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Planned Parenthood Kills Babies

*Warning: This post contains disturbing images. Do NOT scroll down if you do not want to see what happens in Planned Parenthood clinics.

I guess you have heard that Susan G. Komen has withdrawn support from Planned Parenthood.

I shouldn't be shocked, but really I can't believe the uproar about it.

Susan G. Komen is a breast cancer fund raising group and Planned Parenthood is a baby killing organization.

"But Planned Parenthood provides mammograms!" people cry. (Click that link to see if they REALLY do.)

Frankly, I don't care if they pass out baby kittens at children's cancer hospitals and perform wound care on amputated soldiers.

I can't get past the dead babies.

Can you imagine if there were a high profile, popular sports coach who made a habit of regularly molesting vulnerable, innocent children? And everyone around him knew about it? But they all said, "He's such a nice guy! He does good things too!" And you had visions of seeing him in such an act and tackling him and beating his face to a pulp? Or maybe that was just me.

Isn't it ridiculous to excuse the heinous to focus on a few good deeds? (By the way, here is a "no-kill" list of free or low cost mammograms in all 50 states.)

Planned Parenthood kills babies.

(photo source)

Do these images horrify you? Yes, they horrify me too. These are photos of fetuses only 7 weeks after conception. They almost look like real babies, don't they? That's because they are.

Defenseless. Unable to cry out or speak for themselves.

Today I am crying out for them.

I know there are stories people tell of dangerous pregnancies and rape cases, and even if I thought those babies deserved to be killed, the majority of abortions Planned Parenthood performs are convenience killings. That means the above photos are the result of a mother deciding it isn't convenient for her baby to be allowed to live.

I realize I will likely get hate mail for this post. I don't care. I want the truth to be known.

Planned Parenthood kills babies.

Special note: It is not my goal to bring anyone to despair over guilt. If you have participated in abortion in any way, there is forgiveness and freedom in Christ! See my friend, Heather's story of redemption.

*If you are pregnant, considering abortion, and don't know where to turn for help, please email me. I will help you.

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  1. As someone who frequently describes myself as “unapologetically pro-life”, I applaud you for stating the truth. My second child was born at barely 24-weeks gestation and, in some states, she was considered an “abortable fetus”. She is now a busy, feisty kindergartener.

  2. Katherine Nguyen says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth! I know from experiance it is not easy to stand up for what is right. Thank you!

  3. According to this video “A series of new undercover phone calls reveals that contrary to the claims of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards and other supporters of the nation’s largest abortion chain, the organization does not provide mammograms for women.” Check it out http://youtu.be/aq0kBkUZbvQ

    • Not all of their facilities can provide mammograms, just like not all of their facilities can provide abortions. It’s as simple as that. If you look up their clinics online, you can see what services each one provides.

    • They do exams and refer out if mammograms are indicated by the exam or risk factors, apparently, and cover the cost for low income women (I heard the same thing as you, and wanted to check it out). Not that that changes the elephant in the room, but just to be accurate.

  4. Amen. Praying for those who read your post.

  5. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak out against abortion.

  6. My friend’s husband is a doctor and he brought home a statistic that 1/3rd of pregnancies are intentionally aborted, and 97% of those are convenience. It makes me sick. Literally. I don’t understand how a person could chose their convenience over some else’s life. Do they also murder the driver in front of them in traffic because they cut them off when they were running late? It’s just ridiculous how upside down and self absorbed our society is becoming.

  7. Thanks for posting this. I don’t understand the out-cry about the funding being withdrawn…they money was a gift, not something Planned Parenthood was ever entitled to (I’ve been having an issue lately with how entitled-feeling our society seems to be..but that’s for another rant lol) and I’ve been reading a LOT about how many, if not most, PP clinics weren’t even performing mammograms anyways.

    • Savannah – good point on the ‘entitlement’ in society, and especially this controversy that’s being totally exploded in the media.

  8. I applaud you, Connie, and pray that your post will be read by those who need it most.

  9. Connie, I *heart* you for putting out this post and speaking up about this! I see so much backlash on Susan K. while the real issue of what PP is most notable for is swept under the rug. Controversy, in my opinion, doesn’t truly focus on the REAL issue – just someone else’s selfish agenda. :(

  10. This is why I love you, friend. (Aside from your endless wit and cuteness.) You’re not afraid to tackle the hard stuff. To write for those with no voice.

    Standing with you.

  11. Thank-you, Connie. Someone had to make this point. God Bless You.

  12. Well said.

  13. Cheryl Kilgore says:

    First let me say that I don’t believe in abortions, I had an oops 3 different times.. each time I chose to have my child.. and I have 3 wonderful kids because of it… but I support planned parent hood.. They do a lot more then abortions.. and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have had a healthy pregnancy.. I was pregnant with my son and working 32 hours a week.. just under the radar for health insurance through work. I was on the medical card and all the hospitals in the area refused prenatal care. Even the one I had been going to since I was born! The only place I had to go was Planned parenthood. They did all my check up and prenatal screening appointments and gave me vitamins. I had to much fluid and and had to be monitored. They caught it. They helped me through the first 7 months until I was able to go full time at work and qualify for insurance.. then of course the hospital took me back. I could have lost my son… yes the abortion side is not good… but they save babies to when others won’t… I thank them for my 5 year old son..

