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I'll soon be back to posting about homeschool, crafts, recipes, and large family living. You can expect to see a chalkboard paint tutorial later this week.

But I am asking you to think about something hard one more time.


I have nothing to gain and even quite a bit to lose by talking about this. I've lost readers, here and on my Facebook page. You may be wondering why I won't shut up about abortion.

It isn't because I want to pile on guilt and condemnation to those who have chosen it. I have friends and relatives who have had abortions.

It isn't for the warm, fuzzy comments and emails I get.

I have been called insensitive, intolerant, judgmental, ignorant, idiotic, horrible, creepy, and more. I've been told to "give it a rest", it's "overkill" (which I thought was an interesting choice of words), that I'm spreading propaganda, and that posting about abortion is "inappropriate". (Actually, the word was "UNappropriate" but we won't discuss grammar in this post.)

This factual and historical video sums up the reason I can't shut up. No matter what side you are on, or if you are not sure where you stand, I implore you, please, PLEASE, take a few minutes to watch the entire thing. (Email readers will need to click through to view the video.)

Then share it with your friends.

Innocent lives are depending on those who are willing to stand against evil on this issue.

*Contains disturbing images.

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  1. Ya know what? If people are going to stop talking to you, reading you, following you or whatever because you tell the truth about something so absolutely horrible as abortion, then I guess they’ll just have to do that. I’m glad you don’t back down.

    It’s tough, though. Some people are not going to want to face up to the truth of what they’re doing, endorsing, paying for or turning a blind eye to when they support abortion “rights”. Abortion kills a REAL person, and no matter what the situation of the mother, she is still having a REAL person killed. I believe most people are completely ignorant of what is actually happening during abortion, or this wouldn’t be much of an issue.

    Letting them know what abortion really is is not judgmental, but merciful. Can you really allow a woman to go on thinking that what she was doing during an abortion was deciding not to *become* a mother, when in fact she was *already* a mother? And of course, if another person exists, and then you make it so that that person doesn’t exist, then you have committed the sin of murder.

    I see why people get so angry. We’re basically saying that a murder was committed, and they are somehow complicit. It’s harsh, but it’s not “judgmental”. Not in the “judge not” sense. What it is, is true, and calling out true sin makes people angry. Doesn’t mean we get to quit calling it out, does it?

  2. Abortion is a reality I hate, but a topic I often ignore. Thanks to the cumulative efforts of you and other blogger friends, I have been repeatedly reminded of the ugly truth, and the need for more of us to speak out.
    Proverbs 31:8 commands us to “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die.” The unborn definitely qualify, wouldn’t you say?
    Thank you for speaking up, and being persistent!

  3. I chose to put a show on for my 2yo so I could watch this in my kitchen, away from toddler eyes. It was the right choice. Thank you, Connie, for your courage and for being willing to speak up for those without a voice. Those over 50 million children whose lives were taken need to know we haven’t forgotten them. It is TIME we advocate for truth and life.

  4. This blog is your and yours only. You are able to post whatever you want to. If someone doesn’t like it then THEY can choose to leave.

    I applaud you for standing so firm on this subject. It is one that is often pushed aside and talking about it is still “Taboo”. People need to be educated about abortion – men and women.

    Keep up the good work. God Bless You

  5. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for talking about this. I respect and appreciate you far more for standing up on this issue than all the other practical/artsy stuff combined. That’s great stuff, but when we’re talking about abortion, we’re talking about life and death.

  6. I am proud of you for speaking out. You have to do what your convictions tell you to do.

  7. Abortion is something I’m VERY passionate about. I’ve gotten in many debates with people about it. Most of the problem lies in what those people view as the “start of life.” I’ve given them scripture after scripture, but not being religious people it doesn’t affect them. I’m hoping that maybe it’s planting a seed. And if one baby’s life is saved, then it’s worth it! I commend you for being bold in your beliefs!! :)

  8. I just watched this video – and I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open at some of the responses these people gave. But at the end – some of them changed – Thank God.

    This video is very powerful and definately needs to be shared. Thank you again for taking a stand.

  9. My oldest son is sitting here in the room with me as I watch this. 17 years ago, his father and I made a choice to keep him and get married, though we’d known each for less than six months. Do I regret my behavior? Yes. Do I regret my decision to keep my baby? Absolutely not. I can’t imagine life without him.

