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Sibling Relationships

This week The 4 Moms are discussing sibling relationships, more specifically how we deal with sharing, bullying and arguing.

Be sure to check out what the rest of my team has to say about this topic:

As for the Smockity Family, we, this very week, have had arguing over the unauthorized use of private property, namely a toothbrush.

We try to provide personal storage space for private property, but occasionally a younger sibling will disregard the boundaries and use something that doesn't belong to her. This most often happens with the very young Smockities, and we tell them that it isn't nice to use someone else's things when they don't want you to. Then we encourage the older sibling to forgive the infraction and try to remember that apparently it is hard for little ones to resist using a toothbrush other than their own.

I understand that this must be very trying when there is always a younger sibling messing up projects, spilling beads, and using special things not meant for them. We listen to complaints, chastise the guilty party, and then remind the big kids that they too were once small, clumsy kleptomaniacs themselves.

Generally, and when their toothbrushes aren't being abused, our big kids think their younger siblings are about the cutest things since kittens were invented, so there are usually no grudges held.

As for bullying, we have had a case where 2 girls had a tendency to unkindly boss around a younger sibling who shared a room. We moved the younger sibling to a room where she was the "big girl" and the problem was pretty much cut short.

Arguing... yes, we have it. Yes, I hate it.

I usually find that the worse my attitude is, the worse the sibling arguing is.

It's best if you don't ask what that looks like this week...

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  1. You mean to tell me that there isn’t such a thing as the perfect family?? Whooa! Next thing I know you’ll be telling me even the Duggar children fight.
    (Your post makes me feel like I’m not a complete failure that my children occasionally *snicker* fight.)

  2. We have had to deal with the bullying thing, as well. The unfortunate consequence has been the bullied one becoming the bully in the bedroom she is now the “big sister” in. Time for a little walk down memory lane with her. Sigh. I hope she quickly remembers how she felt.

  3. That is so true about the mom’s attitude. I find when I feel stressed out and really frustrated it affects my kids. But when I try to be patient and have joy in all things, everything is so peaceful. Thanks for the reminder that our attitude can set the tone for our family!!

  4. Maybe I should blog on this, but I have not seen this mentioned. For mom’s and kids, hydration can lead to bickering and stress. How, a dehydrated person may develop headaches, tiredness and other things that lead to a lower tolerance for interacting with other people siblings, children, spouses etc… feeling cranky, or have a cranky kid,try a tall glass of water then have a redo on the offending interaction:D

  5. What is it about toddlers and toothbrushes anyway? Seems like every time I turn around, Tommy has a different toothbrush in his mouth.


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