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Food on the Table – FREE FOR LIFE!

Have you heard about Food on the Table? It is a meal planning service that is based on sales at local grocery stores. This service offers thousands of easy, healthy recipes all based on what is on sale each week.

How much do you think you would pay for something like this? Well, guess what? You can get it FREE FOR LIFE! Are you squealing? Because I am!

Sign up and use the code "SPRINGFREE" through the month of May and you can get this service for NO CHARGE!

*I get 60 cents for every sign up, so tell your friends!

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  1. this is awesome! thanks. Just shared it with all my facebook friends!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Cool! How do I know if they follow the ads at my local store? I can’t find a place to search for that on their site.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      When you sign up, it asks for your zip code and then shows you stores in your area.

  3. What a neat idea! Granted, I usually shop at WinCo (which isn’t on the list of stores) because they usually have the cheapest prices around. However, I have been shopping at Whole Foods more, and knowing what’s on sale there before I make my list could help me save time once I get there, and possibly plan a little more organic food into our diet. :) I’m also sharing this on Facebook, because, well, why not?

    • Jennifer says:

      where did you find the list of stores?

      • When I signed up, the first place it took me was a map. It had the major chains, like Safeway, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, etc. I’ll grant, that’s not extremely helpful, because I get most of my stuff from a discount grocery store called WinCo (only available in the west), but I do like the idea of knowing what Whole Foods has on sale. I haven’t had much time to look at it yet, but I may switch to this from Cozi, since I can’t do the Cozi menu plans on my iPod, and this has an app that will hopefully work–for viewing and shopping lists. Since we soon won’t have Internet at home. Anyhow, I figured, for free, I couldn’t lose, even if it doesn’t turn out to work for me. :)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Thank you, Lisa!

  4. Denise Waghorn says:

    When I try to sign up, it gives payment options but no where to put the code. Has anyone else been able to use it?

    • Make sure you follow the link (I used the link that says sign up). When the page loads look on the far right side for a sign up box. It should be a box for your e-mail address and then one underneath it with the promo code in it. Just enter your e-mail address and then you can go into the dashboard and change your password. They will also send an e-mail with a temp password if you don’t happen to change it before logging out.

  5. This looks like it will eventually be a great app. It does make mistakes in sale items. I checked out a recipe for homemade chicken tenders and under the chicken which it said was on sale when you looked at the grocery list under chicken the noted sale item wasn’t even plain chicken, it was pre-cooked breaded chicken nuggets.

    It appears it just lists the items featured in the store flyers which are not always going to be the least costly item. If organic items are listed in the sale flyer they would show up as a sale item even though they might be way more expensive then the non-organic options

  6. The link says the limit has been reached. If you find the website separately it will still accept the code, but it doesn’t give you credit. Sorry.

    None of the stores I shop at are included – I almost never hit Smith’s. I’m pretty good at cooking around sales and pantry items anyway, but I think this is a very valuable resource for those who don’t do that. Thanks!

  7. I have used the trial membership and would love to upgrade, but I don’t see where that would be an option for me. Any suggestions?