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Resources For Building the Faith of Our Children

Today my fabulous friends and I are sharing with you the resources for building the faith of our children.

Be sure to visit all of them to see what they use to build the faith of their children:

I have heard folks say that faith is all about relationship, and I definitely believe relationship is a big part of faith. But I think there first has to a be a foundation upon which to build a relationship. How can we have a deep, meaningful relationship unless we know the character of the other person in the relationship?

Without the basic foundation, there can be no real relationship. It would be like trying to teach my children to love reading without teaching them the ABC's.

For that reason, I think it is very important for my children to have a strong knowledge of scriptures.

Of course, the first resource we use is the Bible itself. Each morning during breakfast, I read aloud from the Holy Bible. We read one chapter of the Proverbs each day and discuss what God wants us to learn from it. I also read from other Old Testament books and from the New Testament, and we practice saying the books of the Bible aloud.

For scripture memory, I LOVE this ABC Memory Book. (See a video of how we do Bible memory work.)

To familiarize little children with Bible stories, we use The Beginner's Bible , which my children love. The stories are short and use simple words, so they can read it themselves! One day my second grader came downstairs, holding this Bible with a triumphant look and said, "I just read the entire Bible!"

We also use journals where each child writes how he or she is going to serve others, which in turn is serving the Lord.

With my older children, we have recently read and discussed The Screwtape Letters and Crazy Love, among others.

My older children also participate each year in a Bible Bowl competition with thousands of other kids from our part of the country who have studied for months to be able to answer 100 questions directly from scripture.

Hopefully, all of these things are building a firm foundation for my children to have a lifelong relationship with their Savior.

What resources do you use to build the faith of your children?

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  1. Lisa Leslie says:

    Hopefully they will understand the scriptures, not just memorize them. Lots of people can quote scripture but are lost. The gospel of grace should be the foundation.

  2. My good friends just started a blog, When You Rise, to share their wonderful ideas for teaching children the bible. Here’s the link: http://www.whenyourise.com/

  3. The Bible Bowl sounds neat! My kids have done the Bible Bee for 3 years, but I’ll have to see if there is a Bible Bowl nearby!


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