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Ebook SALE! {Goes Live at 11:00a.m. CST}

Ebook winner is Robert, who entered to win for his wife. You da man, Robert!

The day is finally here! The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are releasing our very first parenting ebook!

Beginning at 11:00 a.m. CST you can buy this 4 Moms parenting ebook, chock full of parenting advice from 4 veteran, large family moms for the following special prices:

  • 50 cents - first 50 customers
  • $1 - next 100 customers
  • $2 - next 200 customers
  • $3 - next 300 customers
  • $4 - everyone else

We have received feedback from lots of readers that make us suspect this sale will be fast and furious, so you will definitely want to be quick on the draw in buying this! We'll be monitoring the 4 Moms ebook sale page and giving out new codes for each sale level. When you go to the page, you'll see what discount code to use at checkout and what special price you are getting.

If you aren't sure whether you need this parenting ebook written by 4 large family moms, go to the sale page and see some of the topics we address in the 195 pages.

Don't delay! These prices won't last long!

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  1. Connie, Always a pleasure bumping into large family blogs. I think these are such happy families amidst all the ruckus. One can only wonder how challenging the task can be. And now an ebook will surely help others out there. Would sure be a fun read (plus the discount, yeah)!