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4 Moms Discuss Memorizing {and 2 GIVEAWAYS}

The 4 Moms are discussing memorization this week and we have 2 awesome giveaways to share with you that will help you and your children memorize tons of scriptures!

If you have children, you have probably noticed that it is easy for a child to repeat what he has heard repeated with regularity. Whether it is the words to the Word Girl theme song or the books of the Bible, if a child has heard it enough times, he will be able to repeat it.

Of course, music makes memorizing even easier, which is why even a 2 year old can recall the 26 letters of the alphabet.

We have learned continents, oceans, countries, and more with these Geography Songs, and if you are my age, you know the words to the preamble to the Constitution, thanks to Schoolhouse Rock.

My children have easily memorized the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson because they love to listen to that CD set to music.

The bottom line is memorization is made easier with 2 elements:

  • repetition
  • music

In our family, the most important kind of memorization is that of scripture. (See this video of our children doing Bible memory work.) The psalmist said in Psalm 119:11, "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee," indicating that God's word can be a buffer against sin. Jesus himself quoted various scriptures when he was tempted by Satan in the desert.

This is why I am so excited about the 2 giveaways The 4 Moms are offering this week!

We will be giving away the A to Z Cd from Abe and Liza Philip, which is a precious CD with the voices of children reciting Bible verses for every letter of the alphabet, and then each verse set to music. (Perfect for preschoolers!)

AND one of the Psalms Cds (Pure Words, Ascending, or Songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s) from Jamie Soles (the winner may choose) which has entire psalms set to music. (Excellent for older kids!)

2 winners will be chosen randomly and there are several ways to enter. Leave a comment on this post for each entry.

  • Leave a comment indicating which CD you would choose.
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  • Tweet the following: "Many chances to win 2 CD's of scripture set to music @SmockityFrocks http://www.smockityfrocks.com/?p=5552"
  • Announce the giveaway on your Facebook, linking to this post.

Now, hop on over to the rest of The 4 Moms and enter on their blogs as well!

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  1. I’d really choose both b/c I have a younger and an older child, but if truly pressed, I’d take the Psalms cd. Thank you!

  2. This is a hot topic in our home right now. I am enjoying Gary Smalley’s study entitled “Guarding Your Child’s Heart”. It is heavy on the scripture memory so I am memorizing them with the children. If I won the giveaway I think I would select one of the Jamie Soles cds!

  3. How exciting! I can’t wait to listen to these. I would choose the Psalms cd. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Shelly Smith says:

    I would love to win either of these CD’s, but with young children in our “school” I would probably choose the Philip’s CD.

  5. Shelly Smith says:

    I subscribe to Smockity via e-mail! I <3 Smockity!

  6. Shelly Smith says:

    I tweeted this!

  7. Shelly Smith says:

    I shared this giveaway on FB!

  8. I would choose the A to Z cd for my young kids. Blessings :)

  9. I subscribed to the email :)

  10. I shared the giveaway on facebook too.

  11. I am a greedy selfish pig. I choose all of them! :-)

    No, I am not THAT greedy. I choose the ABC CD for my three granddaughters (ages 2, 3, & 4) AND I choose… um, I choose… whichever of the three Jamie Soles cds my finger randomly points at when I close my eyes and spin in circles.

    Guess that makes me a greedy selfish piglet. :-)

  12. I’d choose the A to Z CD, but either one would be great!

  13. I’m an email subscriber.

  14. I think I would pick one of the Jamie Soles CD’s.

  15. I would choose the Psalms CD!

  16. We are actually memorizing the same verses from “God’s Word From A TO Z” right now because that is what they list in my Sonlight curriculum! I avoided buying as many books as I could to try and save money( we borrow library books for several of the read alouds) I have a flannel board and other resources for Bible so I didn’t buy the CD to go with the verses. I thought we’d go ahead and memorize them though, so we printed them out on paper and cut the words out and mix them up to practice putting them in the right order. My 6 yr old loves this and has done a better job remembering them than me! (*sigh* old age I guess)….Anyway this would be a WONDERFUL thing for us to win right now

  17. I subscribed to your blog!!

  18. I shared on FB :)

  19. I would LOVE the A to Z memory verses, I am new to homeschooling and I am trying to teach my daughter this! Oh I am so excited to know this exists in song form! My daughter is always singing, so this would be perfect for her!

  20. Rebecca Jacobson says:

    Fun giveaway! I would choose the A to Z Bible verses.

  21. i would be happy with either cd because i have preschoolers and older kids!

  22. i get your emails

  23. I would love the A to Z CD for my preschool twin boys.

    I also subscribed via email! Thanks!

  24. shared on fb name jeanine feldkamp

  25. zalyndia powell says:

    I already follow on email!

  26. zalyndia powell says:

    We would probably enjoy the Psalms cd!

  27. Hmmm… which to chose? I have older kids & younger kids…. Hmmm… I guess I would go with the A-Z verses! Even the older ones can learn from it!