    • I am grateful you have a beautiful 5 year old son. I am sure he is the center of your life. However, I would not trust a place that does abortions. How can they truly have any part in bringing life to this world when they destruct life in the other room? I am glad you had a good experience there. Too many others do not. The baby is killed and the mother is harmed.

      • Ooops forgot to add there are many places in my town that do help women with these type of pregnancies. We have pregnancy centers and churches that help. Check the Yellow Pages.

        • Cheryl Kilgore says:

          There aren’t those options where I am from. There were a few but they either didn’t have openings or I had to be unemployed. Have you ever talked to the people who work at PP? They would much rather have a child born then aborted. They are in fact nice people who go out of their way to help a mother through a pregnancy. Like I said I don’t support abortion… I had 3 children and was on birth control each time they were conceived I chose life.. the only way my son was born healthy was because of them… when no one else would help they were there. Have you ever thought maybe we should look at the reason mothers are having abortions and work to abolish those reasons? Like poverty in the US? or a mother who has lost her job? Unable to get health care? Afford a place to live? Was raped or abused? We need to quit attacking the place that is doing the abortions and start tackling the real issue the reasons behind the abortions…

          • Elizabeth says:

            Cheryl: I am so thankful for your healthy baby!
            Marilyn: If I was in Cheryl’s position I would have had considered planned parenthood as well. Just because your town has crisis pregnancy centers does not mean others do. You say you are pro life but how is a mother supposed to have a healthy pregnancy if she needs medical help and that is the only option for it? I think you owe Cheryl an apology.

          • There have been several employees that leave PP and come out. They admit that they were forced and encouraged to push abortion as the #1 choice. I read an article a year ago that over 97% of women that go to PP get an abortion. This is sickening. Thankfully, you were one of the 3 % that they actually helped.

            If the government gave some of the millions they give to PP to pro-life groups there would be more pregnancy centers available in the country for expecting moms.

          • A prior PP employee speaks…


            “Planned Parenthood’s mission is to pressure as many women into having an abortion as it can.

            The misinformation, lack of counseling and coercion extended to facility workers purposely obscuring information on fetal development, Anthony Adair wrote.

            In fact, clinic workers would purposefully avoid providing information on fetal development, what the child looked like, the child’s anatomical development and the pain he or she could feel. I was continuously reminded that when referring to the baby, the appropriate terminology was “clump of cells” or “contents of the uterus.” “

          • 97% of which women? The ones that go to PP because they have an unplanned pregnancy? I don’t see how that’s at all possible, given that most PPs don’t even perform abortions anymore. I know that my local clinic doesn’t, and I live in a relatively large city.

            There are so many other reasons people go to the PP– STD testing, pregnancy testing, counseling for cases of rape/incest, routine gynecological care, men’s health screening, low-cost or free contraception, etc, etc. I remember about 2 years ago, when I’d just moved to my city and didn’t have an income, a doctor, or any insurance or anything of that sort, and needing immediate gynecological care for a problem I had. Literally the only place I could go to for help that I could afford was my local PP, and I was so glad that they were there.

            I think people also fall into the mistake of thinking that PP employees (or any abortion clinic employees, or anyone who supports legal abortion, for that matter!) hates babies. I love babies and children and I think it’s wonderful when women and families feel that they can adequately support having them! I love it when there are babies who are loved and wanted by their parents. I think that it’s reprehensible when women are forced into having abortions that they don’t want, just as I think that it’s reprehensible when they’re forced into having babies that they don’t want.

          • Lisa Beth W. says:

            Aliyah, you said, “I think that it’s reprehensible when they’re forced into having babies that they don’t want.” If women don’t want to have a baby, they shouldn’t get pregnant. It’s not okay to kill a baby because you don’t want it. Plain and simple.

        • Crisis pregnancy centers in some places do offer this, and you should definitely look into it if you’re in a situation where you need help. But some of them intentionally avoid having doctors and nurses on site, because some of them propagate medical misinformation and avoid having medical professionals there so they can do it without running afoul of laws that govern those professionals. At many crisis pregnancy centers, the closest thing to a health care professional is the ultrasound tech. I don’t mean to disparage the good ones–you definitely should check–and I definitely do not mean to downplay the concerns about patronizing Planned Parenthood, but at many crisis pregnancy centers, the level of care is just not there.

      • Why are you so black and white? This world does not work that way.

        • *To Marilyn*

        • Life and death are black and white. I did not mean to offend anyone. That is my opinion.

          • Cheryl Kilgore says:

            Okay not trying to start a war.. my point is lets prevent the need for abortion. But… remember what 1 or even 2 people say is not always the consensuses of the whole. I had counseling, the lady’s that greated me with a hug… they didn’t exist? The old lady working the counter who told me how much she loved helping the mom’s and baby’s. The lady that did my intake paperwork who told me how proud of me she was because I was keeping my son… these people the people who helped me and made me smile… they don’t exist? Have you personally ever gone and talked to the employees at PP? Do you have a PERSONAL experience to back up everything you say? Any one can say anything about a past employer… Any one can write anything they want on the internet. Yes they try and stay neutral… they get funding because they stay neutral but they don’t try and coerce you into aborting a child… they offer to help you find help.. they hold your hand, they cry with you and smile with you. I know not all PPs are exactly the same but I think actually going there you might have a different perspective then just reading an article here and there….

