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Triplet Baby Goats!

After we bought our first pregnant Lamancha dairy goat, we decided we had better get another one if we wanted to keep up with our 1 gallon of milk a day drinking habit.

That second goat, Pixie just delivered triplets!


and the twins.

These are Lamancha/Alpine crosses, so 2 came out with ears and 1 is earless.

Everyone was thrilled to go see the new kids and check them over from tip to toe.

Eyes - check!

Tails - check!

"All parts accounted for, Mama!"

One of the twins was cold and unresponsive when we found him, so we brought him inside to warm him up with a heating pad and bottle feed him some colostrum that we milked from the mother. He perked right up after that.

Here he is beside our toy poodle. He only weighed a little over 3 pounds!

Mama goat and her triplet kids are all doing well!

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  1. how many does did you end up with?

  2. How have your kids adjusted to drinking goats milk? I’ve never tasted it myself but have heard it’s more “gamey” than cows milk. Is this true?

  3. Kids are so adorable! I know when ours were born it was such an exciting time. Enjoy them!

  4. How precious!

  5. Jeri @ Texas Piglets says:

    oh, Connie, they are adorable! And your baby girl looks just like you! Oh oh oh, now you make me want goats. Remind me again how much land you are on?

  6. They’re so cute, Smockity family! :)

  7. They are so adorable. You didnt mention what you named the twins. :) congratulations.


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