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Christmas Deals

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I'm sure you've heard that there are some fabulous deals around right now.

Here are a few of the things I'll be taking advantage of.

Amazon has some hot deals and you can order just about anything under the sun from them. I would tell you what I have recently ordered, but I have some extremely nosey family members who claim they read this blog for educational purposes, but I know they are just hoping to get the scoop on the goods, so you'll just have to imagine some really cool stuff at awesome prices.

Or click the ad and shop around for yourself.

Grocery University one-day sale

Grocery University is on sale for ONE DAY ONLY! This is an excellent audio series chock full of TONS of saving tips that I have listened to with my oldest daughter. I think any budget conscious types would like this.

Here's a FREE Christmas countdown printable.

And whatever you do, DON'T FORGET to enter to win Vision Forum gift certificates. They are giving away an unprecedented $3,600 on 6 blogs this week!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I very carefully pick through my inbox to find your Smockity Frocks postings. I love reading about you and your family! Love your sense of humor.
    This is who I am. (probably not your typical reader)
    I’m 67. Retired 2nd grade teacher of 31 years. Wish I could have home schooled. I became a 1st time mom at age 40. one daughter. 27 years old.
    She is doing unpaid mission work in Nicaragua. Helping establish a community garden and a cemetery???
    Husband is a retired psychologist. We mentor people (for free) that the Lord brings our way. We run a weekly divorce group/relationship group out of our home. I fix dinner to feed the group each week.
    We love Jesus!
    Thank you for Smockity Frocks!

  2. Thank you for sharing!