          • I’m just chiming in to agree with Cheryl. The doctors and nurses who work at PPs are human beings, not monsters!

    • I wish I had the same experience with PP. The clinic I went to wouldn’t even see me if I knew I was pregnant and wasn’t going to have an abortion.

  14. Great Post, it’s unfortunate that Komen just reversed it’s decision:(

  15. Bless you, Connie! I stand with all of these other women who are applauding your courage and willingness to stand (vocally) on this conviction. I pray that you will not take it personally when others lash out against you for this post. Don’t let the enemy get to you! He would like nothing more than for you to second-guess yourself the next time you feel a conviction to share. A friend recently told me in light of receiving criticism from others who disagree… if you’ve stood firmly on God’s Truth, then it’s God they take offense at- not you! I love your blog, Sister… thanks for sharing your heart with me! :)

  16. Connie, have you seen the recent news…. they’ve resended their “withdraw”. Looks like they are backing down from their initial stance. Sigh.


  17. thank you for a wonderful post. I totally agree. I’m not the political type but I am in the habit of loving babies. Wanted or unwanted, they are human people. I’m glad that my mom didn’t mind being inconvenienced with me.

  18. Sarah Avila says:

    Amen!! God Bless you!!

  19. I find it odd that a foundation that says it’s about saving lives (SGK) would EVER support a business that is all about killing lives. I understand also that SGK has been giving money to PP for 20 something years, I hope that people are not duped into supporting SGK or any organization that supports Planned Parenthood, such as the Girl Scouts.

    As far as the 97% being convenience abortions, I would have to challenge that statistic. I also think we should do an ethics check to make sure they are founded on the Word of YHWH, not our own compilation of beliefs that we just tend to gather through life.
    In the case of rape, is it really ‘right’ or God’s will to abort an innocent baby? Will it make the rape incident go away? Did that baby deserve to die? Hopefully people understand that the answer to these questions is clearly “NO!” So, if abortion is the mother’s choice in case of rape, it is still a convenience abortion.

    Thank you for being brave enough to post this very controversial topic. God bless you for standing for the babies who’s voices cannot be heard and may we still show God’s mercy and love for the women who took this tragic path.

  20. Standing strong with you on this stance. Life is precious! God knows existence way before conception. I look at my 2 year old and praise the Lord for her existence. I hope this post reaches many and like a previous poster said, I’ll be praying for the people who read this.

  21. To me the Komen foundation put themselves into a political camp by removing support from Planned Parenthood. That will matter to their donors. In most cases, disease fundraising organizations need to support whomever is helping deal with that disease, unless they want to get political. And yes, that will loose supporters from the other side. Which if you want to alienate some of your supporters, go for it. But I understand the uproar.

  22. Thank you for your stance and willingness to post it!

  23. I really appreciated your post.
    Sad that SGK already went back on their original decision…

    My husband just sent me this link yesterday about the Girl Scouts link with PP. What are “we” teaching our children these days!?! UGH!

  24. Amen! People really do need to see this reality of “abortion/murder.” No amount of ‘good’ can make up for murder.

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I saw the updated position by the Komen Foundation and was angered. You spoke for me in this post. I saw My only daughter’s heartbeat on ultrasound at 7 weeks gestation.noone can honestly deny that a heartbeat indicates LIFE! keep speaking the truth and speaking up for those who can’t yet speak in their own defense!!

  26. Thank you for pleading for the lives of those who cannot speak. Proverbs 31:8 “Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.”

  27. Pro Choice!

  28. Keep it up girlfriend! Love ya!

  29. I, myself, was upset about this funding removal because I didn’t know previously that Komen had ever given funding to PP. I’m glad the funding was pulled even if it was for the wrong reasons (due to the congressional investigation, not because of abortions). And I read an article recently that said NO PP facility has even 1 mammogram machine. However, sadly, due to political and media pressure, not to mention backlash from PP, Komen announced today that it is reversing it’s decision and will restore funding and allow for PP to make grant applications in the future. Several news outlets posted the story today, if anyone wishes to follow-up.

    • As I mentioned upthread, some clinics provide mammography services, and some don’t, just like some perform abortions and some don’t. It varies from clinic to clinic.

  30. Amen, sister! I can’t stand Planned Parenthood. I can’t stand the phrase “women’s health”. I can’t stand the rhetoric about women needing to be able to control their “reproductive destiny”, and needing a “choice”. My idea of choice is: you have the choice to use your brains and not engage in behavior that may end in a pregnancy you don’t desire! I’ve known too many young women who have a real lax attitude about sex and getting pregnant. No joke, their rational is “I didn’t use contraception cuz I didn’t have it, but that’s okay, that’s what abortion is for”. One acquaintance of mine (25 years old at the time) had two abortions in the same year. I’ve had thorough female exams (including breast exams) performed at the county health department, why not give them funding from Komen ? Real women’s health care, no babies killed. That could be their slogan! For what it’s worth, I’m an agnostic, registered Democrat. I love your blog, and I feel no matter what your political party is, killing babies is wrong. Thanks for letting me rant.

    • Thank you for showing that support of the sanctity of life should and does cross political and religious lines. The news all-too-often potrays it as a Christian value when it really should be a human value.

      • It should be a human value and probably is…however, it is seen as a religious value because of the overzealous pushy Christians that feel that they need to tell other people how to live and want to do the judging that should be left to God.

      • Well said Donna!

