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Pay For Christmas With Swagbucks

Search & Win

Did you know you can use Amazon gift cards, earned with Swagbucks, to pay for Christmas gifts?

It's true. My favorite ex-brother-in-law even knows about Swagbucks and asked me about the details at my niece's wedding this summer. If a rodeo-riding, bass-fishing, electrician is hip to Swagbucks, then it must be sweeping the nation! (Ken, you know you read my blog. EMBRACE your inner Smockity!)

Here is a screen shot of the Amazon gift cards I have received from Swagbucks so far, and right now, I have enough Swagbucks to "buy" $145 in additional Amazon gift cards!

And I didn't jump through any hoops to get those Swagbucks, either.

I simply installed the toolbar, and I use it whenever I do any internet searches. I win lots of Swagbucks this way because I use that search box often.

I also win Swagbucks for every one of you who signs up using my link, and you can win them the same way! Sign up, use the toolbar for searches, and then promote your link on your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, wherever your friends hang out.

Pretty soon you'll have enough Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card. And then another. And another.

Start today so you can use them for Christmas gifts!

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