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H&R Block Tax Service ~ FREE!

If you like "free" as much as I do, then you may be interested in this. Let H&R Block help you file your *federal tax return FOR FREE! Really! No strings!

P.S. I get $6 for each and every one of you who takes advantage of this FREE offer, so it is a win/win!

P.P.S. Do you have a blog and think your friends might be interested in this offer and it wouldn't hurt your feelings any to make a few extra American cash dollars? Then, sign up with Escalate Network so you can participate in posting deals too!

*This is a basic tax service and not recommended for complicated or self-employment income.

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  1. Just an f.y.i on H&R block…my husband is a CPA and has numerous new clients coming to him every year asking him to “fix” their tax return because H&R messed them up. They missed important steps, neglected to claim certain things, and told them that certain things weren’t necessary to report– even though NOT reporting it was illegal. Unfortunately, most of these clients found this out after the IRS sent them a letter.

  2. I’ve heard good things from my coworkers and friends about H&R block. Like you said, I think it’s intended for simple returns.

    We definitely don’t have a simple return, otherwise we would support you! Thankfully we have a friend that is a CPA and owns his own accounting firm (and gives us a discount). With my husband losing his job a year ago, doing sales for a few months and now owning his own business we have a lot of stuff! Hundreds of papers. Also, we adopted a child, I work and I sell Norwex on the side. Whew, I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about it and can trust it in our friends hands. :)

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