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Managing Cups With Drink Bands

You might remember when I blogged about my solution for how large families can manage the many drinking cups the kids go through in a day.

I assigned each child a spot on a place mat to keep one cup every day, and that works fairly well for us except that I still find cups around the house that no one claims to have put there.

Well, Renee, who wrote the guest post about what to expect the first month of a layoff, contacted me about reviewing some of the drink bands her family came up with as a venture to sustain them during their layoff.

She sent me a package of 10 drink bands and we have tried them and all love them!

There is enough variation in colors that everyone can identify his or her own drink band and Mom can see who is leaving their cup in the living room.

The bands are flexible and stretchy so they will fit on any size cup and can also be left on the cups while in the dishwasher, in case you are a slacker mom who just tosses all the cups in without removing anything.

Our family has been thrilled with these bands! They are perfect for large families or any family who wants to keep their drinking cups organized.

If you would like to have some of your own and thereby support a family making a go of running their own business, go to Drink Bands and order some today. They are very reasonably priced, functional, bright, and durable. What's not to love?!

*This is a compensated review. All opinions are my own.


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  1. This is a great idea. We’ve tried color coded cups, name cups…Now we’re working on the honor system because if someone’s cup is still in the dishwasher, they’ll just grab someone elses. Aaarrrgh! Any solutions for that?

  2. That’s like what I implemented a few months ago! We’re foster parents, and have 3 bio kids & 3 foster, so a lot of cups! I found some colorful, thin elastic and used little plastic letter beads to label the cups. Each kid looks for his/her initial, the bands get left by the dishwasher, and kids remove them when they put their dirty cup away. Works great!

  3. What a great idea! We use color coded cups, but when we have guests over that does not work. These would also be great to keep in the car or in a diaper bag for when we are out and about visiting.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I just ordered some for our family. This seems to be a big problem for us as well. We’ve used elastics w/beads spelling out names before, but they wore out fairly quick and were not dishwasher safe. Looking forward to their arrival.

  5. Jeri Riddick says:

    Love that! We have 5 kids and the young ones are color coded blue, green, pink, and purple. We’re feeling called to adopt more and the color thing has already stumped me! I’ve found myself trying to figure out how to just use regular drinking glasses but so far no ideas…but this is awesome! I can’t wait to order some.

  6. These are fantastic. We currently have only 4 people in our family, but every day there is a (sometimes heated) discussion between my boys (usually conducted in front of my open refrigerator) about which cup belongs to whom. I just ordered the neon set & can’t wait to get them!

  7. That’s a GREAT!!! idea!! They only come with 10 colors, and there are 14 of us, but if I got 2 sets, I could put 2 bands of various colors of the rest of the cups. I’ll show these to Daniel when he gets home :) Thanks for sharing the neat idea!

  8. We have been using the colorful rubberbands from the office stores for years. They worked great while I only needed four colors, then I learned to twist together two colors to make whatever “blend” I needed (red and yellow equal orange). At the current number of children, we are needing three bands per cup to make all our blends! Alas, office rubber bands are not nearly as resilient as they used to be. We are needing to replace at least one band a day. These will be wonderful for our family! Thanks for posting about them!

  9. Clever idea! I have been using your idea for a place mat w/ the children’s names on it for a spot for each cup. That has worked out great so far!