    • So, does a woman choose to get raped?

      • That is such a weak (not to mention infuriating) argument! Does a rape justify a murder? Is the child being aborted responsible for the rape? Does the abortion make that rape or the pain and suffering caused by it disappear? You mention in an above comment that the doctors and nurses working at PP are human beings, not monsters. Did it ever occur to you that the babies they are murdering (even the ones conceived by rape) are also human beings?

        • You know what’s a weak and infuriating argument?

          “My idea of choice is: you have the choice to use your brains and not engage in behavior that may end in a pregnancy you don’t desire! ”

          A woman who is raped did not choose to engage in risky sexual behavior. This argument makes me see red, 1. because it makes a baby into a punishment for “risky” behavior, and 2. because it is a prime example of victim-blaming.

          The abortion debate is complicated and nuanced because we simply don’t know at what point a fetus becomes a human being. You obviously believe that it begins at conception–that is your prerogative. But I don’t. It is a belief that I have thought about and prayed about and read the Bible for hours and hours trying to reconcile. There are other people in the world whose deeply-held religious and ethical beliefs agree with mine. Some people, for example, believe that ensoulment happens at some point between conception and birth. Some people believe it happens at birth, some people believe it happens at conception.

          If a woman who believes that life doesn’t begin at conception is raped and becomes pregnant, why should she be forced to carry her baby to term? Why do we constantly want to impose our own moral beliefs on other people who have their own beliefs?

          • I’m confused how you made the jump from my observation that some women use abortion as a form of birth control, to placing blame on rape victims. I was relating how I’ve known women that don’t think twice about getting abortions. Also,
            “…it makes a baby into a punishment”? Only a debased society that devalues life would think of a baby as punishment, instead of a possible outcome from having sex (do I need to specify that by sex, I mean a consensual encounter between two adults?) Instead of a blessing, society thinks a baby should be planned and ordered like a bathroom remodel. I believe that people should take responsibility for their choices. Not using your brain= a choice.
            In a survey of reasons why women have had abortions, 74% stated that “having a baby would dramatically change my life” as the reason for aborting. Compare that to 1% stated that it was a result of rape (Finer, et al, 2005). Rape is completely different from choosing to have sex, and it’s quite disingenuous to ask if a woman chooses to be raped. I think we’re all mature enough to concur that there are instances where tragic, horrific things happen to women. If a woman gets raped and conceives, that innocent baby’s life is truly in her hands, and I wish there were more resources for women in that situation. However,( if my math is correct) according to the CDC about 610,9oo babies were aborted in the US in 2007, because of “inconvenience” (74% of the total 825,564 abortions that year). Compare that to 8256 as a result of rape.
            Something is wrong with society when 74% of women abort their babies because they’re afraid of the “life changes” a baby brings, when they willingly chose to engage in the very act that makes babies (often, even with contraceptive use). Not using your brain is a choice. Sorry if it offends you.


            Finer, et al. “Reasons U.S. Women Have Abortions: quantitative and qualitative perspectives”, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 2005, 37(3):110-118.

          • You never addressed my question about imposing moral beliefs on others…

          • Where in the Bible did you search that says you should kill a child, regardless of gestation? Who are we to judge why God lets a child be conceived. Every child is a blessing and killing a child is murder. Every child has a soul and those that are aborted or misscarry are in Heaven. Have you read Heaven is for Real? I think that book makes it clear that God looks at every child that is a conceived as a child.

            This is what I read in the Bible… I still don’t understand what verses would lead you to believe what you do?

            Deuteronomy 30:19, “Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses. Now I call on heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Oh, that you would choose life, so that you and your descendants might live!”

            Psalm 127:3, “Children are a gift of the Lord.”

          • Brit, there is nowhere in the Bible where it says that life begins at conception.

          • Mr. Smockity says:

            Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” I wanted to make sure you had seen this scripture.

        • Thank you Lauren! You are right on. There is no excuse for rape but neither is there an excuse for abortion.

  31. Praying that God will bless you for boldly speaking the truth and that He will touch lives through you. Also praying that the haters will find something else to do with their time than bombard you with email and comments.

  32. Thanks for standing up for what is right. I will never give one cent of my money to the Komen foundation because of their support to Planned Parenthood and also because of the fact that they doesn’t over a million dollars this year trying to keep other cancer charities from using the words “the cure” in their slogans. My daughter (9 years old) died from brain cancer just over a year ago and I hate to see the charities that I support have to spend money that is needed to help find a cure for childhood cancer on defending themselves against the Komen foundation. May I urge everyone to really check out where your money goes before you give to any charity.

  33. love your post; not hate!! read through your feedback and relieved to see that i am with the majority. Just wanted to say that I am the grateful adoptive mom of 11 not so wanted african american babies included one conceived in a horrible rape. They are the joy of my life…thanks for posting this wonderful blog post!

    • Whoo-hoo Holly! Just a little shout out from a fellow adoptive mom of AA children who are also the joy of my life! And from meeting their birthmother and seeing the joy in her eyes when she looks at these littles that she chose life for….I would say they are the pride of her life as well!

    • Wow! That is amazing that you have taken those blessings in! We recentely adopted our daugther, Lexie. She is my 1st cousin’s daugther. The birth mother/father and heavily into drugs and abused/neglected Lexe as an infant. Thankfully she got out at 11 months.

