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Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit

I just got back from my speaking gig at The Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit, and I must say it was 14 flavors of awesome sauce! Not my speaking, but The Summit!

The idea of The Homeschool Moms' Winter Summit is to encourage and uplift the homeschool mom during the time of year when the days are long and the light at the end of the tunnel is only a flicker. You know, January/February is the proverbial "hump day" of the school year, and The Summit was designed to refresh and renew during long, dark days.

And, boy oh boy did it refresh my socks off!

The speakers, the food, the sweet homeschool girls serving the food, the prizes, the praise and worship, the comic relief, the sessions, every last bit of the weekend was amazing!

One of my very favorite parts was at the end when it was announced that any homeschool mom who had been at it for 20 years or more was to come up on stage. The "Chariots of Fire" theme song began to play, and more than a dozen ladies took to the stage. They stood there, shoulder to shoulder, looking like movie stars to me. There was not a single one of them drooling or spinning in circles. They were well dressed and smiling!

They were told to take up their batons, and a basket was passed around. Each mom grabbed up several scrolls of paper out of the basket, and the music changed to the "Rocky" theme song. Those veteran moms then came out to the audience and passed their "batons" to us.

I got mine and unrolled the paper. Here is what was on it:

Winter Summit 2012

I Believe...

  • that homeschooling has led me to the foot of the cross - which is the very best place for me to be.
  • that since He called me, He will equip me. It will not be by my own strength or power, but by His Holy Spirit.
  • that homeschooling has done and is doing a work of sanctification in my life. God wants me to intimately need Him more and more every day.
  • that despite my weaknesses I serve a God who supernaturally will bring to fruition all that He has purposed for my children.
  • that homeschooling can help change this great nation one household at a time!
  • that a remnant is being called to radiate God's truth and the love of Jesus to the world.
  • that homeschooling is the most difficult thing I have ever loved to do!
  • that God hears the quiet yet desperate cries of homeschooling moms as they call out for His strength and guidance.
  • that homeschooling has taught me more about MYSELF than any subject I have ever taught.

If you are a homeschool mom and are anywhere near Oklahoma City in January 2013, you just absolutely MUST see what it's all about. You will be blessed to pieces if you attend this conference!

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  1. Oh, it is my heart’s desire to attend some excellent homeschool conference someday. So glad you had fun!

  2. So glad you had a great time! I so wish I could have come. We need to make plans to go next year.

  3. I had an absolutely blessed time at the summit too! My heart is still soaring! We had 11 moms from our co-op there together. We learned so much about each other and that, though we may look perfect….we most certainly are NOT! Your session was great and for sure left an impression on me to always keep my husband a priority! Thanks for coming & hope you come back next year!

  4. Katena Dyser says:

    I only home-school par time and it is a chore. Kudos to the home school mom that has been at it for 20 years. It sounded like a lot of fun.

  5. I was checking emails, making phone calls and scarfing down my oatmeal because I have 3 kids who need to start school and now you have me crying! Crying and scarfed oatmeal just don’t go together but they are so appropriate for a home school mom, don’t you think? LOL! All those “I Believe” statements have really hit home and are so true! Thanks for sharing because I am printing them out and putting them on my fridge to remind me throughout the day why I do what I do! Thanks!

  6. I love those statements. I have tried to explain to peoplehow I have grown closer to Christ and how He has changed me soooo much and I have never been able to put it into words. I am so grateful for the work God is doing in me and how much He has changed me through homeschooling.

  7. Oh, Connie!! It was SUCH a treat to have you at the Summit! Thank you for leaving your family to come and encourage my friends! I’ve lost count of the women who’ve thanked me for STALKING (right!) you into coming. :-)

    It was an honor to hand you my baton at the closing session. Press on, Sister!

  8. What about homeschool dads?

  9. A tearful thanks to whomever wrote those wonderful words!


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