What's the big deal about Young Living


Okay, raise your hand if you are addicted to Pinterest...

It's a place to keep all your favorite ideas you've seen on every blog you've ever visited. Plus, your friends can see what you think is cool and you can steal, er... I mean see their favorite ideas, too!

I am just now figuring out all the ins and outs about how it works, and I am LOVING all the fabulous ideas I am seeing! Okay, so some of them are way intimidating to think about tackling, like the 2-story pink Victorian henhouse, but stuff like this:

I can totally pull that off!

I have started a few boards where I have pinned stuff I like. (Follow me to keep up with the ideas I pin.) Let me know in the comments if you need an invitation to join and I'll get you in!

And don't forget, if you see something here or elsewhere you like, click the red "Pin it" button to add it to your boards!

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  1. Tena Snider says:

    I would love a Pintrest invite! You’ll be the first person I follow.

  2. I’d LOVE a pintrest invite! I’ve bopped over to the site a few times – next project is the crib turned into a desk (since my crib has been recalled). http://alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com/2011/08/repurposed-cot.html

    • Thank you! Oh my, I see a kitchen timer on my desk in the near future – must. limit. self. So. Hard. To. Do.

  3. I would like to check out pinterest too. Thanks.

  4. I love pinterest..so many neat ideas, and much easier to browse through than my old cluttered bookmarks folder. Following you now on Pinterest :)

  5. Lea Ann H. says:

    I’d love a Pinterest invite! So many ideas to organize, so little time :) Thank you for all the encouragement you offer on your blog . . . you make a difference in our family’s life.

  6. I need an invite……..I am always the last person to get in on what is new……..

  7. I’d love to see what pin to rest is all about. LOL!!! It sounds really cool.

  8. Yes, Pleeease!! Thanks for the invite. Took me awhile to figure out how the whole thing works, but Pinterest is a great idea.
    Grateful to hear things are a little easier with the work God’s brought in. Thanks for your posts!
    Hugs, J

  9. I love Pinterest. Not only is a place to share great ideas, but it helps me keep track of things I might want to go back to later.

  10. Debbie Davis says:

    I’d love an invite to pinterest. Looks so fun and interesting.

  11. Jeri Riddick says:

    My curiosity is piqued. Please invite me. thanks!

  12. Please invite me, too:) One more thing to get hooked on!

  13. I’m on Pinterest. It took me a long time to join, because I was worried about it being a potential time sucker. I’m streamlining and decluttering, and I permanently deleted Facebook for instance.

    But I’m actually finding that Pinterest doesn’t have that gaping hole quality for me. I find it inspirational. As I learn more uses (from seeing other mom’s ideas, how they use it and stuff) I’m learning more about how it can be useful in my life.

    I’ll follow you!

  14. I’d like an invite please!
    churchmouseathome at gmail dot com

    I’ve been holding out afraid that it would be a time waster, but I keep coming across wonderful ideas that I want to remember – recipes, chore chart ideas, homemade gift ideas, etc… and I need a place to organize them. Seems like Pinterest is just the thing!

  15. LOVE pinterest. You know it’s awesome when the conversation with your friend is, “Oh, on pinterest I saw…” My hubbie is tired of me talking about every idea I’ve seen on there because that means more projects!

  16. I LOVE pinterest. I actually even do some of it! :) Well, really, LOTS of it! So cool! Visual organization – awesome! :)

    Love you, Connie.

  17. Amy Clark says:

    Could you please invite me? :). I’ve seen a little bit about it and wondered what it was all about! Thanks!

  18. I would LOVE an invite! Thanks! <3

  19. I would absolutely love an invite! It is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to get started…waiting 3 months so far!

  20. heather j says:

    i would LOVE an invite. I have been on the waiting list and can’t wait anymore. I would be so grateful!!!!

    thank you!!

  21. Smockity Frocks says:

    I think I got everyone invited! Did I miss anyone???

  22. I would appreciate an invite. I’ve been wanting to check this out! Thanks so much :)

  23. Thanks for the invite, Connie!

  24. I would love an invite! I’m always scared to go to something new to figure things out. Thats why my blog laggs excitement. Thank you

  25. I tried to do get started when Michelle mentioned it. I guess I didn’t realize that one needed an invitation. Please, invite me! Thanks…and I do plan on making some Strawberry Baked Oatmeal!

  26. I’d love an invite. Thank you for the opportunity, Smockity!

  27. Hi, could I get an invite, too? Thanks, Connie! I’ve been enjoying your blog since discovering it a couple of months ago.

  28. Mrs Savage says:

    Oh I would love an invite if I’m not too late, thankyou

  29. Mrs Savage says:

    Thankyou :)

  30. Jabstermama says:

    If you have any invites left, I’d love one!

  31. I would love an invite! I think I can tackle some of these great projects!

  32. I would love an invite. Thanks so much!

  33. I would love to have a pinterest invite! I’ve tried just going on their website but I never get the invite :( Could someone please please please invite me!? Thx!!!! Email address is: sharlykay143@aol.com

  34. gidget1107 says:

    I would love an invite please! gidget1107@aol.com

  35. I’d loooooove a pintrest invite!! Please & thank you!

  36. I’d love an invite! Thank you!! amysjunkmail75@yahoo.com

  37. I would like to join Pinterest, too. Is it too late?

  38. Could I have an invite? Cmariearch85@yahoo.com I have been waiting 4 weeks

  39. Becky Norris says:

    I would love a pinterest invite!

  40. If you still have invites, I would be interested. :-) Thanks!

  41. Barbara Muirhead says:

    I would love an invite if you still have any, thank you B x

  42. Would also love an invite! mhen76@hotmail.com Thanks so much!

  43. oww awsomee, an invitation for janecaroline.punuh@yahoo.com would do a zillion time greatness :) thanks in advance, hv a nice day ppl!

  44. I think I´m obsessed with pinterest an I don´t even have an invite could you send me onw? thanks paticoskiss@hotmail.com

  45. I would love a pinterest invite. Thank you!! apriln11@hotmail.com

  46. Hello,

    could you send me an invite.


  47. I have been trying to get on pinterest! An invite would be greatly appreciated! My email is lizzybhorton@yahoo.com. Thank you!

  48. Sherrie meyers says:

    I would LOVE an invite for Pinterest !!!! Want to be a Pinterest junkie too:)

  49. I’d love an invite too! :-) TY!

  50. Gre8t site would u be so kind as to send me an invite I have been waiting forever for one… valted@hotmail.com thank u much