      The birth mother signed the papers to give up her rights. She was crying to me worried that Lexie is going to grow up angry at her for not raising her. I explained that we will never speak bad about her in front of Lexie, and we will tell Lexie that her birth mother is her hero because she chose Life! The best gift a mother can give!

  34. Good for you for having your own beliefs, but frankly, your beliefs should not be put on some other woman who is making a choice for HER life.

    I think Obama said it best, “Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values. It requires that their proposals be subject to argument, and amenable to reason. I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning the practice, I cannot simply point to the teachings of my church or evoke God’s will. I have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all . . . Politics depends on our ability to persuade each other of common aims based on a common reality. It involves the compromise, the art of what’s possible. At some fundamental level, religion does not allow for compromise. It’s the art of the impossible. If God has spoken, then followers are expected to live up to God’s edicts, regardless of the consequences. To base one’s life on such uncompromising commitments may be sublime, but to base our policy making on such commitments would be a dangerous thing.”

    I too would NEVER have an abortion myself, but I wouldn’t judge someone who felt that was there only obtion. I have been to Planned Parenthood myself, back when I had no insurance AND was pregnant. What a relief that option was available for me.

    • Would you judge someone that killed their 2 month old child because they felt it was their only option? We’re talking about killing people with souls, not flys. It’s murder and should be treated as such.

      • According to law it is not murder. According to YOU it is. Are you the law? Leave it to God or Government to judge. A woman that decides to have an abortion has to live with that decision her whole life. Maybe you should find out how bad her life or situation is, that that was the best decision she could find before you pass judgement on her. I am pretty certain a big majority of women that have abortions have enough feelings of regret or uncertainty, they do not need other people telling them they are murderers (when according to law they clearly are not).

        • So the law is always right? We shouldn’t disagree with laws or try to change them because we believe they are WRONG and that it IS murder?

          It used to be a law that women could not vote. Was it wrong for people to be upset with this, say it is wrong and try to change the law? I’m sure you’re glad that law was changed.

          Just because something is a law doesn’t means it’s right or shouldn’t be changed.

        • God tell’s us clearly to choose life. Murdering a child is never the best option and it’s not going to make her life any “easier” as some might believe. There are many families out there waiting to adopt infants but they can’t because there are not enough babies to adopt.

          • That is all fine and good for your beliefs, but what if they person’s beliefs are not the same as your’s. Therefore, why should what YOU believe determine what happens to her? Laws are made to provide and care for people of all beliefs in America – some are not Christians. FYI…. And some Christians, are PRO-Choice (me for one).

        • Rebecca L. says:

          Being silent is why this nation has millions and millions of babies’ blood on our hands, letting them be aborted year after year after year, because it is a law. It doesn’t make it right, just because it is a law. We all will answer to a Higher Authority one of these days and all the laws in this land will not be an excuse in front of the One who created all these beautiful beings that were murdered.

          • Holly Murphy says:

            Murder is universally wrong and its not her life she is ending but a distinct bodyy with an inddpendent heartbeat. This isn’t 1970-science has advanced and its a different ball game. We KNOW its a baby. With advances, many of the babies aborted are viable or would be if the werent burned, cut up and had their brains sucktioned out of their tiny scalps. I dont mean to be ugly but therw is nothing pretty about terminating a fetus except the words. We are becoming a neopagan society…god save us all.

          • Andrea I don’t think there should be laws to force religion/beliefs on others. This is about life and protecting children that don’t have a voice.

            If I wanted there to be a law for everything that I think is wrong/sinful I would say that strip clubs should be illegal, drinking should be illegal, pornography should be illegal, every church that isn’t Christian should be closed in Amercia and made illegal, etc… This is not about making a law to match my beliefs.

        • Abortion is not the only option EVER! I am here to testify that in the face of adversity there is still hope, adoption.

  35. My heart has been heavy for all those babies lost to abortion since seeing a Salvation Army semi trailor advertisement stating that 125,000 babies are aborted daily (can that even be correct). Today I actually looked up abortion on planned parenthood’s website…and then saw your post after a random click on bloggingwithamy. I recently heard a dad say that abortion is the civil rights issue of our time….and have not stopped thinking how I always said I would do something during “the civil rights race equality” movement..I would have marched, I would have sat at the counter…at least I was convinced I would have but what am I doing to stand with the unborn child…I think I should continue this on my blog rather than eating up your space.

  36. PP does so much more for women than “kill babies.” When I was a college student and uninsured I used PP’s services for yearly exams, paps and contraception. I would never have an abortion myself, however as long as abortion is legal, it needs to be done safely. We should really be looking at the reasons why women have abortions and try to solve those issues instead of chastising an organization that is out to help people, legally, for that matter. You people need to realize that not every person, only about 11% actually, goes to PP for abortion services. You are stereotyping the people and the organization so unfairly. You all have such strong values for life and how other people live there’s, maybe expand those values to your own and reserve your judgements and discrimination.
    Here are the numbers:

    • Well said cynthia!!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I don’t believe I have stereotyped, judged, or discriminated against anyone. I am merely sharing the truth. Planned Parenthood kills babies. I don’t care how many good things they do. I won’t step over dead babies to get to them or support them.

