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Webisode in Which Smockity Doesn’t Appear Because She Doesn’t Want to Put on Lipstick

For the latest edition of Small Talk With Smockity Frocks, I show you my hen house, front yard and porch while I interview my 3 year old.

What I don't show you is that I didn't feel like putting on lipstick or taming my bumpy hair. In this webisode I stay behind the camera, but my 3 year old is so stinkin' cute, she can pull off a solo appearance.

For those of you reading in an email, you'll have to click through to see the video.

(Sorry about the barking dog! I promise she does it because she knows it annoys me.)

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  1. AWE!

  2. You are right, she pulled off the video with flying colors. What a sweetie!

  3. She is to stinking cute…

  4. She’s an absolute doll!!

  5. I love the part about “Because that’s what God wants you to say.” LOL! So cute!

  6. Lisa Beth W. says:

    She is cuter than stinkin’ cute! She’s terribly cute! 😉 What a sweetheart.

  7. Yep, stinkin’ cute! <3

  8. You are so funny! I have videos of myself without makeup and in my pajamas! LOL

  9. That was precious!