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Do You Have 5 Loaves and 2 Fish?

Do you remember the story of Jesus feeding 5000 with nothing more than a little boy's lunch?

A great crowd had gathered to hear what Jesus had to say, and when it came time to eat they knew it "would take more than half a year’s wages to buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!”

That's when someone noticed that a little boy had brought a lunch of 5 small loaves and 2 small fish. "But how far will they go among so many?" one of the disciples asked.

Jesus took that little boy's meager lunch and made it sufficient to feed the entire crowd of 5000, with leftovers to spare!

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough?

Enough energy? Enough patience? Enough arms to comfort everyone who needs comforting at any given moment?

Offer what you have to the Lord and He will make it sufficient.

He will take your meager offering, that is obviously far short of what is needed, just like the little boy's lunch, and turn it into more than enough.

Give it to Him.

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  1. I feel this way every. single. day.

  2. Amen! What good encouragement to remember as we begin a new week!

  3. Thanks Connie….been following you since Mr. Smockity’s layoff. My husband was also let go from his job 15 months ago, he has found a few part time jobs, though we are no where near our previous level of income (and I used to think that was too low) and since everything is part time, we have no benefits. I have chosen to remain at home with our 2 boys ages 3 and 6 rather than go back to teaching, I do some things to help make income and my main job is to help us hang onto as much as I can! Money is starting to get tight again and I was just starting to “worry”. But in the last year, just about the time I thought we were gonna go into debit, God would hand my hubby another job, or something else would happen and we would be fine again! Thanks for the reminder. He can take 2 pennies and feed a family! 😀

  4. Thanks, Smockity! Something I needed to be reminded of!

  5. When I minister to parents who homeschool their children with disabilities, this subject comes up routinely. I will say to them, just as I say to myself, “Determine to bring the best you have to bear on the task, knowing it is insufficient, and choose to take God at His word (2 Peter 1:3, 2 Corinthians 9:8) that he will make up the difference between what you have to offer and what is required for the job.”

    Thanks for the reminder, Connie.


  6. Thank you. I needed this today!

  7. We do serve an amazing God!

  8. Amen. :)

  9. And what about that mama who packed her little boy’s lunch that morning?? Little did she know what a mighty God could do with what she provided to her child. He can make things great for his purposes! Sooooo what I needed to hear this Monday, thank you Smockity,
    Covered by Him,

  10. This was awesome. Thanks for this!!!

  11. Tears… Connie, I needed this today… Thank you!

  12. Thanks for such an inspirational post!

  13. So true. Thanks. I needed the reminder right now.

  14. When my children were much younger, I would often think of that story when my children were sick and I had to be up with them at night, and I would pray that God would take what little sleep I had gotten and make it more than enough to get me through the next day. Every time I asked for that miracle, I would see His faithfulness! Thank you for reminding me of a lesson I had learned long ago, but sadly had forgotten.

  15. That was exactly what I needed to hear right now! Thanks, Connie.


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