      • Do you pay taxes? You are supporting the federal death penalty, are you not? Just sayin’. PP does abort babies at the request of women. They also decrease the number of babies that are aborted by providing contraceptive services, and save women’s lives by providing exams and testing services. And like it or not abortion is still legal. As I stated to another commenter above, this is not so black and white as everyone makes it out to be. Please do not misconstrue my comments as “hate mail,” I am just stating my opinion as you have. Mostly I was stating that your commenters are very quick to stereotype, judge and discriminate. But really if PP kills babies and that is wrong, is our government not to blame for maintaining it’s legality?

        • We don’t have a choice to pay taxes or not. Our government is wrong in lots of ways including legalizing abortion. No country who kills its own children can stand.

          • You do have a choice, and then you face the consequences. Just like women who “choose” abortion. Not much of a “choice” is it?

          • to cynthia below. Why don’t we talk about the real choice? To have sex or not! People act like they have no self control over their actions. If you have sex, you might get pregnant. That’s the real choice. Once the baby is conceived, you have to live with those concenquences.

          • Agreed-sex is the real choice. I am not debating abortion. My concern is that stereotyping an organization such as PP as baby killers does not give the real scope of things. No matter the truth in it, it is not the whole truth, and that’s the truth!

        • um, those who get the death penalty are people who CHOSE to do horrible things, often murdering others….a bit ironic though that we pay others to murder unborn children…we call it the right to choose. But really, who is making that choice, not the babies.

          • My point about the death penalty is that it is also murder, as black and white as some other commenters are being, and we all support that by paying taxes-not trying to getting into the politics of the death penalty or abortion.

          • Smockity Frocks says:

            The death penalty kills CRIMINALS. Abortion kills INNOCENTS. You do see the difference, right???

          • May I also say that man’s law, the government which we are put under, NEVER supersedes God’s perfect law. So legal in the eyes of our government or not, it is still murder to Him.

  37. Joyce Fodor says:

    I stand with you and thank God that you wrote this post and were not ashamed to come out on the side of life. God gave us life. It is not PP’s right to take it away. I am sure you will get comments criticizing you for taking this stand, but always remember “one on God’s side is a majority”

  38. Cheryl Kilgore says:

    Okay I have one last thing to say and then I have to step away from my computer for the night, because my heart is so heavy with all of this. What I get from everyone on here is that no one wants there to be a reason for abortion, there are those that are okay with it, there are those that aren’t and there are those who feel that Planned parent hood is to blame and those that have experienced the good from planned parent hood. Why couldn’t we all come together as women, stop fighting and start brainstorming on how to prevent the need or the want or the feeling of hopelessness that leads to an abortion… why don’t we stop arguing… and start coming up with ways to help women who are in any one of these situations… What can we do to make the need for abortion go away? We all care in own ways… so lets get together and put an end to the need for abortion to begin with. Let’s stop judging, roll up our sleeves get dirty and figure out a solution!

    • I’m with you!

      • Solution #1 – Jesus
        Solution #2 – Abstinence
        Solution #3 – Adoption

        In a world that has a “need” to kill children in the womb, I’d say the issue isn’t unwanted children. The issue is the hopelessly messed up hearts of the people – and that includes all of us, not just those that support abortion. Please read “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson. She might have been one of the smiling faces you saw, Cheryl.

        • I think actually the fact we teach #2 might be part of the problem. Maybe we should teach how to make it NOT happen (because we know it will!!), and rather teach how to make pregnancy be prevented. That way kids that end up having sex – even though they know they SHOULD be practicing Abstinence – know what to do to prevent pregnancy.

          • Andrea – who is teaching abstinence? Certainly not the public school system. Certainly not Planned Parenthood. The church is pretty awful about it, too. And I certainly don’t “know they will”. I have hundreds of friend (yes, hundreds) that have remained sexually pure until marriage. Don’t insult the intelligence and morality of everyone – and don’t assume they are kids either. Some are in their thirties, forties and fifties. It’s the assumption “they will anyway” that prevents any intelligent conversations or higher standards. It’s like thinking “of course kids will do drugs and drink underage. I’ll just tell them how to do it safely”. The motivation behind abstinence, that our bodies are precious to God, is what must be shown through example and taught lovingly.
            I’m so thankful my parents treated me like I had a brain and believed I could use it.

        • Amen sister!!! Thank you!

        • Hannah,
          I am Jewish, married, and have no desire to BE pregnant, let alone have a baby. None of those options work for me. You know what does though?
          Education. Contraception. Healthcare. I have never experienced an unwanted pregnancy thanks to these things.

    • Why is it judging when you call ‘wrong’ ‘wrong’? You also have judged Connie by stating that she is judging. We all judge, but hopefully we are lining it up with the Word of God, not our own beliefs.

  39. You tell the truth. Dangerous thing to do, ain’t it? People don’t seem to understand that money is fungible. Every dollar you contribute to PP’s “health care” services (i.e. non-abortion services, which our government likes to pretend our tax money is given to them for) frees up another dollar somewhere else for them to kill a baby. That is unacceptable, no matter what “good” they do. There are others who do real health care and real ministry that doesn’t involve killing babies in order to “help” their mothers–many of whom truly don’t even realize they are mothers.

  40. Amen! Thanks for saying what so many of us feel. No child deserves to die. Does everyone forget the other choice of adoption?

  41. I am so proud of you standing up – out in public- for unborn babies.
    PLEASE keep up the good work !

  42. Tanya Shenk says:

    In agreement and glad you spoke the truth.