    We’ve made a lot of sacrifices through the years with four growing sons. My only regret is talking my husband into a vasectomy after our youngest was born. I wonder who else I’ve missed…

    (Note: My 15 year old who loves war history and war movies…couldn’t make it through the pictures of the concentration camps. He left the room. I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about his children! *smile*)

    It is truly amazing what justification can wrought. Humans can think. Sometimes you have to wish they would.

  10. I’m always amazed with how far you continue to go for God, Connie! Abortion is a topic very near and dear to my heart. I fully intended on aborting our second child {our only daughter} but abruptly had a change of heart, which I now know was God and God alone. I’ve heard of this movie clip before, but never sat down to actually watch it. All I can say is Wow!

    Keep being bold for Christ! You are not alone in this fight! I’m sorry if you face criticism or ugly words–but know that you have so many supporters behind you. The good fight isn’t always an easy one!

  11. I have already seen this video. WOW! Everyone old enough to handle the subject matter should see this!!

    As I was just telling a friend of mine just the other day, if someone is acts negatively towards me that is their choice. HOWEVER, it is ONLY my job to decide whether or not I have erred. Assuming that I have not erred in the way that I treated them, IN GOD’S EYES I mean, I have no responsibility to take ownership of their anger.

    BOTTOM LINE: Abortion is not God’s way. I have compassion for those that are victimized and prodded into that choice. BUT you are RIGHT in speaking against abortion! Thank you for not flaking out under pressure like so many people and companies are doing these days!

  12. Connie, I have been following your blog for year,s but never have I commented. Let me tell you how much I appreicate you posting this video. My oldest brother is the result of a rape. My mother was a teenager when this happened, but by the GRACE OF GOD, she had two parents who loved her and told her they would adopt the baby if she did not want to keep him, but that abortion was out of the question. She needed to pray about whether to keep my brother as her own, or to give him up to my grandparents so that they could raise him. I know that she was fearful of the reminder he would be of that horrible day- but God gave her peace, grace, and mercy. I am so glad that she listened to the Lord!!! I can not imagine life without him! It is God Who has the right to give and take life. Thank you for your stance on this!!! Keep on being a witness for the Lord!!!!! ~Crystal

  13. The Lord has been stirring in me a passion for the issue of abortion. It has kept me up at night and brought forth prayers of tears for the continual murder of the unborn.

    My question is what can I now do? I am a stay-at-home mom in north Texas and don’t know how or where to contribute to educating people on the truth about abortion. Anyone know of ways I can be involved for pro-life?

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Rachel, In my town in North Texas, the Crisis Pregnancy Center always needs volunteers and donations. You can also share the video with your friends.

      • Thanks! Contacted the pregnancy center in Denton. Excited about the volunteer information meeting next month!

  14. Please DON’T shut up!! If we as Christians don’t stand up to this evil, no one else is going to. To Rachel above, Texas Right To Life is very active and there are numerous ways to get involved, either/or financially or by volunteering. And by far the most powerful way you can get involved is through prayer. God can do so much more than we can! And that’s certainly something you can be involved in as a stay-at-home mom!

  15. This is an excellent movie. When I first “found” it, I had my teens watch it, too. It’s that important. I’m sorry for the persecution you are suffering because you are standing up for those who have no voice. But I am not sorry for the reward you will receive in heaven.


  16. I feel that I first should disclose, for the sake of openness, that I do not agree with you on this subject (no, I will not melodramatically tell you that I “quit”; I read several blogs by people passionate on this topic and others which I disagree with the authors on, to make sure that I remain exposed to differing views instead of letting myself be insulated in a bubble of blogs that agree with me).

    I understand that this is an incredibly important topic to you—obviously it is, if you cover it with such frequency and such powerful language. I feel, though, that linking this particular video does a disservice to not only the pro-life stance but to the level of discourse. I enjoy reading bioethical arguments from a pro-life standpoint, but I think that a video such as this—such an obviously contrived piece, which makes purposeful use of a set of subjects who are so uninformed that they have not even a basic grasp of major events in US history (that a mind without a basic grasp of history, government, or philosophy is so easily changed by such a flawed argument is not exactly inspiring), which makes use of selective editing, and which makes use of such an inaccurate analogy (grossly inaccurate even if one were to grant without any reservation the idea that abortion is 100% equal to murder)—simply lowers the level of discourse on a very difficult subject, especially when you term such a piece “factual and historical”.

