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Life is Made of Ordinary Moments

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

I have seen this quote floating around the internet with pictures of weddings and newly born babies and little girls finding starfish on the beach and such.

And I keep thinking, that no, life is not made up of moments that take our breath away. In reality life is made up of dirty laundry and spilled milk and tires that get stuck in the mud, and in between those times there are little glimpses of heaven we get to store up in our hearts.

But we must look carefully or we will miss the glimpses. They are fleeting. A mere whisper. And before we even realize it they are gone.

We have not had a lifetime full of moments that take our breath away. No Nobel Peace Prizes here or weddings on the beach at sunset or invitations to the White House.

Today we swept the floor three times and loaded the dishwasher twice. We filled out assignment sheets, called out spelling words, and cleaned up potty accidents. There was bickering and sassing and whining.

But in between all that there was a 15 year old brother making his baby sister giggle like crazy with his smooches. There were 3 little girls clapping in glee outside my kitchen window chanting in unison, "Mommy's frying okra! Mommy's frying okra!" There was a 4 year old who told me I can't imagine how much she loves me.

Those are the moments life is made of. They won't make it into any photo albums or scrapbook pages. But be sure not to miss them. They are the best part of this crazy thing called life.

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  1. Girl, you can read my mail!!! You’re right on, Connie!! Perfectly said!

  2. Love. It.

    That is all.

  3. Wonderful post! I could not agree more. My husband and I laughed out loud as I read the part about your kids clapping and chanting that you were frying okra because its is quite similar in our house. They have a celebration when okra is fried.

  4. Beautiful post & so very true! Holly

  5. Oh Amen! I was asking my grandmother the other day to just tell me what the day to day life was like for her growing up and then when she was raising her children. It was so refreshing to hear that even when life was “more simple” the same struggles and joys existed. God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

  6. Love this

  7. AMEN!

  8. Thank you for saying this aloud. Yes, yes, and yes again. To me, it provides the greatest earthly motivation for training my children to be pleasant companions, for training myself to be a pleasant companion, and for ordering my days as well as I can — all because it is all this ordinariness that actually makes up my life here ON earth.

  9. LOVE this! It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for this reminder! Perfectly written!

  10. Connie, I love this post! It’s a great reminder to take each day and appreciate ALL the moments – even amidst the chaos. :)

  11. Wonderful post. Made me get tears in my eyes reading about your 15 year old making the baby laugh. So sweet!

  12. What a touching reminder to cherish all of the moments we are blessed with ~ thank you for this. I must say some of your examples, when put into words, were quite breathtaking for me…smooches from the older brother and your little girls’ sweet words melted my heart!

  13. Connie Sue Jacobs says:

    Yup. If we’re always looking out for the big awe inspiring moments we miss this crazy little thing called LIFE. Have a blessed day.
    Connie Sue

  14. So needed this…..

    As another schooling morning quickly passes with loud, silly kids! A kind of stressed out Momma. A toddler dumping over everything… you get the picture! Probably sounds a little similar … maybe;)

    I need to remember that these moments are priceless too. Not what anyone would call “perfect” except maybe me one day alone in a quiet house after my kids have all grown up!

  15. yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’ve always thought that the “moments that take our breath away” are those moments that are unexpected – the sister who’s always picking on her brother, helping him without being asked. The child who does something “just because it needs to be done”. the child who hugs you bc it looks like you need a hug. It’s moments like these that make me stop and say “OH! This is what it’s all about”

  16. Thanks so much! I had to share on facebook. I needed this today :)

  17. Agreed. I never liked that quote anyway. 😉

  18. This is spot on….. And tell the truth: Would you swap your clapping, singing girls for a trip to the White House? Would you swap the joy of seeing your 15 yr old delighting in a younger sibling with a Nobel Prize??

    Nope…. thought not. Me neither 😉

  19. Kimberlee says:

    Really needed to read this today. I feel like the last several days, weeks and maybe months, I have been accomplishing little more than existence. Thank you.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Well said. Thank you.

  21. Connie – Isn’t that what the quote is all about? Weren’t these moments the ones that “took your breath away”? I think that they are not talking about trips to the White House, but about everyday events that make us stop and think and cherish those little things. At least that is what I think about.

  22. This is great.

    We totally need to stop to appreciate baby kisses in between sweeping the floor here too.

    Although sometimes I think if I really take time stop to think about the everyday moments they take my breath away too.

  23. Heather Mason says:

    awesome, Connie! My day homeschooling my 9 children (with bonus 2-year old over for the day like most days lately) was like yours, ALOT of hard work, no thanks, no end in sight, but precious moments were there, too. 4-year old mini-boyfriend son (I only have 2 sons- one 16 and one 4) telling me “I love you, Mommy” without my saying it first wins first prize :) Older girls being kind and loving to exasperating visiting toddler. A couple children doing some of their chores without whining :) It was a good day :)