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The Mean Mom

This is a transcript of a speech I gave recently in my living room.

Dear Children,

I am fully aware that it embarrasses you in front of your friends when I march up to the front row during the middle of church and snatch you up to have you sit beside me. That was sort of the point.

That does not mean I hate you, as you may suppose. It means I love you. And that I am exercising my God-given authority as a parent.

Exercising my authority means that I will make doing the things you ought not to be doing extremely uncomfortable for you. (See embarrassing scenario above.)

It also means that I will decide what things you ought not to be doing. Those will include, but are not exclusive to: talking back, acting silly during church, not completing your school work, smoking, fighting, cussing, drinking, drugs, sex... You get the idea.

You might want to spread the word.

I'm "The Mean Mom".

And proud of it.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. Hilarious! My mom made me get up in the middle of worship and move from the almost-front row with my friends to sit with her a few times. I definitely got the message. Now my oldest is 7, and I’m sure that scenario is coming soon. Oh, memories!

  3. HAHA! I think I’m a “mean mom” too. We should start a club!

  4. Love it!

    My momma use to preface any disciplinary threats with “right here in front of God and everybody” just to let us know she was serious and didn’t care less if we were embarrassed or someone else didn’t like it.

  5. Preach it sista’!!!!

  6. You tell em! (and I told the same thing to my two – and they turned out just fine, thank you very much!)

  7. Go momma!!!!!

  8. Ha! I had a mean mom – and although it was torture sometimes, I’m very thankful she was. We just bought a puppy and I can already see myself being pretty strict with him, so I’m sure that’s a foreshadowing of things to come! 😉

    Keep up the great work!!

  9. My 11 yr old has had the “mean mom” treatment a few times..”M-a-w-m-m-m-m, you are EMBARRASSING me!” Exactly the point! Do.not.make.me.do.it.again!! I tell her, “I am NOT your best friend..they will come and they will go…I am your mother and will be that forever!!!”. Oh and thanks for the reminder about writing sentences for infractions…I had forgotten about that consequence and have had opportunity to “inflict” it this last week. She just about had a stroke but managed thru gritting teeth to write her sentences and I can guarantee you doesn’t want to do it again. LOL (ps…she wants me to quit reading your blog).

    • “(ps…she wants me to quit reading your blog).”

      Oh dear, that’s really funny. I imagine I would too if I was in her shoes. Good job, momma, keep up the mean! :-)

  10. i also have instituted writing sentences! lol it’s been great. keep it coming Smockity!

  11. AMEN! My kids know that I will embarrass them if they aren’t doing the right thing so by now (13 and 15) they know to behave…especially in public. My mother was the same. It didn’t kill me! LOL!

  12. Idk… I hate to see people embarrass and/or “discipline” their children in public. TO ME it just seems to be beneficial to the parents’ ego, (but that’s just me). We do have a God-given authority over our children,
    but I feel that it doesn’t give us a right to get all crazy and full of drama to prove a point to our children who will just find a way to do “it” (whatever it is) behind our backs… I’d rather find a way that does not provoke my child to anger/wrath and preserves the respect and dignity of me and my child idk how I’m going to handle that with my daughter.

    • I see your point, but I think there is a middle ground that she is reaching here. You can exercise authority in public without humiliation. In fact I think humiliation is counter productive. However, turning a blind eye to disobedience/rule breaking etc. does NOT prepare them for society. Imagine the police officer who see’s said child speeding down the highway, will that police officer not pull them over, lights and sirens blaring for all the world to see, in order to keep their precious little pride in tact? I think not. I think Smockity is doing a great job of using authority, without humiliation, while still preparing them for the authority in this world that will NOT take into account their little ego’s.

  13. AWESOME!

  14. From one mean ol’ mom to another, I love it!

  15. I loved this post! My kids will sometimes ask me why I said no, or why I’m making them do some horrible, torturous task (like setting the table) and my consistent response is, “Because I’m the meanest mom in the world.” my older son will sometimes say, “no you’re not…” and my reply is that I guess I’ll have to try harder.
    They are also familiar with another response, and will now say. It themselves, “I know, I know. It’s not your job to be my friend; it’s your job to be my mom.” (I always respond with something like, “And it’s a job I absolutely love! Can be friends when you’re a grown up.”)

  16. Mean Mom here too, although typically we deal with situations whe we get home. My husband would rather do it that way.
    But I always warn my Sunday School parents that I am the meanest SS teacher in the church. That means that I expect your child to sit still and pay attention and not be disruptive to those who want to learn., If they can’t do that, Mom or Dad has to come sit in class with them. The parents LOVE it, and I have only had to ask 2 parents to sit in class in 3 years.

  17. I’m the sad child. My mother didn’t exercize the Golden Rule on me, so now I have no self esteem. She forgot that, sometimes, all a child really needs is to spend time with his/her friends, and shouldn’t apologize for very natural tendencies. I’m sad cause Mama never really has a gentle word, just non-stop “life lessons”. She never really understands.. but hey, I guess that’s what being a kid is all about… :*

  18. LOVE IT!!! My kids have heard similar speeches. And my six year old actually told me that she was glad I had rules, because then she learned not to act like some of her peers.

  19. You crack me up !! I not only get great tips and advice on your site, I also get a good laugh. :-)

    You might be a “mean” mom, but you are a loving “mean” mom, who genuinely cares about the type of people her children are growing up to be…nothing wrong with that !! Keep it up mama…

  20. So funny to find out I’m not the only one. Except, my “Mean Mommy” is a character that I made up for the toddler/preschool years and gave one warning that she is coming out. After one or two “performances”, I didn’t have to be “Mean Mommy” anymore. I’m still a “mean mom” though, and proud of it!

  21. Brings back memories! My son is 36 years old. I didn’t have to “get him” in church, I had to march across the basketball court right before a game. I had to tell him more than once, I am not your best friend. Guess what? We are now best friends………and he has told me thanks many times for the discipline, teaching and correction he received at home.

  22. So, I’m not the only MEAN one?! Mean Moms unite!