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The Egg Comes Out of WHERE?!

My 17 year old, Madison, is an active forum member of Homesteading Today and Backyard Chickens. She is an excellent researcher and keeps us abreast of all the best advice from longtime homesteaders.

She sends me links to schedules for worming our goats and charts showing the which hens are the most productive egg layers.

So when she sent me the link to the video below, I figured it must be something very important that I would need to know about dairy goats or laying hens or keeping hay.

And then I watched it. And then I watched it with the kids. And then we watched it again and repeated the funniest parts.

And then I had to threaten them to stop repeating the last part about the poop.

(Email readers, you will want to click through to watch. Trust me.)

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  1. i am laughing so hard i can;t breathe! thanks for sharing :)

  2. *snort* I might just be linking back to this. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my this is funny!! I do know people who this fits to a T. Can’t wait to show mu husband.

  4. That definitely made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Too funny! My kids were even cracking up.. particularly at the goat in rut comment. Guess what we’ve been dealing with lately??? Ugh.

  6. Sage Rylind says:

    Too funny! Thanks for sharing 😀 I needed a good laugh this morning!

  7. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.
    –Gena ay ichoosejoy.org

  8. Nope, that’s not funny . . . it’s HILARIOUS! Tell Madison thanks for the laugh.

  9. You’re right — it’s definitely worth clicking through for!!!

  10. Thank you SOOOO much for sharing this. It was hilarious. If we weren’t laughing, we were shaking our heads because we have heard it all ourselves.

  11. I didn’t even laugh once. Sounds like how my mom feels about those who don’t choose her live on a farm life. Like it would be proper to walk around in her barn and get all dirty and then not wash your shoes off before going to a funeral? Uhhh, whatever. Different people make different choices, and all should be respected, not made fun of. Yes, I am sure city dwellers make fun of country people, but country people make fun of city dwellers just as much and no, I did not find it funny.

  12. LOL, I love it!!! I had my hubby watch, too. I am “that weird sister,” too!!

  13. I was saddened by this clip :( The fact that this was her vent after spending time with her siblings is really frustrating! Ugh, it’s not like she chose a lifestyle full of voodoo or something!

    However, the last part made me laugh and I think I’ll join her kin folks in going to her house if “the poop hits the fan!” Hahaha just kidding!

    It was amusing in a sad way, does that make sense????

  14. LOL, okay the naysayers have either said one of those things or thought it. Seriously! My parents do some of these things but they are a long way from being homesteaders, I thought the clip was funny because of how well it was portrayed LOL. And yes I have told my mom that if the anarchy breaks out we are heading to her farm! Okay, but when I visit I help with the chores, last time I went home I had to help castrait the cows my girls and I helped pick out and bottle feed a few months earlier. Why? Because my 3 brothers all found excuses to not help my Dad, and my Dad wouldn’t let my mom help, ROFL! Anyd YEP my husband knows my Dad taught me to castraist cows before we got married, 😀

  15. Heather Wawa says:

    Oh that Gal is so cute! My cheeks hurt by the time it was done…and for the record, I am not a homesteader. People can be so up tight.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. It is gone! I was looking forward to seeing it.