    Again, I realize that this is a very important subject to you, and I certainly would not dream of attempting some sort of feeble blackmail with my small amount of traffic or telling you what subjects are appropriate on your own blog, let alone calling you terrible names, but I feel that this post does the opposite of promote an honest dialogue of the sort you need if you really want to convince people–including fairly well-informed people who have thought a lot about this subject, not just people who confess they do not even know who Adolf Hitler is–of the merit of your viewpoint.

    • Cass,

      Your courteous tone and deferential posture are refreshing. I find myself strongly aligned with Connie’s pro-life position, while appreciating your criticism of the “180” video. I had some of the same thoughts you did while watching it. I think the pro-life community has much more compelling arguments, which deserve to be made in unequivocal terms.

      Abiding in Christ,


    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I agree that the people in the video didn’t seem bright at all. My oldest children watched it and they were STUNNED that so many didn’t know who Adolph Hitler was!

      However, I don’t think that negates the point of the video. Hitler exterminated millions of people simply because they didn’t fit into his social ideal. The same thing is being done today. Millions of babies are being killed because they are inconvenient or viewed as less valuable than the ideal person.

      • Thank you for your polite reply. Obviously we disagree on this subject, and while I do not presume to try and change your mind on the topic of abortion (I don’t think that’s my place, coming to your blog), I do think the various problems with the video really do undermine its message as received by those it seeks to convince, especially when it’s advertised as factual.

        I think that he does make a few interesting points, which I will have to consider a little–the comparison to pre-war Germany in my opinion mostly fell a little flat in my opinion, but the consideration of an apathetic majority did strike somewhat true, and I will have to think about that. But for the most part I felt that the holocaust analogy as presented didn’t hang together so well. First, because it basically assumes an agreement that abortion is necessarily the murder of children (and I do realize that this is your firm belief, and the belief of most people who are pro-life, but most people who are pro-choice do not believe that–otherwise they would not be pro-choice), and I feel that in a persuasive piece this is really something that needs to be addressed to some degree if the conclusion is to be based on solid premises when we reach the end.

        But second because even if we assume millions dead = millions dead, the analogy mostly falls apart thereafter. There are huge and sweeping differences–governmental mandate versus personal agency among the populace, and while the apathetic majority argument was interesting, leading up to the war, grand, religious rhetoric and appeals to (an adulterated version of in the former case) God were primarily coming from Hitler, rather than the other way around. There is also the violent crushing of all dissent versus its allowance, accommodation, and even celebration by some of those in power, and in many cases even in motivation–genetic purification and crushing of dissent versus what is, in most (but not all; health selective abortion is another place where I think the video does have something of a point) cases a matter of unwillingness to carry any pregnancy to term–what you termed “convenience”.

        These differences do not mean that, if you assume the pro-life stance, the situation is not abhorrent, and again it is not my intention to convince you that it is not. But there are so many differences that, if you will consider the video from the stance of someone who is on the other side, listening and considering whether they find the argument persuasive, the comparison to the holocaust rings a little empty and sensationalist, as many do, rather than the deep and moving way I assume it was intended.

        For this to be followed up with the argument working on people is one thing, but for it to be followed up with the argument working on people who didn’t even know who Hilter was a few minutes ago is…well, again, off-putting, if you will again entertain the situation from the other viewpoint. It makes the whole situation feel very contrived and a little…cheap, I suppose, is the word I’m looking for–it seems like instead of attacking the issue from a standpoint of logic and bioethics and a dissection of morality, we’re instead being presented with a not entirely accurate argument that appeals to emotion and something of an intentionally weak straw man in opposition, and then spoon-fed the (edited, no less) response we’re supposed to have by the not-so-informed but now thoroughly convinced subjects. And it’s a shame, because the video makes a couple good points that get lost in all the rest, and I’ve read some very interesting discussions of the ethics of abortion from a pro-life stance–there are better, if less emotionally stirring, arguments out there. While the point of the video seems to be persuasion, I think it turns off a large part of its target audience because of the way it’s set up, and it lowers the level of discourse by what is in my opinion less than wholly honest use of editing and very uninformed subjects.