  28. zalyndia powell says:

    shared on fb – thanks for the great giveaway!

  29. I’d like the A to Z one because I have a preschooler.

  30. We would love any of the CDs. However my first choice would be the alphabet cd and second would be the Psalms one.

  31. Kimberly Hill says:

    I would really love the A to Z cd. I have a 2 yr old and an 8 month old. I am trying to use God’s word in all instances with them ( God says love your brother, and love is kind…) but I haven’t memorized a lot of bible verses myself. I’m learning but I think this would be a way for all of us to memorize His word.

  32. Kimberly Hill says:

    Oh, and I subscribe to your email and I will share on fb

  33. Tina Crouch says:

    I coach Scripture Challenge for Leadership Training for Christ and I’ve collected scriptures set to music since my 27 year old was born. I even have a treble clef drawn next to these scriptures in my Bible. I would love these for future grand kids and for my Scripture Challenge kids!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Tina, I remember us sitting at the park when Daniel was 4 and sharing the scripture songs we each knew!

      We are having your cavatini tonight! Love you!

  34. “Algeria, Ethiopia…” Love the Geography Songs CD! My kids are discovering all the fun benefits of Schoolhouse Rocks too!

    I have bigs and littles (6 in all), but I’d probably go with Jamie Soles, so we could dance!

  35. I would love the memory verse A to Z CD! That would be perfect for our preschoolers at church. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  36. What a GREAT giveaway! I’d love to win either one of the CDs!

  37. I would choose the A to Z cd..I have 2 toddlers and an infant so this would be perfect!

  38. I already subscribe by email! :)

  39. I would choose the Psalms for my 14 yos and 15 yod (and me!) because we have enjoyed learning shorter scriptures to music and I think they would like the opportunity to learn longer passages.

  40. I subscribed to your site! :)

  41. I would like to listen to one of psalm CD’s by Jamie Soles.

    I also tweeted this giveaway.

  42. Wow these sound great- I want my son to do more memorizing this year.

  43. Ashley Cozzens says:

    I’d choose the God’s words from A to Z for my 2 and 1 year olds. I want to start them early in learning God’s word and also learn more myself!

  44. I would choose the children’s cd. It is a great way to teach the Bible!

  45. Tough choice with kiddos from 17 mo. to 12…I’d let you choose for me. Thanks for your witness!!!

  46. I think I would choose the Jamie Soles Ascending (or Songs from the 40s. 50s, and 60s), memorizing Psalms sounds wonderful :) I have been hoping to purchase his CDs soon.

  47. I would love a copy of the A to Z Cd from Abe and Liza Philip

  48. I would love any of these Cd’s for our family. We love memorizing Scripture through song. I remember Scripture songs from when I was four years old…I’m now 31! Great giveaway! Kimberly

  49. And I subscribe via e-mail.

  50. I would LOVE to win either one of these as I checked, and I don’t have the A-Z Words one, this one sounds amazing! The Jamie Soles ones I’ve heard a lot about, but haven’t got any of them. The songs from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s might be nice for my older kids!
    As a mom of 10 ages 3 – 16, I’m always looking for good music to play in the home!
    thanks very much, Julia

  51. I think we would choose the Philips Cd. Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. I think I would choose the Phillips CD

  53. It would be hard to choose between the CD choices, but I think I’d choose the A-Z scriptures. Memorizing through repetition and especially through music is invaluable! Especially with younger children. My 3-yr old already has the order of the NT books memorized because of a song! So I’d love to get one of these CDs to help with scripture memory!

  54. I’m also an email subscriber.

  55. And I posted it on Facebook

  56. I tweeted it!

  57. I’d love the Psalms cd.

  58. I shared it on facebook =)

  59. I would choose the A to Z scripture CD. Thanks, Connie!!!

  60. I would choose the A to Z CD because I have 3 little littles. Great giveaway. Thank you!

  61. Shirley Beesmer says:

    If I won I would Like the Psalms CD by Jamie Soles. I am the Sunday School superintendent and I very much believe in scripture memorization through repetition.

  62. I would choose the Jamie Soles CD for the simple reason that we already have the other one! If we received the other one I would use it for one amazing Christmas present for some dear little friends of ours whose family loves the Word!

  63. I would choose the Psalms cd as it would not only be helpful to my girls, but to myself.

  64. I would love to win the A to Z CD!

  65. Becky Milstead says:

    I think my boys would love the A to Z CD. :-)

  66. Becky Milstead says:

    I subscribe to Smockity Frocks emails. :-)

  67. I’d choose the God’s Word from A-Z.

  68. Becky Milstead says:
  69. Becky Milstead says:

    I shared on facebook! :-)

  70. I would love to win either!

  71. I can’t wait to start memorizing God’s Word with my family. My little boy loves to sing and dance and his birthday is coming up. Money is tight but we are trusting God, and I am hoping to get him some good music. He has all kinds of useless things memorized… but I really, really want him to have something substantial to carry with him in his heart. I remember nursery rhymes from my childhood; I want him to remember the poetry of God’s Word. I would be happy with either CD. Since you want us to choose one I will say Jamie Soles. :) Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  72. Just discussed scripture memorization with our co-op group that a bunch of friends from church have just started with our preschoolers. This is just the thing we need! Thanks for the give-away and recommendation.
    PS. Really enjoy your site.

