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Smockity Rocks the Heelys

A few months ago, when my husband was laid off, we made the decision that I would no longer be blogging for free t-shirts and boxes of cereal. Out of necessity, we decided that all future product mentions would require a minimum cash compensation.

And then I was asked if I would like a free pair of Heelys, maybe for one of the kids, and I was all, "Seriously?! Are you kidding me? I'm ordering those suckers in my size! THEY ARE SNEAKERS WITH WHEELS IN THE HEELS! "

So, I temporarily suspended our new policy, ordered the shoes, and daily fought the kids for a chance to wear them (my 9yo even wore them to Walmart one day).

The verdict? We all officially fell in love with them.


Check out this video (email readers will have to click through) of how easy they make my housework!

*Disclosure: I was provided with these Heelys through Business 2 Blogger.

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  1. So funny! I just might have to get me a pair.

  2. You continually crack me up! I’m impressed that you can even DO them!

  3. You are a hoot! The time I would save using Heely’s would be spent in the ER nursing a broken hip! Haha!

  4. You crack me up! Plus, you look super cute in the video ;o)

  5. You absolutely ROCKED the Heelys ! Love your sense of fun.
    The image of *gasp* devout christians or moms of lots of children is a stereotypical dour person with no fun. Well people who think that have not ‘met’ someone like you :)

  6. My only complaint is that the video’s not long enough! 😉 What fun!

  7. Janice Nelson says:

    Very cute! My kids and I were laughing out loud at your cute video.

  8. LOVE it! I had no idea they had such cute ones. I mean, it actually makes MUCH MORE sense for the moms to be the ones with Heelys, since kids grow out of their shoes so quickly.

  9. you are so funny! i just love your posts!!

  10. Brandi Keefe says:

    You are a hoot!!

  11. My kids loved your video so much we had to watch it at least ten times! I threatened to get my own pair of sparkly pink shoes with wheels. My 9yo son said that I would look so stupid! What does he know about fashion?

  12. Connie you crack me up!

  13. Good job Connie!

  14. All I have to say is…AWESOME!

  15. Really enjoyed watching that for sure!

  16. I am jealous of your shoes :-) awesome!

  17. LOL. You are so cute. Those are adorable Heelys! Great reason to suspend the new policy. =O)

  18. (In my best Larry the Cucumber imitation voice…)

    Oh Connie, you’re tho thilly!!!

  19. You soo look like one of kids in the picture up there! It is not even fair that you still look so young:D My husband thinks our kids would love heelys. I agree but they already goof off way to much when we shop together! I’m also fairly certain the princeable would call me to bring new shoes up to school if we go them cause my kids would try to wear them ALL the time:D

  20. LOL! I love it! That’s got to be the best commercial for shoes I’ve ever seen!

  21. LOL! Love it. We love Heelys around here. With hardwood floors they’re great fun and awesome exercise. We never had any injuries, but some public places have banned them (Wussification of America!).

    You look AWESOME by the way!

  22. I want some sparkly pink tennis shoes with wheels in them!!!!

  23. Too cute! I’d most likely crash into something if I had those shoes!

    And this is a very honest statement I am about to make: you look younger now than in the photo of you and your husband from 25+ years ago! Amazing.

    And unfair. But mostly amazing!