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Personality Types

Have you seen those lengthy questionnaires that determine personality types?

Each and every time I have seen them referenced in the past, I get through the first 20 questions or so after much deliberation and grueling indecision, and then I get distracted by a butterfly and never finish the test.

So, I have always figured I was whatever personality type couldn't make it through the test due to attention issues and also indecisive tendencies.

Turns out there's no such personality type. I'm just special that way.

Anyway, my 17 year old Madison recently completed the test and showed me her results which were strikingly accurate to her personality, and while we were out to lunch together recently, she talked me into trying it again.

She had to prod me to finish it several times and even had the nerve to tell me she wasn't going to help me with the answers!

When I finished the test (finally!) and got the results, she laughed at how accurately she thought it fit my personality!

It turns out that I'm lively and energized and self confident and forceful. Like a tornado. A chatty tornado.

I'm an ENTJ. We're very rare. What are you?

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  1. I am an INFJ – and the oldest says it’s “right on the money” =)

  2. INFJ.

  3. Wow, so many questions. Was good to see the result though. I am only 1% Extrovert so I could go either way but my result was ESFJ. Really interesting reading. Now to convince my hubby to do it. :)

  4. Whoah. I’ve taken a few personality tests in my time and this is probably the most accurate one I’ve ever done.

  5. Heather Wawa says:

    I am ISFJ.

    It didn’t tell me much that I didn’t already know but it was accurate for me.

  6. I’m also an ENTJ! And I’ve never met another– well, before now! 😉 (Somehow I wind up friends with all sorts of INFPs, though… I have no idea how that happens.)

  7. ISTJ

  8. Dessalena says:

    INFP …very accurate

  9. Meg Allen says:

    INTJ very interesting test !

  10. DeAnna D says:

    Did you girls pay to take this test? I’m getting a message that I need a password and can buy it for $5…

  11. INTJ

  12. INTJ

  13. When I was younger, I actually would have an ENFJ result but now being older, SAHM & more set in my routines, etc. I’ve come up with an INFJ reading which I definitely think more accurately describes me and my season of life.

    I love anything to do with human behavior, personality traits, etc. so this post was great! Thnx Connie :)

  14. INFP…unnervingly accurate!

  15. ISFJ – interesting.

  16. ENFP – my husband and I have the same personalities! We took the tests while going through premarital counseling.

  17. I’ve never taken a personality test…but now you make me want to take one!

  18. I was an INFJ like your daughter, and I can’t believe how it describes me! My husband will love this! I wonder what he is… Thanks for sharing, I love these things! :)

  19. I am an ESFJ. :-)

  20. INTJ — self-confident, get-things-done, take-charge, but in a behind-the-scenes way rather than a tornado way. :)

  21. Jeri @ Texas Piglets says:

    INFJ and dh is ISFJ. His number were pretty much 50 across the board, his last 2 being the same as mine. 22-12-50-56. One thing that I could tell as I took it is that it’s either age or having 6 kids (5 adopted) that I’ve gone from wanting to go out to friends houses or out to do things when we were first married or just had 1 child (the 15 years of our marriage total) to just wanting to hang out with my peeps at home where I don’t have to watch so much how they are behaving and constantly train them. I don’t think I’m introverted (at all) so much as I am tired.

  22. INFJ!

  23. Michelle Bonneau says:

    I am a ENFJ apparently lol and it seems right on the money.

  24. I’m an INFP, and my husband is an ENTJ (you’re right, they are very rare!).
    In the spirit of caution, I have to say that in order to have a really accurate reading of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, you need to be tested by someone who is trained to give the test. That aside, I think that this test is a fair indicator of what your personality type may be, although reading the descriptions of each personality type might be more helpful in some cases.
    Understanding our personality types has really helped my husband and me get to the bottom of what drives some of our disagreements.

  25. kristi b says:

    ENTJ and I think my husband agrees :)

  26. Maybe they’re not rare, but just can’t finish the test 😛

  27. ESTJ, apparently about 10% of the population and mostly men. Interesting. I love how it “gets” me. I’m not just a rule follower, I am a decision maker and it just so happens a lot of my decisions line up with well thought out rules. 😉
    I tested the same about 10 years and 4 kids ago and it’s nice to see I haven’t lost my me-ness with all this calming and maturing I’ve done. Amazing how God makes us so unique. I appreciate whatever personality type is able to parse all this out. I’m too busy socializing to figure it out myself!
    Once my husband takes the test we’ll see if we’re compatible 😉

  28. INTJ ~ great link!

  29. Jeannie says:

    INTJ – it says we are also rare but I see at least three of you in the comments.

  30. INFP, although my P has drifted over the years, and now I am right in the middle between P and J

  31. Love this ! I remember taking a similar test in high school, but don’t recall the results.

    This test scored me as an INFJ, and I couldn’t agree more ! Interesting stuff…thanks for sharing !

  32. ENTJ-I always wondered why I became bored with something once I mastered it. Good thing I’ll never master the parenting thing!

  33. I’m an ENFP. Just looked up everything to do with it and now I can clearly see why my job isn’t going so well! I’ve come across a forum for ENFP and it seems like it’s a common problem that ENFP’s aren’t promoted because they are seen as being ‘too happy’ or like the ‘class clown’! I think this is going to be really useful :) Thanks!

  34. Oh and I think that the quiz you linked to overestimates the ‘Introverted’ side of things. I was pretty shocked when it came out with an I for me (I think I am just tired a lot!!) and on other sites I was always an E.


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