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Personalized Story Book For Babies {Giveaway}

Have you seen those personalized story books that you can add your baby's photo to?

I'm giving one away!

Just look at those chunky cheeks! Couldn't you just squeeze them right now?

My-Baby-Stories.com is offering one of you a FREE personalized story book!

Just leave a comment on this post letting me know whose chubby little cheeks you would put in your personalized story book if you win.

I'll randomly choose a winner later this week so you will have time to get your order in before Christmas. Won't your baby be thrilled to open this Christmas gift?!

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  1. I would put Laela’s cheekers in there!!! She’s my sweet 10 month old niece!!!

  2. shelly foster says:

    I would love to put my son Jacob in a personalised book… My parents did one for me when I was adopted and have been trying to find a neat one to do for my son since his adoption was finalized :)

    • Shelly –
      My son is the one featured in this book and he’s adopted. It’s a beautiful book! Congrats on your baby!

  3. I would put in my youngest son B, he’s very into pictures right now, especially of himself!

  4. Gabriel! He’s my youngest, but is growing faster than any of the others. His chubby cheeks and big smile would be great in this book!

  5. Oh my goodness!! Soo cute! I would put my new little guy and his sweet little chipmunk cheeks in a book! :)

  6. What a great giveaway! I would put my 22-month-old daughter Gracie’s pictures in the book. She would love it!

  7. I would put my sweet 14 month old, Josiah, in it. As number 4 of four boys he doesn’t have much that is just his. It would be a great memory of his chubby little cheeks and adorable dimples. :)

  8. I would put my sweet little girl who turned 1 this week into the book :)

  9. How cute! My nearly 10 month old. He’s a monkey and growing up much too fast!

  10. Jen mathews says:

    I would put Danny my 2 year old in then I would buy one for Sarah my 3 month old!

  11. I would do it for the 8 month old baby boy I take care of.

  12. I would put my little 3-month-old, Scotty in it, but his older sisters might want one for them as well! :)

  13. My 10 month old recognises herself in photos instantly, she would love this!

  14. I would put Bentley’s chubby cheeks in the book!

  15. My kids are all a little big for this book, but my nephew is just the right age. So Cute!

  16. I would put my daughter Sophia’s face in this book. She is 6 months old and this is her first Christmas! We would LOVE it! :)

  17. My baby James will be 3 months old this Wednesday. I love to read to him and would love to have his face in a book!

  18. I would put my 4-month-old nephew. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I would put my soon to be 1 year old grandson Tanner!!

  20. Stephanie Hjorten says:

    I would take great joy in putting my 2 children’s picture in the cute book =)

  21. I would probably alternate between my two boys because we read together every night before bed and they are just perfectly spaced that it wouldn’t be fair to have one and not the other. Rome and Jax are sure into this though, what a great idea!

  22. Since mine are older I’d love to get this and put my nephews pictures in it and gift it to him and my SIL and brother for Christmas.

    SeekingHim at gmail dot com

  23. Karla Neuschwander says:

    My cutie pie Brendan who is 6 mo. would be the star of the book!

  24. My 5 month old baby…Emma Melina! Her cheeks will rival anyones :o)

  25. Oh, how cute! I’d make one for my sweet baby girl, Sarah Grace, who will turn 1 just a few days before Christmas.

  26. my darling girl, scarlet raye.

  27. I would definitely put my little baby girl’s cheeks in there! She will be almost 1 year old by Christmas time

  28. Melissa Miller says:

    I would put my 3 month old little girl into this book!

  29. I would definetly do this for baby #4…he doesn’t have nearly as many pics as baby #1. I figure it’s high time he gets some picture attention!

  30. I would put one or both of the faces of the youngest of our 9 children, who happen to be our 2nd set of twins. They would love it! They are 19 1/2 months old.

  31. Heather Abbott says:

    I would put baby Weston’s face in there. He is my 1 year old nephew! He loves books, so I know this would be a fun Christmas gift!

  32. My baby is almost a year old, and she loves to look at books.

  33. My littlest one is going on 2 but we also have 2 in China waiting on us…so hard to pick but would likely go with my littlest one due to lack of pictures of our Chinese blessings.

  34. I would put my grandaughter Elyssa’s picture in it!

  35. I would put my little nephew’s adorable mug in the book. Reid!!

  36. I would put my son’s chubby cheeks in this book:)

  37. Rebecca L. says:

    My littlest one’s little chubby cheeks!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  38. How fun! My youngest, Brendan, is 16 months and loves books! What a great idea!

  39. Definitely the baby of the family.

  40. crystal m says:

    My neice. :)

  41. I’m not sure; I’ve got a baby coming any day now, but she won’t have chubby cheeks when she’s born, I’m sure. However, my almost two year old does have chubby cheeks, and she would love this book.

  42. Teresia Smith says:

    I would put pics of my foster kiddos in there!

  43. The cutest baby grandson in the world, my little Jack!

  44. My best friend is in labor right now with her second! this would be a nice welcome to the world gift with her first month pictures.

  45. shelly foster says:

    Mindy Z — he is a cutey!!What age did you adopt him??? My son was home from the hospital at Day 3 Finalized adoption 17 July :) I was home when I was almost 3 and finalized 2 months after I turned 3! adoption is SUCH a blessing for us!!!!

  46. I would put our precious #7 Molly Kate who is almost 9 months old.
    LOVE your comments to Suze by the way!

  47. I would put my sweet little niece’s cheeks in there.

  48. I would put a picture of our foster baby inside. He has been such a blessing to our family.

  49. Carrie Konig says:

    I would put my miracle rainbow baby, Judah, who we conceived after the loss of our baby girl Eden in the book :)