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This Little Light of Mine

Three of my children participated in a Christmas musical last night.

We had 2 shepherds and a lamb.

And I have to say they stood out among the flocks and crowds.

They rehearsed and practiced their parts for weeks.

Even though our little lamb didn't have a speaking part, she did her best to shine as part of the chorus. One of our shepherds had 2 words for her acting debut.

Two words.

But she spoke those two words for all she was worth! We were so proud of all of them!

One of my children was talking with me recently about God's plan for his people. "I know God has a special plan for everyone, but we can't ALL change the world, can we?"

That's right. Some of us are only in the chorus. Some of us are shepherds with two words.

But I can speak those two words with all my might and still shine for the Lord!

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  1. That’s how I felt about my daughter’s ONE sentence! Seven little words! She sang them with all her might, clear, strong and filled with confidence! Maybe she will never have a whole song, but she can sing that one little sentence with all her might, to the best of her ability and do the best she can with what has been given to her! I was and still am so proud of her!

  2. Love it! A great reminder about doing it all for the glory of God — no matter what “it” exactly is and no matter that “all” may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things.

  3. I do disagree slightly….I really, really think we can ALL change the world by jumping into whatever we see GOD doing around us. With our finite minds, we cannot possibly understand how much impact our daily walk has on the people around us and future generations. However, I do think the number of people you affect does depend on the size of the leap of faith you are willing to take with GOD. We can choose to live out our life as nice, Christian people (which in America usually does not require much faith or sacrifice most of the time) and we will probably have some slight impact on a few individuals. Or, when GOD presents the opportunity (which I think He does for everyone), you can let go of everything and follow Him into whatever service of faith He is calling you to. These people are the ones we typically think of as world changers, but I do truly believe that we can ALL do that. GOD calls you to trust Him in small things first, and then onto bigger and bigger acts of service. If ALL Christians chose to do this, the world will be a brighter place….NOT a perfect, holy, utopia here on Earth with no need for a savior ; ) …but a brighter place. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that, in my little corner of the world at least, too many Christians are choosing not to live a life of faith. We arrange our lives in such a way as to give ourselves the allusion of being in control of it…and that doesn’t require much faith. We don’t live out what we say we believe in. Me included….it’s really, really hard. But y’all are one of the few families in my life who do stand out as an example of living life by radical faith…or at least semi-radical : ) That’s why y’all are such an encouragement to us, and we love you so much!! Thanks for the insightful posts!