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Baby Kittens!

We knew our mama cat, Priscilla, was due to have her kittens on or around April 1st, so we have been watching her and even made a little box to put out on the porch with a towel in it.

Unfortunately, she wanted nothing to do with the box, but instead made it her mission to sneak inside whenever anyone opened the door to high-tail it under my bed.

This morning, we got her out from under there 3 times. She seemed down-right desperate to be there.

The last time we got her out, I told the 10 year old, Adrienne, to follow me down the driveway and we would try to lock her in the feed room. My girl, who loves her more than any of the other kids, remarked, "I'm the only one she will let get her out from under your bed. I think she likes me best. Hey, I think she's having a contraction! Her stomach keeps bunching up!"

I thought nothing of it, but opened the feed room door. Adrienne took one step inside, started to set the cat down, and a baby kitten fell onto the concrete floor!

We were shocked!

And the cat must have been too. She kept meowing and looking up at us like, "What IN THE WORLD just happened down there?!"

We were running late getting my son to homeschool group to do his frog dissection, so I asked Adrienne if she would like to stay and play mid-wife to the cat. She was thrilled to do it, so I left her there with big sister, Madison, and we went on to biology class.

The 2 girls attended 3 more kitten births and they moved everyone into a cozy corner and onto an old towel that had been in the garage.

Who wants a kitten?! Free with purchase of a baby goat.

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  1. Too cute! How are the babies doing? I hope the little one that fell on the floor is ok. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Aww – how cute! I, too, hope the little one that fell on the concrete floor is okay. (However, I do NOT want a kitten – two dogs that take up my half of the bed is more than enough!) LOL!

  3. I had a cat years ago (the only cat I have ever owned). I witnessed her giving birth and it was one of the most precious things to see. (Then I had kids of my own.)

    Adorable pics.

  4. Kathy Carpenter says:

    So precious! We have a mommy cat that looks almost exactly like yours….she wandered up a couple of months ago and we took her in…now we have 4 kittens that are 4 weeks old today….my kids are learning so much about kittens!

  5. I have had baby goats and sheep and KITTENS!! we have 8 in the house right now. They grew up and so they are cats now, but I love babies. So cute. Hubby has a cat at work that he is trying to catch before she has hers at work and someone does them harm. I guess if he does we will have kittens again here too, so if you do not have enough for all those that want yours send some my way, I am sure I will be able to accommodate!

  6. It really is a good thing I don’t live near you or I’d be unable to resist getting a kid and a kitten. I don’t have anyone here to tempt me! 😉

  7. Oh, how sweet! Mama Cat is beautiful and the kittens are adorable. I remember watching puppies (and, once, a calf) being born when I was probably a bit younger than your girls. It’s so cool to watch a new life coming into the world.

  8. We had kittens last summer – one of the sweetest things ever to watch them be born, and then watching them grow!

  9. Oh my goodness! Your momma cat looks EXACTLY

    • sorry… I meant to say your momma cat looks EXACTLY like my cat Stinko, who died last October. I even showed my husband this post so he could see and we both can’t believe it! If I wasnt so far away ( I live in Oregon) I would totally drive down and get one of those kittens!! We really loved our cat and miss her alot :( Congrats on the kitties, I’ll bet your kids are loving them!


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