ebook, available exclusively for my Facebook fans.

You will get tips on:

  • Homeschooling Preschoolers
  • Homeschooling Older Students With Preschoolers Present
  • Scheduling
  • Curriculum Choices
  • Socialization

I even included a couple of printable worksheets you can use for rating and choosing curriculum and making a workable schedule.

Download it today! Tell your friends!

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  1. Thanks for this resource! We are potential homeschoolers and it is great to hear what other families are doing. Already put a couple of your recommended books for Preschoolers on hold at the library to read with my boys next week.

  2. Is there any way to download this ebook without a Facebook account? I don’t have one, but would love to get this book.

    • I know I am just starting to homeschool and I am determined to not have a facebook account.
      I’d love to have this book, maybe Connie will make this available to her bogger friends soon?

  3. Crystal says:

    You are probably already aware of this, but there is a typo on page 30, first line. You have “childrne” instead of “children”. Thank you for sharing this, I have learned quite a bit and appreciate the hard work you put into this ebook! I am looking to start with my children in the next year, starting with my almost 1 year old. Do you have a homeschool planner that you recommend?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Is there anyway to be able to get the book without having a Facebook account? It sounds like a wonderful resource! I believe our family would benefit from your book.
    Thank you!