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I’m Speaking at Mom Only Boot Camp!

The Mac Rak
On July 21st, I'll be speaking at the Mom Only Boot Camp in the quaint little DFW area town of Granbury, Texas.

Here are a few items on the agenda for this homeschool conference:

  • Smockity keynote
  • 3 workshop sessions
  • lunch included
  • entertainment
  • curriculum exhibitors
  • door prizes and giveaways

All of that for only $20!

Registration is limited to the first 100, so if you are interested in this opportunity, hurry and register now!

*I am not an affiliate and don't get anything if you register, but it would be really embarrassing if no one comes...

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  1. Oh I know just how you feel! But I also know you will be great and the way I always think of it if only a few people show up I can give them extra attention. I wish I could be there! Lisa~