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Attending My First Home Birth

A good friend asked me to attend her home birth, so I have been impatiently texting her and calling randomly to ask useless questions, like "So, do you think you'll be at church tonight? Just wondering. No reason..."

You see, her due date was a week ago and she had her other 3 children early, so I have been on pins and needles waiting for the big day.

And as birth days are wont to do, it finally came.

It was the most amazing, painful, peaceful, difficult, beautiful, messy, miracle I have ever witnessed.

I have often thought that waiting to give birth must be much like waiting to die.

There is an element of the unknown; How long will it take? When will it finally be finished? Will I be able to manage the pain? Both birth and death end in a glorious reward, but there is turmoil involved in getting there. Blood and tears. Grief and joy. The Lord being near.

I have given birth to 6 of my 8 children without drugs, so I knew what was in store. Lots of waiting, some discomfort, more waiting, more intense discomfort, pain so intense you want to run away from it, and finally a sweet babe in arms.

But that was from my perspective, the mother giving birth.

This time I was able to be a part of the same process from a different place, the supportive friend.

For the first time, I saw, through the distant eyes of an observer, what my husband had done for me so many times; back rubs, wiping a sweaty brow, holding steady a shaky hand, looking with admiration at exhausted eyes, encouraging "Yes, you can do this!"

At one point I told the midwife, "I feel like I am intruding on such a private, intimate event, like I shouldn't really be here." She admitted that she often felt the same way, that she loved to see the sweet way husbands support their wives, whisper prayers together, cling desperately to each other.

It was such an awesome honor to have been included in the entire process. Watching how tenderly the husband cared for his hurting wife, hearing the prayers of the midwife, I thought, "Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place!"

I felt helpless, repeating the only words I could think to say, "You're doing great!" "You're almost there!", wishing I could take away the pain, but knowing there was only one way that baby was getting out.

The midwife assigned me to write down the time and whatever stats she told me to record. The end was intense. I found myself holding my breath as the baby's head was born into the bathtub full of water, but the midwife's soothing words calmed me as she encouraged the mother to finish pushing whenever she felt the urge.

The seconds slowly ticked by. The room was silent.

Finally, another contraction and the baby was born. We all applauded. The midwife sang, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow", and I recorded the time.

Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.

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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful!

  2. Jen mathews says:

    This is wonderful thank you for sharing.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. My homebirth was the most intense wonderful experience of my life. The 5 births before this one were wonderful, but lacking something the homebirth had.

  5. What a very precious time to spend with your friend, and what a privilege! I have to say, I am a hospital birther, but in the UK that is QUITE a different experience than the US. It is MW led, with as little intervention as the mother wants, with medics only stepping in when required. Having also had a VERY emergency c-section, for something that could have ended the life of my little girl, I go to hospital and just come home straight away! (within 3 hours of giving birth!! ) I admire home-birthers greatly. who knows, maybe this one, my 7th, will come so quickly I won’t have time to get to hospital!?! (although, based on the other 6, NOT very likely!) Thank you for sharing!

  6. I have always wanted to be there for someone else to have a baby. I had a friend there with my first birth and she asked some wonky questions, now i understand them. she had already had a couple of children and now was on the opposite side
    Children are blessings!

  7. We’ve had 2 births at home that were amazing experiences–much more woman friendly than at a hospital. And for the husband they are once in a lifetime experiences to catch your own baby and to be part of the process.

    I encourage any growing families to check our our directory of families across the country –great for connecting with somebody when moving or finding local families with whom you have much in common :)

  8. Wow, new babies are truly such a blessing!

  9. That was so awesome! Thank you for sharing!! I have had three home births, but I have not yet attended someone else’s – I can only imagine. I’m so glad you got to be there!!!

  10. God is SURELY in this place! I had my three at home and my first birth is what turned me into a Christian! I understood for the first time what it meant to go through pain (to what feels like the point of death) as an act of unconditional love. I understood my need for a savior because of the way my baby needed a savior (me) in order to get here. I understood that I needed a savior (Jesus) to get back to God. I understood why God sent a son to die on the cross and not a daughter. Because his daughters already suffer to bring life here. In God’s son, we get home.
    Birth. It helped me to get that. And as someone who was religiously directionless, I’ve been Christian ever since.

  11. I have had six boys one came unexpectedly and was born in the back of the hospital. I have always wanted to be their to share in the experience. Children are a blessing and I would love to have more. But my birthing days are over. What a blessing to share in such a beautiful experience.

  12. I have never commented on your blog before, although I have been following you and hugely enjoying your blog for at least 6 months. This post was perfectly timed because I am due to have my second baby on the 27th and it will be my first home birth, and reading your post has made me even more excited about it! I hope someday I get the privilege of attending a friend’s home birth, that would be amazing! :)

  13. I hope to be blessed with that honor someday, truly praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  14. Jeri Riddick says:

    I totally cried….so sweet.

  15. That is such a beautiful story! I love your comparison to death (I’m not sure if that means I’m morbid). Sharing : )

  16. Choking back tears! That was just beautiful! And as mama who is due at any moment, I’m praising the Lord with your sweet friend :)

  17. I got goosebumps. This is just amazing. I have had the privilege of attending a friends birth. While it wasn’t a home birth. Nothing is like seeing a child being born from a different perspective. It is simply amazing and truly amazing. Thanks for sharing. I am so glad that you got to share in their wonderful moment.

  18. Mandy Gehman says:

    Seems interesting to me that the midwife sang “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow”. I have sang that same song after each of my 7 births so far. Somehow seems so appropriate!

  19. Two of my four were home births. By far a better experience and a great way for a little one to enter the world. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I just found out that I am expecting baby #6…this story brought tears to my eyes. My last baby and this baby will be a homebirth. Beautiful.

  21. What a beautiful description of a beautiful event. I love the picture of the mother smiling with her new baby. That is the unmistakable look of a woman who just passed through the valley, so to speak. I have pictures of myself with that same look.

  22. Absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to experience the miracle of birth all over again in a couple months! It was great meeting you this weekend!

  23. Four of my eight were homebirthed. I was blessed to be pregnant with #7 while my oldest was expecting her first. She had a hospital birth, but we hired my midwife to act as doula, and between she and I, we tried to make it as much like a homebirth as possible. We had my daughter do squats to get baby to turn from her original posterior position, and my petite but determined girl pushed that whopping ten-pound baby out without drugs, without an epis., and in virtual silence, to the amazement of the o.b., who, ironically, is one of eleven children born at home to a middle-eastern family. He was doubtful, but honored my daughter’s wishes, and respected my experience…either that, or he was just plain afraid of the woman with the enormous 41-week belly standing between him and his patient. I gave birth five days later, humbled and in awe of God’s miraculous abundance in our family. It was a good week.


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