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The Lockwoods Are Here!

Look at all the boys! My house isn't used to this much testosterone!

I am so glad I finally got to meet sweet Jaynee in person and hug her neck. We have had all manner of fun so far! My only regret is that my husband is out of town, so he hasn't been able to join in the singing and theological discussions, two things he LOVES!

Here are all 20 kids just before bedtime singing and listening to a Bible reading. Those Lockwoods can SING and we have loved every minute of it!

Stay tuned for a vlog later this week. Jaynee has agreed to appear in one of my Small Talk With Smockity Frocks webisodes!

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  1. How wonderful & exciting! If I wasn’t 9months pregnant I would seriously be tempted to turn stalkerish and start looking for your doorstep. :)
    Very much looking forward to the vlog. Y’all have fun!

  2. Since you first mentioned that they were coming I have been reading her blog and enjoying it very much! It looks like you are having a great time making new memories. Can’t wait for the webisode!

  3. Hi – you said they were missionaries in Mexico. Our family has been serving in Mexico for 8 years. My husband is a youth ministry professor at a seminary in Mexico City. I would love to know where they live and more about their ministry. Our family’s website is http://www.ymimexico.org

  4. What an exciting time! I’m sure your house will be full of fun and laughter this week!

  5. I know one should not be envious but I so want to meet the Lockwood family. I hope both families are blessed during this visitation.

  6. Would really love to see a video of the kids singing.