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How Does Goat Milk Taste?

I have gotten several questions since we got our two dairy goats about how we like the taste of goat milk.

Until now, we have been using all of the milk to feed the bottle baby the first mama rejected. Now, though, the babies are all getting older and are able to eat a little solid food, so we are actually getting to use some of the goat milk ourselves!

We separate the babies at night and milk the does. Then, first thing in the morning before turning the babies out, we milk again. So far, this is giving us about 3 quarts a day, and that is with the kids still nursing all day. Once the kids are weaned, in about 5 weeks, we should be getting over a gallon a day.

We have heard and read all about how goat milk can taste like licking a billy goat, as in downright nasty. In fact, whenever we tell people we have dairy goats, we often hear, "Have you ever tasted goat milk??? It is gross!"

Just to let you know how crazy adventurous we are around here, none of us had ever tasted goat milk before we took the plunge and bought our dairy goats.

We did a lot of research and figured if we didn't like it, we would sell the goats and kids, making our money back, and call it a learning experience.

Honestly, we were all a little nervous to taste it, given all the hoopla about how awful it can taste. But, we carefully follow all the advice we found in our research to keep the milk tasting good. From what we read, how the goats and milk are handled make a huge difference in how the milk tastes.

Here is how we make sure our goat milk tastes good.

  • Carefully monitor what the goats eat. We feed them oats, black oil sunflower seeds, and alfalfa hay.
  • Make sure to milk them in a clean environment.
  • Keep them away from any bucks.
  • Carefully strain out any impurities.
  • Chill the milk immediately in sterilized glass jars.
  • Use immediately.

The result?

Sweet, creamy milk!

Coming soon: How to Make Goat Milk Yogurt and Cheese!

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! I have talked about getting a couple goats and sheep (sheep for fiber and meat), but am so slow on reading up. But the one thing folks have said (besides, “Make sureyou get the Fort Knox of fences for those goats!”) is that goat milk is rank, and you better try it from the gal you’re getting before you buy her.
    And to that, Smockity says, “Poo Poo!” (ok, so maybe there’s a weeeee too mch Madeline reading up in here these days…sorry ’bout that…)
    This is fantastic — enjoy!!!

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing this! I heartily agree, goat milk does taste great. So do fresh eggs and all the other lovely real foods we work hard to produce on our farm. :)

    We had never had goat milk before getting goats (8 years ago) either and heard the same “warnings” about the taste. I was honestly a bit nervous to try it for the first time. But, now it is my milk of choice!

    Great post.

  3. Best wishes on milking your goats!! My yougnest son had trouble as an infant with milk allergies, so we fed him goat milk! Wow he was so happy!! Also another tip. When you milk, milk on ice so it starts to chill it right away! It helps alot on the strong flavor, Keep their pen as clean as possible. Just a few tips!! Happy milking!!

  4. My dad used to love goat milk when he could get and I love goat milk cheese, so I suspect I would enjoy goat milk. But don’t think my neighbors would let me get any goats, and neither would my husband for that matter!

  5. My friend has goats, and they LOVE the goat milk. They also make yogurt and cheese with it. She says that regular cow’s milk is disgusting to her now that she’s been drinking goat’s milk so long :o)
    Glad you are enjoying it :o)

  6. I’m assuming you also have free choice baking soda out to prevent bloat. I mix 1 to 3 ratio of Mag. Oxide with my baking soda. The goat owners I know that are on Milk test with the ADGA say it increases their butterfat content and keeps mastitis away :) Also, I was giving B-12 shots whenever things did start tasting “off”, then I took the plunge to preventative measures and got a Cobalt Block. Cobalt metabolized into B-12 in goats. I was giving shots about 3 times a year. Especially after kidding. But yes, cleanly practices and fast chilling are top priority to not only good tasting milk, but safe raw milk. :)

  7. You know, we used to belong to a raw milk co-op when we lived in North Dakota. It’s not something a lot of people knew about. But when someone did hear about it, one of the things they would comment on was the taste. The farm and family we got it from were very careful about keeping it clean and filtered and chilled. And only ONCE did it taste like I licked the cow’s hide. But the raw milk I’ve bought from stores in Utah and California ALWAYS tastes like the cow hide.

    So I have no doubt that properly taken care of, goat’s milk tastes great. Danny always tells me he’ll buy me a cow one day. But maybe a goat is in the nearer future. :)

  8. Michaeleen from JoshEWEa's Garden says:

    Your daughter is lovely and these pictures could be used for a “raw milk campaign” – she looks just like a raw-milk-drinkin’ youngster should! Our chidren also enjoy their raw milk – both goat and cow! YUM!

  9. I grew up on raw cow and goat milk. The taste does vary when the animals experience a change in diet. The only time I remember it as tasting bad was for about after a week after they first started going out into the pastures in the spring. I think their digestive tracts had to adjust after a long winter without eating greens, though possibly some oniony-tasting weed or grass was out that time of year. Now I buy goat’s milk kefir that is delicious. Are you going to make kefir, as well as yogurt and cheese?


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