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FREE Photo Calender {Perfect Christmas Gift}

Here are 6 free photo products that each have around $5 shipping. Each one would make a cute stocking stuffer, and the photo calendar is a fantastic bargain!

Last year for Christmas, I ordered photo calendars for both sets of grandparents, and paid ... well... a LOT more than $5 each!

I put stickers on each child's birthday and chose photos of the kids that were appropriate for each month. They were a HUGE hit!

This offer expires on September 30, so order now. You absolutely can NOT beat $5 for a photo calendar!

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  1. Thank you, I can mark several things off my christmas list!

  2. Wow! This is amazing! Would LOVE the the A to Z Cd from Abe and Liza Philip for my three little guys- I am sure it would fit into homeschooling quite nicely!

  3. oops! wrong spot! 😛