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Teaching Children to Cook

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are teaching children to cook this week.

The keys to teaching children to cook are:

  • You actually have to cook.
  • The kids have to be allowed in the kitchen during the cooking.

If either one of those things or both combined strikes fear in your heart, you must first overcome that, or your children will most likely not learn to cook under your direction.

If that is fine with you, then it is fine with me too. There is nothing unholy about not learning to cook until adulthood. It does however make things more difficult than it has to be.

Teaching children to cook can be part of a natural, daily routine.

It can be as simple as allowing each child to participate in "Make Your Own Pizza Night" or as complex as following a recipe, step by step, from beginning to end.

Here is my 6 year old making Rainbow Cupcakes for her soccer team. She helped me read the recipe and knows that cupcakes require flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. She saw that the sugar and butter must be blended before adding the other ingredients.

Here are her little fingers layering the colored batter.

Letting her help me with the cupcakes did take longer than it would have taken me to do it all myself. I can read faster, measure faster, stir faster, spoon batter faster, and I know how to crack eggs without making a mess.

But when I let my children read the recipe and measure the ingredients, I am giving them a sense of accomplishment and teaching them a life skill at the same time.

If you plan for extra time in the kitchen so you can teach your children to cook, you will be giving them an invaluable skill that they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Now, remember to check out how the rest of the 4 Moms of 35+ Kids teach their children to cook.

And join us with your own posts about teaching children to cook!

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  1. Although my videos are some months old, they are pretty typical of letting kids cook/bake. Sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating, always messy, always a memory made. :)

  2. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a kid in the kitchen while I was cooking! This summer I’ll be teaching my 8 year old and 15 year old some recipes. My 15 year old hasn’t been interested in cooking, though he needs to learn some basic techniques before going to college. My 8 year old loves to cook and takes after his dad. I really want to encourage him in this area.

  3. I love your little girl’s smile – even though working w/ little ones isn’t particularly convenient it sure makes them happy, and that makes all the mess worth it!

  4. Your daughter is so beautiful in the top picture!

    I too am a big one for teaching kids to cook. It’s great for them, of course – but it’s also a benefit for me because then they can cook for me sometimes. 😉

  5. What a good reminder! Just this week I realized that my three oldest (10, 8, 6 1/2) only know how to make basic BASIC things like boxed mac & cheese and Ramen noodles. Egads! I’ve been planning and prepping for the kitchen training of all training. But I just need to let them try.

    You’re right! It is messier. It takes longer. But how else will they learn. I remember the first time I cracked an egg and dumped the whole bowl simultaneously all over the kitchen floor. I was probably 7 years old. But it wasn’t long before i could make bacon and eggs no problem without supervision. My mom was wise enough to let us try and let us make messes.

    Now it’s MY turn to be that wise mom. Thanks Connie!


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