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How To Capture the Perfect Day

The day was beautiful and perfect, the kind with a bright blue sky and a very slight cooling breeze to relieve us from the scorching summer temperatures.

There was precious and rare silence in our little corner of the world, except for the occasional birdsong and the sweet giggles of little girls. I could actually feel the beauty as I tried my best to even breathe quietly so as not to disturb the splendor.

I picked up my camera and tried to capture each moment, so that I could look back and remember the wonder of this perfect day.

But my camera couldn't capture the buzz of the hummingbird's wings or the gentle wind tossing around blonde curls.

So I laid it aside and reached for my camcorder, but even still the metal and plastic parts wouldn't record how the sunbeams shone through leaves like luminescent, living things. Wouldn't record how the whole world seemed to be exclaiming the glory of God's creation.

I remembered that sometimes pictures of precious memories remain only within ourselves when trusted equipment fails.

So I abandoned my digital devices and clung to the hands of my children while we walked on a gravel path and I stored up these things in my heart.

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  1. So beautifully said!

  2. That’s beautiful!

  3. That made me *s-i-g-h* …. but a lovely contented sigh…

    Lovely. And precious x

  4. Lovely!

  5. I struggle with this…wanting to capture all the moments, but not wanting to be stuck behind the lens of a camera. Sometimes it’s just good to leave the technology behind so you’re really “all there”.