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Fruit Fly Traps

Is anyone else having a horrible time getting rid of fruit flies this year?

We usually keep our fruit on the counter in a bowl, and it doesn't stay around long, because the kids get to choose a piece for after nap time snack.

But right now, each day we have swarms of fruit flies all around the fruit! It turns out that flailing your arms and complaining about it does no good whatsoever. The little boogers don't even seem to care. The nerve!

So, I asked around on Twitter and Facebook and my peeps gave me tons of great ideas! Thank you!

Here are the ideas I got for fruit fly traps:

Since I didn't have any plastic wrap, we don't drink wine, and we're out of vinegar, I was desperate enough to try this. I made a funnel out of a piece of paper and stuck it into a jar with banana peels. Then I had to yell two or three times, "WHERE IS THE TAAAAPE?! Who keeps using the tape and not putting it away???"

As soon as the culprit found the tape in her closet, my little fruit fly funnel trap started working immediately!

Those little suckers went right down the funnel and then couldn't find their way out!


By the way, do you know how difficult it is to get a quality photo of gnats in a jar???

I do it all for you, friends.

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  1. Awesome!! Definately gonna try this! After it rained like crazy, we have had TONS everywhere!!!

  2. We did this in the fall for the flies that were horrible after the hurricane went through NC. It was amazing how simple and well this worked! I had them in a couple of rooms :/

  3. We have been having the same problem! I put some wine AND banana (just to be sure) in the bottom of a cup and used the paper funnel idea. I could not believe how many flies were in there at the end of the day. And because there was liquid, they all drowned. Glad you found a solution!

  4. omg so thankful to have come across this article! I’ve had fruit flies for a couple months and am being driven crazy! I am definitely trying this!

  5. Somewhere I read that you can also use a bread bag or produce bag for the same result. Put rotten fruit in the bottom–like a banana peel, then fold the top inside it a little, leaving a hole for them to get in. The top traps them as they don’t know how to get back out. Lay the bag somewhat on its side for a few hours. When ready, quickly close up the bag, seal it off, and throw it away. Easy cleanup! :) I have used this for several years. It works wonderfully. One caution: be sure to tell your family what it is, or your helpful husband may come along and throw it away for you before it has done its job. lol

  6. We use the dish soap and vinegar tip…..it always works around here! :-) And we get a lot of fruit flies. Those things are annoying. But not annoying enough to get rid of my bananas….unless I’m getting rid of them by eating them. 😉

  7. Connie ~

    Great idea and thanks for sharing! I like your improvised trap and shared it with one of the children…unbeknownst to him, he is now dubbed “Official Fruit Fly Trapper”. 😉

    Blessings ~


  8. Oh I hate fruit flies! I just did this with apple cider vinegar but a banana peel would be so much more economical. Great idea, thanks for sharing!


  9. You are so hilarious! I was just doing the flailing arms jig this week. I told my 7 yr old nature lover he could stop math early if he could figure out how to get rid of the fruit flies…. He immediately came up with a clever solution, though it requires more effort than your jar: vacuum up the little buggers with the hose attachment! On a related note… Have you watched what ants do when you vacuum them? It’s quite entertaining.

  10. I used the funnel in a jar idea quite a bit for a while. Every evening I’d pop the jar in the freezer to kill the flies already caught (because my brother said he watched and some were managing to climb back out) and then bring it out the next morning to catch the next batch of bugs!

  11. Perfect timing!! They are so bad here! I tried the vinegar thing, but caught NONE! I’m gonna try the banana method next, and go from there, depending on the success. I’m FED UP with the buggers! I think they like carbs, too…they swarm close to our bread.

  12. I catch fruit flies with cider vinegar in a jar with plastic wrap with tiny holes in it over the top. It works great, and it’s super-easy if you have all of the components on hand.

    For what it’s worth, when I have bad fruit flies, I usually find that a toddler has taken a bite out of one piece of fruit and returned it to the fruit bowl.

  13. Glad you did this post. I have been going crazy with the beasts too. I am trying this tomorrow!
    You always are helpful (that’s why I follow you).
    God bless.

  14. We ALWAYS have fruit flies..I hate them! This is fantastic..never knew there was an actual way to help get rid of them except to clear the counters of everything..frig gets a little too crowded this way..Yay. Thank you for posting!!

  15. Great post, Connie! I’ve tried this method and it really works – there were around 20 fruit flies in the jar for just a couple of hours.