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Extreme Honesty

Now comes that portion of the program when we reveal some of the "extreme honesty" that has been heard recently from the 4 year old.

(All of this took place in a very crowded waiting room.)

  • "It stinks in here. Who tooted?"
  • (Very loudly) "Why is that lady so fat?"
  • (Looking up at me lovingly) "You have 2 boogers in your nose."

See more extreme honesty here and find out why you might want to steer clear of us if you see us heading your way at Walmart.

How about you? Have your kids embarrassed you this week?

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  1. lol I keep complaining that my 21 month old isn’t talking yet and my mom says once he starts talking I will want him to stop…is this why she’s saying that? :0)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My six year old had a bad case of the toots this Sunday at church. Although no one could hear them, he INSISTED on say ‘excuse me, I tooted’ every time. If he said it once, he said it about 50 times…….

  3. Stephanie says:

    My 2 year old and baby were sitting at the Y waiting for the other kids in classes when a family walked by. My 2 year old very loudly and clearly said “I no like those people”. How embarrasing.

  4. I laugh only because I can sympathize! My six year old learned about China not too long ago and has no problem identifying someone from another culture as Chinese no matter where they are from. Our lastest was in Walmart where she approached someone and said “Are you Chinese?” The response was “Que?”. Sigh…

  5. I recently had an eye appointment. My daughter read to my boys while I was in the examination room. I came out to see my 4yr. old holding his shirt over his nose. He kept saying, quietly-but loud enough, “Pew, it really stinks in here. That old lady has the tooters!” I held back my laughter and whipered that he was being rude. His brother and sister were practically rolling on the ground. The receptionist was giggling, too. As we were walking out he said, “Mom, I think she needs to go poop!” I was mortified!

  6. Heather Mason says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mother of 9)

  7. Ah, kids, you just have to love the things they come up with (later, in the privacy of your home, after you recover from the mortification of whatever it was they said…..)

    My favorite was not one that I found embarrassing but the people around us did 😉 When my second son was a baby, we took the boys to the local dairy farm to watch the cows being milked, something my oldest loved to do but we had not been in several months. There was a crowd of people in there and my four year old turns arounds and excitedly says as loud as he can “MOM!! Those cows milk their boobies just like you do!!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He was so excited by his own brilliance that we then had to have a long conversation about pumping, both the cow and human variety, and while I was amused (hey, its just nature), there were red faces in the crowd and at least one set of parents hemming and hawing over the questions their kid was asking about how people can use milking machines. Kids, gotta love them…….

  8. Well, I remember one time my oldest dd was about 5, we went to see the town christmas tree be lit and there was of course “santa” walking around handing out candy. One very clear and loud voice of a 5yo then sounded “but Santa is just a man in a costume” – not really embarassing, but I had to explain to my dd why we don’t necesarily want to reveal this fact to all the other 5yo’s around right at this moment 😉

    Another one was a few years later, same dd about 9yo – we had a visit from a dear friend and while we sit and have coffee she innocently asks ” mum, why is it actually, that you only ever have these candle holders out when [friends name] is here???” Anyone else know this ackward situation, LOL???

  9. Lisa Beth W. says:

    When my second dd was four, she uttered these winners: (To a neighbor lady whose husband was on a ladder hanging Christmas lights while we looked on) “You’re too fat to climb a ladder.” (To a neighbor’s son whose mom does not dress like we do) “Your mom doesn’t love God because she shows her belly”. (Mom came storming over to take me to task about that one!)