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New Baby Goats

Not only did I get to welcome a brand new human into the world this weekend, but we also welcomed 2 brand new baby goats!

Unfortunately, the mama goat intensely dislikes one of them, for reasons unknown to us. She refuses to let it nurse, butting it away and trying to bite it each time it approaches her.

We researched and found that covering both babies and the mama's nose with Vick's vapor rub might confuse her as to which was her favorite so that she might accept both, but apparently we have a mama goat who is on to our stealthy maneuvers. She wasn't fooled for a second.

So we have been bottle feeding him ourselves. As you can see, my girls are thrilled with this arrangement.

We milk the [hateful] mama goat, strain the milk, and warm it up in a pan a little before putting it in a bottle.

Then there may or may not be some arguing over whose turn it is to feed him.


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  1. Your goat experience has made me start asking subtle questions to my husband like, “so do you think hypothetically in some realm of possibilty we might have enough room, you know to maybe get a goat?” He then looks at me funny and tells me to stop going on the internet.

  2. Cute!!! I used to really want goats. Maybe someday… :)

  3. Tina Johnson says:

    The white baby goat: Does he or she have pink or red eyes? I can’t tell from the picture. That may be why Mama is refusing it. If it’s an albino, animals are naturally prone to letting them die, because they are “inferior” and “weak”. Animal world, not Tina talking.

  4. Connie Sue Jacobs says:

    Those picture just make me want one (or two ) more and more. Congrats on the little ones. New life anywhere is always exciting to be around.

  5. That is an albino goat and animals don’t waste milk/energy on albino’s. It needs to either be a pet or food, please ensure it doesn’t breed.

  6. Hey everyone, this is Smockity’s daughter. The kid is actually NOT an albino, just a normal white goat. He’s doing well so far and is just as big and strong as his twin, so there is no physical reason the mother wouldn’t want him.

    • So glad he is doing well, my parents had a eye that dropped twins then walked away and didn’t feed them at all, we found one and bottle fed it, but when my dad went back out to get the other it was gone, we are thinking coyotes got it, the ground was just to rough for him to carry both at once. So there you go, sometimes animals are just bad mama’s, nothing was wrong with our lamb either.
      Have fun and enjoy being mama goat for him.

  7. They are so cute! And, that mama goat has me feeling infinitely better about my parenting skills today.

  8. My husband would not be happy if I got any goats. He grew up on a goat farm and was glad to move away. It’s great you can use the mom’s milk. His sister usually has to use goat formula.

  9. Jeri @ Texas Piglets says:

    1st: KM…I totally laughed out loud! Doesn’t he know that us moms get all of our best ideas from the internet? :o)

    Connie/MaddieLynn, do y’all read http://georgiafarmwoman.blogspot.com/? Pam has raised goats for a long time and has one that she had to bottle feed too and if I remember correctly it’s because the mom refused her.

  10. We had a mama who rejected one of her triplets. We found the easiest solution was forcing her to feed him. My son would hold her down at least twice a day until the little guy had enough. He didn’t grow as fast as the others, but he did fine.
    The next year, she had twins and fed them both just fine. We thought she was going to be a bad mother and a horrible milker, but she has improved with time and constant handling.


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