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Cooking 101 For Kids

Have you been thinking that teaching your kids how to cook would be an important skill, but you don't know where to start?

Well, help is here! My friend, Lynn, from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures, has written the perfect guide to help you!

Her ebook includes:

  • pictures of cooking tools
  • a handy measuring chart with pictures
  • a guide on "how to follow a recipe"
  • plenty of recipes
  • pictures of her children making some of the dishes

If you have been considering teaching this skill, now is the time, because Lynn is offering a discount for a limited time, so that the ebook will be only $2.99 if you use the code "PROMO" at checkout.

*I am an affiliate for this ebook.

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  1. OK…need more coffee…I thought this said cooking for 101 kids. I thought I was doing well with 8!!! Then, I saw I had mis-read…oops!