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Deviled Eggs – A Group Project

Farm fresh eggs waiting to be deviled.

After peeling, one helpful girl cuts the eggs and puts the yolks in a bowl.

Happy helper

Industrious helper

Big girl shows little girl how to fill the eggs.

Even little girls can do big things.

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  1. Good job girls!!!!

    We also raise our chicken for eggs, and devil eggs is always a favourite here :-)

  2. I’m going to have to try this with my girls. The bag for yolk mix is a great idea! (found you from On The Old Path dot com :)

  3. We have chickens and fresh eggs too. However, when I boil the eggs, then peel them, the shells stick to the egg whites and then I lose a lot of the egg. They in no way peel pretty like store bought eggs. I’ve read that you can lightly crack the eggs before you boil them to let the hot water get under the shell and it would help them peel pretty. However, this sometimes helps/sometimes not. I’ve also read that the older the eggs, the better they peel, and thus good peeling of store bought eggs. Have any suggestions? Your fresh eggs looked like they peeled pretty! :o)

    • I have the same problem with my eggs. I have been just using the “oldest” eggs for my deviled eggs~ but they still sometimes they look like they’ve been nibbled on. I would love some suggestions too! :)

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      We use the oldest eggs first, and they do sometimes not come out looking so great.

  4. I love deviled eggs too. I never thought of using a plastic bag to do the filling. Good idea!

  5. Lisa Beth W. says:

    I want to know how you peeled your fresh eggs so smoothly! Ours end up looking like the rats got at them. :)

  6. Lisa Beth W. says:

    Oh, and so sweet to see big sis with little sis like that. Sigh…

  7. What is your recipe for deviled eggs?