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4 Moms Prepare Snacks and Appetizers For a Crowd

This week The 4 Moms are sharing snacks and appetizers that will feed a crowd.

Our all time favorite snack for a crowd is popcorn. In fact, I have been pricing those movie theater popcorn machines on Ebay just for fun.

Popcorn is inexpensive, filling, healthy, and versatile.

It can be sweet or salty. It can be made into popcorn balls,


caramel corn,


or just served plain. What's not to love?

Now, be sure to check out what the rest of my team is serving:

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  1. Hey who is expecting? I have not figured it out yet!!

  2. When my sister graduated from medical school, she asked for and received one of those big popcorn machines. It makes really good popcorn, and we’ve enjoyed it at a lot of family gatherings:)!

  3. Have you ever tried peanut butter popcorn? That’s really yummy, too!

  4. My mom always made popcorn for all my childhood celebrations. Good memories.

  5. I think there might be a typo in the Raising Olives link’s address.

    I’m with Moriah on the question! I keep checking for a newsletter from Life in a Shoe b/c I think Kim said she would make an announcement in the newsletter.

  6. We love popcorn at our home. On Friday nights we have pizza and popcorn night. I am sure my little ones would love the colored popcorn balls!

  7. We do candied popcorn for get-togethers. Take a cup of popped popcorn (w/all the unpopped kernels pulled out), melt almond a pkg of almond bark, mix them together. Lay it out on wax paper to cool. It’s REALLY yummy if you use 1/2 a pkg of white almond bark and then melt 1/2 a pkg of chocolate almond bark. Once they are each flavor has cooled, mix the popcorn in a bowl.

    I must confess, I’ve begun to only make the chocolate and stash it… It’s my favorite! :)

  8. I am a popcorn addict! my dad used to make a huge bowl every Sunday and he and I would share it, everyone else in the family either had a little bit or none at all! I think about him every time I think of popcorn!

  9. I just got a Cuisinart popcorn popper for Christmas. I am learning how to flavor my popcorn those balls and the caramel popcorn (that is dairy free!!) are going to be high on my list for a treat when I want some sweet popcorn!

  10. I put a little hot sauce on my popcorn! My brother and I can eat that anytime!!!

  11. Charlotte says:

    Read what’s written below KimC’s newsletter subscribtion-thingy. Lowermost (if that’s a word – at the very bottom I mean) at her page.

  12. We just made chocolate butterscotch popcorn with peanuts for Christmas gifts–pretty yummy!

  13. Pretty popcorn balls picture! We like popcorn, too. It just has an “air” of excitement about it! 😉

  14. And, I said this on Life in a Shoe’s post already, but so you’ll be sure and see it since I got to come to yours too, I want to just say thanks for keeping the 4 Moms posts going. I enjoy and learn from them.


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