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4 Moms of 35+ Kids Answer Your Questions

The 4 Moms of 35+ Kids are answering reader questions again!

Here are a few questions I have gotten recently:

Well, you will just have to look for the announcements and see for yourselves. Seek and ye shall find.

Oh, did I make "announcements" plural? Hmmm...

So far we are STILL waiting for one of our dairy goats to give birth so we can begin milking. The first due date we got from the former owner turned out to be wrong, and she contacted us with the adjusted due date, which was 2 days ago!

Right now they aren't much trouble at all. We had to "goat proof" their pasture before they arrived, and now we feed them twice a day and go out to stare at their rear ends several times to see if we can see any sign of kids coming soon.

After the kids come, we plan to let them stay with the moms for the first month or so to make sure they are good and strong. After that, we will separate the kids at night and milk the does first thing in the morning before turning them in together again.

Stay tuned for reports of how much work that is.

  • How many outside activities do your children participate in?

Like many large families choose due to logistical challenges, we have strictly limited our outside activities in the past to things we can do together. Examples include roller skating with our homeschool group each month, field trips with our homeschool group, visiting Dinosaur Valley as a family, Bible Bowl challenges, church activities, etc.

However, I recently developed a severe case of "Mom has lost all her senses", and I let my children talk me into allowing them to sign up for one activity each: soccer or gymnastics.

If you can count, you may be laughing your head off right about now at how many, many trips I am making to the gym and various soccer fields around town.

I was even lame-brained enough to sign my 4 YEAR OLD up for gymnastics, upon my 16yo's insistence, since she is the coach. Unfortunately, the 16yo is already at the gym working when I have to drag the 4yo from her nap, dress her, pony tail her hair, and convince her AGAIN how fun it will be once she GETS IN THE STINKIN' VAN AND BUCKLES HER CAR SEAT.

I believe we are due for another break from organized sports after this season. (Smockity wipes brow.)

What are your thoughts on large families participating in organized sports?

Remember to check out what questions the rest of my 4 Moms team is answering. Maybe they chose one of yours!

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  1. I am the oldest of 7.
    Any “beyond schooling” activities were put on hold until 5th grade. At that point we could choose 1 and often our interested coincided. So in 5th grade I chose soccer and my brother in 4th was permitted to join the city league too since we would both be practicing at the same time at the same complex. After that we all stuck to organized soccer after school. It was much less work for my parents! My dad was often the assistant coach and eventually moved up to head coach. When it was just the 3 younger boys at home, my parents permitted them to play club soccer and school soccer but they were in the same club and again practicing at the same times. The games got a bit more challenging to attend for them but it worked out fine since at that point it was 3 boys in middle school and high school and not kids spread from diapers to high school!

  2. We are a family of8 6 boys. Thankfully only my 10 year is interested in soccer;but it still hard. Especially since daddy is not here. But it only about 8 weeks and we are done but tues/thurs practice and games every Saturday wipes me out. But the small on his face is worth it

  3. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful YMCA so our kids are able to do activities for very little cost. It can get a little hectic getting kids to activities and then waiting for them to get done, but it is also a good chance to visit with other moms and meet new people. It is a good way to be part of the community and mykids really enjoy the activities and makiing friends there.

  4. We have seven children and have greatly limited our involvement in organized sports. Part of this is due to the fact that we live about 35-40 minutes from town. One year 3 of our girls played soccer with 2 on one team an one on another. With two games in town each week and some of those on different nights it was very difficult. 3-4 nights in town was unworkable for us. We have NOT said absolutely not, but only participate cautiously.

  5. I was just thinking of writing a post on the topic of extra-curricular activities. I swam competitively growing up and in college. I think swimming is a great life-time sport and I’ve been able to enjoy swimming through my pregnancies. For the most part, I try to discourage my kids from choosing their own sports, though we’ve indulged them at various times to prove to them how much superior swimming is : ). I love that when we go to the pool, we all go together and when we go out of town to a meet, we all go together. It’s also a great sport for homeschool families, being a club sport. So there’s my plug! For four weeks last spring I had a 7 yr old playing volleyball and a 9 yr old running track, as well as the oldest three swimming. I swore we’d never do that again and I’m reminding them of that each and every time they ask.


  6. I am not a mom of many but I know several mom’s with over 6 kids that play club soccer, or have kids in karote and or dance/gymanstics. I noticed that the key is that the kids have similar activity times at the same or close locations.


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