        Again, my intention is not to change your mind on abortion, and I hope that I have not come across as less than respectful, because I very much enjoy reading your blog and respect that you have your own very firm beliefs on this subject. But I think that if convincing people is the goal, a video like this one is a little counterproductive—it doesn’t promote open discussion, but rather makes those who don’t already agree feel like they’re being addressed in a less than wholly honest fashion. Thank you again for your post and your reply (and for maintaining such an interesting blog). Also, please forgive any potential grammatical errors, as I have proof read this once and am now running out the door.

        • Smockity Frocks says:

          Thank you for your thoughtful replies, Cass. I can see now how this film can be seen as condescending to an analytical viewer, and I do regret that.

          I think the main goal of the film is to relate the mass destruction of a group seen as less than human; the Holocaust, to what is happening today with abortion. I can see the weak points now that you have pointed them out, but I still think there are enough similarities to make a strong point.

        • I am a believer, and pro life. I, too, have/had some of the same reservations about the film as does/did Cass (I watched it a few months ago). However, does that dismiss the message, i.e., that abortion is the taking of human (and, what else can it be?) life, and that it is often done in horrific fashion? And, make no mistake about it (and there is no malice intended), I have the same misgivings about the “other side” when Christians are depicted as toothless hicks (no offense to toothless hicks : )) who don’t think, only parrot the “party line,” and are unconcerned about women, the poor, etc.

          I’m curious, Cass, and I cast no aspersions, nor am I being condescending, but are you a Christian? As a believer, I try to take my cue from Scripture. So, for example, when King David states in Psalm 139 that God knew his “unformed body” and that he was knit together in his mother’s womb, I believe that is a good argument against taking of a life from the womb by means of abortion. It isn’t a matter of hating women, or wanting to deprive them of their “rights,” but it is a moral issue, rooted in Scripture…even though in our generation, it has become a hot-button topic used as a political football. In general, Christians believe issues like abortion are moral issues that violate God’s principles. And, when God’s principles are violated, pain and heartache ensue.

          YIKES! Time is getting away from me, so I’m off.

          • Just had to chime in and say that while I’m a Christian and pro-life, I found this video to be woefully lacking. Cass brings up many valid points. I was horrified when I first saw 180 a few months ago … not for the disturbing images, but for the tacky way he blindsides people with bizzare ethical scenarios and badgers them into admitting he’s right and they’re wrong. I also think comparing the holocaust to abortion is wildly inappropriate and offensive to those who suffered through the holocaust. Until pro-lifers and pro-choicers learn to discuss the issue of abortion with intelligence and respect, we will get nowhere. Pro-lifers will continue to produce videos like this one and pat themselves on the back for their “rightness” while pro-choicers scoff at their ignorance, easily poking holes in the poorly-designed arguments and analogies. Connie, I totally respect your passion for speaking up for the unborn and I hope you will continue to do so. It’s the video I find offensive, not you or your views.

  17. Thank you for being vocal about your stand on abortion. I agree with you! My husband and I have chosen to take a stand against abortion by adopting children who were waiting for a home because their mother could not take care of them. To me, adoption is a critical part of the pro-life movement.

  18. Rebecca L. says:

    We have this video at home. My 17 year old daughter saw it at a youth meeting and was very moved and asked where she could get it. The leader just gave it to her. My daughter told me that she always knew abortion was wrong but this really moved her and made her realize even more so. Thanks for informing the world, your blog is making a difference for SOMEONE! You may never know who but there is someone who needs this.

  19. Thank you for sharing the video, Connie! I was already against abortion for any reason but I had never seen the video. He has a wonderful way of getting people to view life with a different perspective! I will continue to follow your blog and support you as you speak out again the death of our future generations… STAND FIRM! :)

  20. Connie,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented until now. I agree with some of the others that mentioned how unbelievable parts of the video were. However, the message of the video is a valid one and one that I wholeheartedly agree with. I am against abortion for any reason. There are many couples in our country who are desperate to become parents. They would be happy to love and nurture a baby whose birth parents couldn’t for whatever reason. Members of my extended family have joined my family through adoption. They are my family, regardless of whether or not we have the same DNA. Family is a heart thing, not a blood thing. Some have argued that abortion is okay if the child will have a poor quality of life. Who decides when someone has a good enough quality of life to deserve living? I have a sister with Down syndrome. Not only does she have a good quality of life, she enriches the lives of those around her. Every child is a miracle and is precious. Psalm 139:13-16 says “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” I choose to believe that life is precious and is worth fighting for, especially when the person can’t fight for themselves. I feel it is not only our right, but our obligation to stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs regardless of what others think or say.