  43. Thanks so much for posting this. I try to be an open minded person, but abortion just makes me sick to my stomach. There are so many people wanting to adopt!
    I just found out that I’m pregnant with #5, after a vas reversal, trying for 1.5 years, and 3 months of clomid! I had my first ultrasound at 6 weeks and 1 day. The baby was SO tiny, but we could already see it’s heart beating!!!!! So strong, and such a miracle!

  44. I can’t believe they advertise abortion so openly like that – it’s just sick!

  45. Thank you for speaking out on this issue! It is really refreshing to hear someone call abortion what it is: murder, instead of the sanitized, politically correction versions that are more comfortable to hear. I generally don’t like to argue controversial topics, but abortion is one I feel very strongly about. I believe that life starts at conception, and even if it doesn’t, why would anyone take a chance on that?

    I think you offer a special viewpoint because you can answer people who say kids are “inconvenient” or “expensive” with testimonies of your own family. I am so glad you value their lives!

  46. Bless you for your courage.

  47. Abortions are not about helping women, it’s about making $$$$!!

    This is just scary:

    Has anyone seen this documentary? I really want to see it! The truth NEEDS to be known!

  48. @Aliyah- regarding imposing one’s personal morals on others….. the issue of abortion is an issue of social justice. Throughout history, the way to allow abuse and exploitation, or mass extinction, of a specific group of humans is to dehumanize them first. Take away their humanity, strip away their worth, dignity, and the right to exist. Make laws that justify their mistreatment or killing. When you do that, the group- think of society follows suit, and then you are able to wipe out entire nations of people to take their land, capture and enslave millions of people, or make laws that allow a specific group of people to be inhumanely treated because of their skin color. It even allows you to vilify an entire creed of people and use their religion to mark them as targets to steal from, exploit, enslave, and burn in enormous ovens. Does any of this sound familiar? The people responsible for the decimation of the Native American tribes of this country had their own morals. So did the slave traders of the Atlantic. I bet even the people who opposed having children of color in sitting in the same classroom as their kids had a set of morals. All of the people who killed millions of Jews, Gypsies, handicapped people, and enemies of the state in Nazi Germany had their own set of morals. Even Peter Singer, a bio-ethicist at Princeton, has his own set of morals, although his include calculated infanticide and euthanasia, and oddly enough- bestiality (sorry Connie, I know this is a Christian blog). People across the world today dehumanize others so that they can excuse doing away with them: Rwanda, Serbia, the Congo….the group killing and raping others has their own morals. Should we adopt their morals? My point in all of this is: everybody has their own set of morals, but should we allow everybody to act on them as they see fit? What exactly would our society look like? I shudder to think what life in the U.S. would look like for the victims of these “morals”. During the close of Roe VS Wade, Justice Blackmun stated that if the suggestion of personhood is established…the case for legal abortion would collapse…and the fetus’s right to life would be guaranteed (paraphrased). Ironically, with the advances in technology and research, we know today that a fetus is more than a lump of tissue, as it was thought of decades ago. The fetus is no longer a mystery enshrouded in the womb. Science tells us what it is learning in the womb at earlier stages than we ever thought possible. Personal morals aside, killing a person is wrong -even if they haven’t been born yet- no matter how you justify it.

  49. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for standing for the truth. We are told to speak the truth in love and you did just that. We have to stand for what is right.

  50. Connie, you are awesome. I love that you are brave enough to speak out about this. Even though Komen has rescinded on their word, due to outspoken pro-aborts and their supporters, congrats on getting the word out there. This isn’t a religious issue, it’s not Catholic, it’s not political…it’s moral. Three cheers for the mom-of-ten—I hope to be like you someday! :) :) :)

