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Rain Gutter Book Shelves

I finally did it! And just a little over 2 years after first seeing it. WHAT?! I've been busy!

I followed the step by step instructions on Raising Olives' rain gutter book shelves tutorial, and with the help of my 14 year old son, it was super easy!

Here is photo with my 7 year old to show perspective on how low I put them on the wall, so little hands can easily reach.

My plan is for these to be used to house our library books so they won't be mixed up with the books on our bookshelves.

How do you keep up with library books?

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  1. Great idea! I have the hardest time keeping up with library books. Let’s just say the library knows me well. :)

  2. I love this idea…Thanks for sharing…

  3. Thanks for sharing this cool idea! I am going to share it with our readers at http://www.thriftycouponcouple.

    Have a great day!

  4. This is such a great idea! And your thought to use it for library books is GENIUS! I have a blank wall in our school room and I’m hoping to get my hubby’s help this weekend in doing this project! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Connie ~

    I, too, have been wanting to make these {or better yet have my sons/husband make these}…since seeing them 2 years ago! I printed the blog post when I saw it and put it in my future projects folder…well, it’s the future. 😉 I have been busy as well the past couple of years…heck, more like five! Babies, toddlers, babies, toddlers, babies…okay, you get the idea. 😀 {I was waiting for other inside projects to be done and painting is on our next year’s to-do list…will probably wait until then.} Thanks for a motivating reminder that this will be a great project once we do it!

    Blessings ~

    Jarnette @ Seasons of Life

  6. We use a library bag. It used to be a relatively smallish tote that I got with a homeschooling mag subscription but now I have moved up to my large LL Bean tote bag with the zip closure. The bagnis simply kept in the living room for easy access and the book are supposed to stay in there when not being read. They rarely stay put because as wee all know library book have little hidden legs that wander off upstairs and hide under the bed or in the closet. This bag does help some though and gives a dedicated place for them to be returned to when I scream for all the library books now. It also makes it easily portable at a moments notice. Oh, and the LL Bean tote is also strong enough to handle any number of books.

  7. I was given a very sturdy and bright monogrammed tote. I really like it for use not for fashion :) SO we have used it for 2 years for our library books… we keep them there until we pick up the bag and bring them back to the library. There is also a small pocket for some change (for those books that take a little longer to read…. hmmm!), for the library card and the list of books we have checked out!!

    I do like having a special different spot for library books… and I”ll be keeping these in mind when we get to decorate our school room. I see using them for books that relate to our topics/subjects each week;) Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I love these, but how do you keep the latest toddler from chewing all the books up!? I have had to move our books up two shelves trying to keep the baby away from the “good” ones.

  9. Man oh man…I’ve been wanting to do these as well for quite some time in the kids’ rooms. Where did you put yours? In bedrooms or main living area?

  10. That looks wonderful. Wish I had some extra wall space to do the same.

  11. They look sooo great! I love it. What part of the house did you put these in?

    I’d love to do something like this. I’ll have to figure a way too keep three little boys I know from climbing them!

  12. So want to do these! One question….. do the kids try to climb them like a ladder? Or hang on them like they were monkey bars? Kinda seeing my 3 yo son trying to climb the wall of rain gutter bookshelves……. just wondering. 😉

  13. December Wimberley says:

    Can I use the aluminum gutters if that is what I already have on hand?


  1. […] Each of my children now has his or her very own library card and they may check out as many as 20 books! Our family rule, though, is the number of books that can be checked out can be no greater than the child’s age. Each person keeps up with books and library cards in an assigned rain gutter bookshelf. […]