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Increase Your Blogging Revenue With Escalate Media

I realize a lot of you read here to get great homeschooling tips, parenting advice, or funny stories, but some of you have asked me for more information on how to make money blogging, so I would like to tell you a little about Escalate Media.

(If you don't have a blog and don't care anything about increasing your revenue, here's where you'll want to wander off and come back tomorrow.)

Escalate Media is a company that gathers ad campaigns from all kinds of different companies, from Chiles to Glade to American Baby magazine and offers them to bloggers for various payouts.

Escalate emails bloggers with their latest offers and we can post those or ignore them, depending on whether we think our readers will use them. Earlier this week, I got an email from Escalate about the free labels from VistaPrint. I posted that because I knew I wanted to snatch those right up and I thought y'all might like them too.

It turns out a lot of you ordered those free labels and Escalate paid me $88.80 for advertising that one-day deal!

So, if you are a blogger and you would like to earn a little American cash money by sharing deals with your readers, sign up with Escalate Media right now!

It just so happens that I will get a commission for each sign-up AND if you do it before midnight tonight, I will be in a drawing for a $500 gift card! SO GET HOPPIN'!

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  1. Well, I just went there and signed up. Hopefully that helps you out a bit. I’m curious on how it will work for me, but sounds like a great idea.

  2. I just clicked there and the site was blocked by Web of Trust and told me it had a poor reputation:(

    I normally don’t comment negatively on anything, but I wanted you to know because one time my own website was blocked and I discovered through my hosting company that my site was hijacked. Whoever it was sent people from my site to a malicious website that gathered personal information from them.

    If it weren’t for Web of Trust (through firefox) I wouldn’t have found this out.

    Thank you for the tip anyways. I love having your blog in my reader.

  3. Okay. Sorry about this but I just googled Escalate Media and the site itself does not have a poor reputation, just the link I tried to click on from here.

    I would have loved to support you and if there is another way I can sign up on their site and give you credit for it, I would be happy to do that!

    Just let me know, Okay!

  4. Thank you for this resource. I’m commenting late, but wonder if I can still sign up and help you earn money? I am also a bit curious about how it works. Would you consider writing a post on that? I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :0)