  21. I shared this video on facebook, and not one single person said a thing about it. However, my previous, mundane comment about sports had 20+ plus comments with people riled up and excited over the topic. I think this is just pitiful. People are so scared to talk and think about hard topics like abortion. Heaven forbid someone disagree with them or maybe say they’re wrong!! This has been eating away at me lately. I can’t stand the thought of those poor babies’ little bodies being ripped apart and thrown away. And no one will stop it!! We need to stop it! There is just no excuse for this to still be happening.

  22. Kristy Leaseburg says:

    First of all I am very pleased to see the civility with which those who have other views on abortion have chosen to comment on this post. This is NOT at all what I have experienced from other pro-choice folks out there and I applaud the above gentle words and polite discourse even if we are on opposite sides of the debate. Thank you for not only speaking with kindness, but offering up logical objections to how the video presented the information. This was valuable constructive criticism that we need to hear. Sometimes we get so into our feelings about a topic that we can get lost in the “correctness” of the message, but miss out on the fact that it wasn’t presented well or there are problems with how it could be received – making it miss its mark. Thanks for letting us know. I respect people who peacefully let others know that they differ on an issue. To be honest, I haven’t seen that anywhere but here during this firestorm of feelings over the Komen and Planned Parenthood debacle!

    That said, Smockity, if it makes you feel any better I was called crazy, uninformed, insensitive and petty this week by one pro-choice person after a friend simply posted on FB a statement saying we should let Komen know that we supported their decision (before they reversed it). That statement wasn’t meant to be inflamitory, but it sparked a pro-choice member of our church community to go ballistic on all of us who agreed or liked the comment. No one (not the original poster or those who replied) posted anything hateful, inflamatory or rude, but it certainly got a reply that fit all those categories. Yikes.

    So keep on posting what YOU want in YOUR blog. I promise I won’t call you crazy, uninformed, insensitive, or petty. : )

  23. I love the question he asks, “It is OK to kill a baby in the womb…when?…” How one answers that question is an indication of the value one puts on human life. For the past 2 years my 3 teenagers have had the opportunity to attend the March for Life on Jan. 23rd in Washington, DC. I was left at home to take care of the younger children but able to watch the event on EWTN (the regular news rarely, if ever, mention the March!). It is powerful to watch the energy and enthusiasm for LIFE during the pre-March events from the Verizon Center and The Armory. The majority of the (literally) hundreds of thousands of ‘marchers’ are in highschool and college. It gives this middle aged mama hope for her children’s futures that someday THEY may live in a society where all human life is considered sacred. Thanks for posting.

  24. I just finished reading A New Kind Of Normal by Carol Kent. The book is about their new normal after their son, Jason, was covicted of 1st degree murder. She shares another ladies story in there that deeply convicted and touched me. In summary, a lady had an abortion when she was in her early 20’s and was unsaved. Later in life she became a Christian and was deeply ashamed and regretful of her decision. She had never told anyone her secret. She was sitting in a group of women where they were talking about abortion being absolutely awful and murder. Which is true! But little did they know that she had once committed murder of her unborn baby. I say all that to say, I am pro-life. I do not believe abortion is the answer for any baby. However, after reading her story I was covicted to make sure I am discussing/talking about abortion in a way that would please our Lord. I will never justify abortion. But personally, I need to do a better job of speaking about abortion that also gives my audience(just friends and family) hope that they too our loved and forgiven by God if they did have an abortion. This lady was in a leadership role at her church and she had hidden her secret for years. You never know who may need to be reminded of Gods love and forgiveness regarding abortion.

  25. Thank you for having this video on your site to watch. Thank you for your stand on abortion. I am with you on it.

  26. Simply amazing ! Thank you so much for sharing this powerful and thought-provoking video. I will most definitely be passing this along to everyone I know…

  27. I watched this movie a little while ago and I think it has a good message that people need to hear. Thanks for posting it.

  28. Melanie Kocke says:

    My husband and I were recently hired to translate this film into the Mongolian language. As some the first pro-lifers in Mongolia, we were thrilled to see this film and are so grateful to be a part of putting it into Mongolian for viewers all over the country to see. Sadly abortion is a big problem here. Praise God for other like-minded Christains who speak up for the unborn. God bless you and your family.