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Family Happenings Update

This post is mainly for my husband, who has been away from home for some time and whom we miss like crazy.

This is what has been keeping me up at night. It's exactly like getting up around the clock for feedings with a newborn baby. With the added bonus of allergies. And the haze that only comes from being jacked up on Benedryl.

Here are some freshly bathed girls and freshly fed kittens.

Yes, we wear Santa pajamas in April. What about it?

Wanna know another skill the tractor driving boy possesses?

He rocks the bedtime stories!

And lest you think things are always sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows here in Smockityville, we have also visited the emergency room (everything is fine!), had a (non-emergency) bloody nose, and been eye-witnesses to the tragic death of another dear pet, a baby goat.

So, what exciting things have you done this week?

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  1. The kittens (and kids) are cute :) I’m curious if some of the feedings (for the kittens, of course, not the kids) could be supplemented by their drinking from a saucer? (But if you want to let your kids drink from saucers they’d probably love that, too!) We always had kittens on the farm so I know it can be fun to watch them lap milk. :)

  2. My Annie loves Curious George! :-) I love seeing the little ones read – it’s a great thing!
    This week my husband is also out of town….so we’ve been doing lots of arts and crafts to pass the time. :-)

  3. Uh oh. What happened to the goat?

  4. I was going to ask the same thing, Connie – the kittens look old enough to put some of the formula in a saucer, and maybe soak a few bits of kitten chow in it, too, for them to eat? When I’m raising a batch of orphaned kittens (happens waaaaay too often…) I will hand-feed one while letting the others try the formula/crunchies in a saucer.

    (Of course, I’m just going by a photo…so it’s hard to tell for sure about their state of readiness. Just ANYTHING to keep you from getting up at night to feed kittens! :) )

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      One more week of night time feedings and then we can introduce solids. PHEW! (They were only a week old when the mama died.)

      • Oh, that’s so good! :) They look so healthy – you are doing a GREAT job! (I know that’s a big comfort at 3:00 a.m.) :)

  5. My 20-mo-old is still wearing Santa jammies too – I just thought that was normal. :-)

  6. Okay, that picture of your son reading to his sister is priceless. Love it!

    Such a shame about the baby goat. Same dog? If so, I think that would be about the end of the rope for me.

  7. The kittens are cute. The kids (human kind) are cute. So sorry to hear about the kid (goat kind)!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    It’s August now and chilly some nights. My 3 year old is rocking Christmas jammies some nights. They’re full of memories of happy times :)