  51. WHoops I think you only have 8…my bad! I just came from KimC’s blog.

  52. Thank you for this post, Connie.

  53. I do not believe I could ever have an abortion. However I will not judge another woman for a decision she has to make about her life. I do not believe abortion is ever a decision made out of convience. Good Christians would have us believe adoption is the solution to the problem of abortion. Now lets look at reality. The reality is that there just aren’t as many good adoptive home as you would like to believe. If there are so many people willing to be parents, why are there so many uwanted, unloved children sitting in foster care or orphanages here and around the world? Oh …people only want babies you say? That is correct.. there are more adoptive home available for caucasion babies. Wait…what about all those minority babies? There are (so sad but true) fewer homes willing to take those babies. But for a moment lets pretend that there is somewhere a home waiting for every baby killed by an abortion last year.
    You are successful in your fight to illegalize abortion so now we have (how many?) women with unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. I am sure many of them don’t have health care and since you closed down planned parenthood you better get started raising money for the prenatal care these women are going to require. We don’t want them to become a drain on society, but it is exspensive to have a baby. Okay so the plan is for these unfortunate women carry their babies to term and then give them to one of their choice of waiting couples the day she delivers. These poor babies will be carried for 9 months (hopefully) by a mother who at the very least is under great stress and resentful for having this child inside her. Lets just pray that these mothers don’t choose to engage in any number of legal and illegal activities which could affect this unborn child. ( drinking, smoking, legal and illegal drugs) Everything that happens from conception forward is going to have an effect on the baby. What are we doing to these children?
    The mother gives birth and abandons her child. That can be heroic or truely selfish depending on how one chooses to spin it. Hopefully there are good parents waiting. Hopefully they will stand by this child a few years down the road when all the problems caused by the mother’s choices prior to the birth surface. Surely you have heard about these parents who later decide they can’t handle it and seek to reverce the adoption and abandon the child again. What happens then?
    This mother doesn’t want to have a child but decides to offer it for adoption. It grows inside her and grows on her mind. The day her baby is born she falls instantly in love with it. She feels a possesiveness for “her” child. She will doubt her decision and decide to keep her baby…it will work out…God will provide a way. She will make a decision that will affect the entire life of at least two people… on a hormonal rush. How many women are strong enough to give up the life which grew inside of her? Maybe it will work out. Maybe it will drag her down into poverty. If she follows through with the adoption maybe the father will contest it. He can take it and sue her for child support. Maybe she keeps it and decides a year later it was a mistake. Too late; we don’t allow abandonement after the first few months of life. Maybe the state steps in and judges. The state will help this family. Have you any idea how much that will cost society? The state puts the child in foster care. Do you really believe the child will come out of that program less damaged than it went in? Abortion is a horrible thing but adoption is not the ultimate answer to that problem. We are talking about reality.
    Yes, I agree if you are not willing and able to care for a child, you need to do what you can to prevent such happening in the first place. So how do we do that? Abstinence. We should teach our children abstinence. Yes but then there is that pesky reality in the way again. What if you are a married adult who shouldn’t have or doesn’t want a (another) child? Remember not to judge. You can’t use any hormonal birth control because not only does it prevent fertilization but it has a back up of causing sponatious miscarraige (abortion). Rytham works for some but requires abstenance. Abstenance will have side effects on your relationship. that leaves barrier methods. They all have pros and cons but statistically barrier methods have a higher rate of failure than hormonal methods. SO if you are relying on abstenance or barrier methods of birth control, the odds are you will be faced with an unplanned pregnancy at some point in your life.
    I believe we all do the best we can with what we are given. It is NOT our place to judge the choices made by others. Let’s let God in Heaven judge. I also believe God is meciful and loving. He does know what we are going through and can understand the choices we make. Adoption is a beautiful, wonderful thing. I was adopted. I adopted my son from foster care after working as a foster parent for 10 years. Adoption is a beautiful idea, but it too has flaws. Everything man creates has flaws. When there is no longer a hungry, unwanted, unloved, abused, needy child anywhere in the world….come back and we can talk about adoption being the answer to the abortion problem.

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Well, now that you’ve explained it, I can see how much sense it makes, Rebecca. We should just keep killing all those babies. That’s the best solution.

      • Preach it, Connie! There is no excuse for killing the unborn. NONE. Judging death to be death is black and white – not fuzzy gray. God forgives only the repentant. Not some “I won’t judge you, you made the best decision in your situation” hooky-pooky. There is forgiveness for EVERY situation, but it requires repentance. The need for repentance is not simply for the action of millions of women, it is the sin of our government in supporting abortion and the sin of every person who knows abortion as murder and does not speak out against it.

    • CharleneM says:

      “If there are so many people willing to be parents, why are there so many uwanted, unloved children sitting in foster care or orphanages here and around the world? Oh …people only want babies you say? That is correct.. there are more adoptive home available for caucasion babies. Wait…what about all those minority babies?”

      You obviously don’t know the same people I know! I am a part of an amazing adoption community who does adopt older children, minority children, special needs children….ANY children! We are BEGGING and PRAYING to God to adopt a precious 7 year old little girl with hydrocephalus and scoliosis and we are NOT the exception.

      Why are so many children waiting? Maybe because the system is messed up and does not do what is in the best interest of the child. Potential adoptive parents are nervous of the US system. Children are given back to parents time and again even if it is not what is best/safest/most loving for the children. Private adoption is expensive and you have to be competitive. International is also expensive and governments have rules and regulations that exclude parents who would GLADLY take more children. Families give all extras, fundraise, search for grants, you name it to bring home more children in need of families. So there ARE families. If you’re not one of them, maybe you should consider helping those that are.

      Where we live we have other resources for mothers who cannot afford health care–a university hospital and a pregnancy center that is Christian based and takes them under their wing and walks with them through their pregnancy and helps with adoption IF they still decide they don’t want to keep the child.

      “Abstinance will have side effects on your relationship.”–really? Are you kidding? If you are in a loving, committed, GROWN-UP relationship, that will not be an issue… If someone leaves you or loves you less for that then I think you need to reconsider your relationship.

      And the “it’s not our place to judge” argument…. Do we not judge someone who is caught stealing or shoots someone? Of course we make judgements. We make judgements all day on right and wrong otherwise how would be know how to do the right thing? The bible says ” Do not judge according to appearance, BUT judge with righteous judgement.” John 7:24

  54. Mr. Smockity says:

    Rebecca, while we’re killing all those unborn babies because they might be born into the “situations” you described why not go ahead and take the lives of those kids already born that have to live in those circumstances. No one would for one minute say we should kill those children. How can it be ok to kill a baby just because it is unborn.

  55. I appreciate you speaking the truth! Another truth: if these women would close their legs and wait until they get married, I’m thinking we wouldn’t even have an abortion rate. I know that’s politically incorrect for me to say, but it’s true.

  56. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto
    a coworker who had been doing a little research on this.

    And he in fact ordered me lunch due to the fact that I discovered it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!

    But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this matter here on your blog.


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