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Grocery Savings Classes in the DFW Area

One of my friends, Rachel from Surviving the Stores, and her husband, Ryan, are teaching grocery savings classes in the DFW area!

I just love Ryan and Rachel!

When my husband was suddenly laid off, Rachel paid me to write a series on her site, "Feeding a BIG Family on a Small Budget". This was so helpful to us! I have a feeling she could have survived without my series, but her generous offer definitely made a difference to this struggling family! Since Rachel and Ryan had also gone through a very unexpected layoff previously themselves, they knew just how we felt and what we were struggling with.

It also just so happens that the moment my husband got his first job after that layoff period, he called to tell me, and Ryan and Rachel were standing right there. When I tearfully told them the good news, Ryan proclaimed loudly, "PRAISE THE LORD!"

So, I am obviously thrilled that they are teaching grocery savings classes right here in my very own DFW area!

Since I have a lot of local readers who are interested in savings, I knew you would want to know about this, and since Rachel and Ryan are awesome, they are giving everyone who signs up here $5 off the regular price of $20.

Participants will attend a 2 hour workshop where topics like these will be covered.

  • Shopping Psychology

  • Strategic Couponing

  • Meal Planning On A Limited Budget

You will also receive a workbook for the class and a copy of the previous Sunday's paper with coupon inserts!

All of this for only $15!

Plus there will be lots of door prizes!

You can choose the class that is most convenient for you, but there is one more bonus... I WILL BE AT THE FORT WORTH CLASS ON MAY 19TH!!! I can't wait to attend!

So, if you want to hang with your favorite Smockity while learning couponing and grocery saving skills, SIGN UP FOR THE FORT WORTH CLASS! I promise to yack your ear off during the breaks!

And we get free parking for the entire day and evening! Why not bring your spouse and make a date night out of it? Sundance Square is AWESOME! (I love to attend the parade of lights at Christmas time there!)

Let me know if you sign up so I can look for you!

If you can't make that one, be sure to sign up for another one. Rachel and Ryan are expert savers and they have a passion for teaching others to do the same.

Arlington Class - Thursday May 17th 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Bob Duncan Center

Fort Worth Class - Saturday May 19th 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Norris Conference Center in Sundance Square (cost of ticket includes
parking for the whole day and evening!)

Dallas/Garland Class - Thursday May 24th 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Hyatt Place (across from Firewheel)

Grapevine Class - Thursday May 31st 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Grapevine Concourse

I am an affiliate for this Savings course.

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