  73. Would love to try the Soles CDs! I added them to my Amazon wish list too!

  74. Shared on Facebook.

  75. Just subscribed to the email.

  76. I have a kindergarten student that is learning a bible verse a week for each letter of the alphabet. We are using the book TEACH THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN by Sarah Wean. The A to Z cd would fit nicely!

  77. I would chose the A to Z cd. thanks :)

  78. I’d choose the Psalms set to music!

  79. I’d love the a to z for preschoolers! I have 4 of them I am trying in the Lords strength to faithful in doing preschool, while teaching my big kids. This would be a huge blessing! Love, darci

  80. I would choose the A to Z…because I have a preschooler and a baby and because this is the easiest way for me to memorize too!

  81. I would love to have the A to Z one and give it to my son’s kindergarten class because they are supposed to be learning Scriptures A to Z by the end of the year, but they don’t use music, so would add some fun!

  82. I would like one of the Psalms c.d.s, because I have older children, and I love the idea of memorizing scripture this way.

  83. Hoping this is open outside the US :)

  84. Probably chose the a to z bible verses

  85. I Subscribe to Smockity Frocks by Email.

  86. I would love the Psalms Cd not only for my kids but for me!

  87. I would choose Songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

  88. I subscribe to your emails.

  89. Really, any of them would be great, but as our babies are so little yet (3, 1 and soon to be here) it might be best to go with the A to Z CD. Our little guy (3) is all about the alphabet and is trying to get his sister (who hardly talks at all yet) to sing it with him so I know he would LOVE this.

    Plus, when Daddy is a children’s musician it only makes sense that our kids are really musical too!


  90. Wow! This is amazing! Would LOVE the the A to Z Cd from Abe and Liza Philip for my three little guys- I am sure it would fit into our homeschooling quite nicely! I have been trying to find more ways to help them get some scripture in and this sounds like it!

  91. Oh so hard to choose! All sound great. Jamie Soles is a fav of mine so if forced to choose I’d choose his new one on the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s….Psalms that is!

  92. I am posting on FB about this!

  93. I joined your email list. Looking forward to hearing from you via my inbox.

  94. I would get God’s word from A to Z! My 3 year old (and Me too) would really enjoy it!

  95. I receive your e-mails and enjoy them alot!!

  96. I would choose the A to Z CD. Thank you for encouraging families to make this a priority.

  97. I’d take the A to Z cd!

  98. Honestly, either of the CDs would be useful and welcomed. I have a range of ages :)

  99. I subscribed also :)

  100. Would LOVE THIS!!! My biggest struggle right now is finding a way to get my girls to memorize scripture that keeps it alive and fun, not just boring repitions.

  101. I’d choose the AtoZ cd, perfect for the little kids, and the not-yet-to-big one!

  102. We like Seeds Family Worship, Ask Me Whooo, and the Truth & Grace Books. Have never tried the CD’s above! I would like the Psalms CD.

  103. I have wanted a Jamie Soles’ CD for a long time. I want to be a winner!

  104. We definately need to do more scripture memorization. The little ones are tired of their usual cd too, so these might be a good change. I haven’t heard of either one of the cds here but I think the psalms one would be wonderful even for mom and dad.

  105. I think I would choose the Psalms cd since my 6yo daughter loves to sing and memorize Bible verses – what a perfect way to combine the two!

  106. I’d love any of these, my kids range in age from 12 years to 5 days old.

  107. A to Z cd please :)

  108. I’d love to enter for the A to Z CD, thanks!

  109. God’s Words from A to Z sounds like it would be a great way to memorize scripture.

  110. I subscribe via email.

  111. I would chose From A-Z. My three little ones love music and we’re learning our letters. They learn songs so fast, I would love it to be God’s Word.

  112. I would choose A to Z. We have been using Seeds Family Worship with our 21-month old. It is so precious to see him repeating phrases from God’s Word.

  113. Tabrasia ONeal says:

    I would love the a to z scripture CD

  114. The A to Z CD

  115. I tweeted

  116. Email subscriber

  117. I don’t know if contest is still open but it’s worth a shot. I have both a 10 and 2 yr old but if I had to choose I guess Jamie Soles’ cd for my oldest. Thanks!

  118. I am also an email subscriber

  119. I would choose the Jamie Sole CD for older kids. We are trying to read the Psalms every morning. Thanks for the chance.

  120. I am subscribed by email. :-)

  121. A to Z…I memorized the Critter County tape when I was young and I can’t find it anywhere – not even online. It had a verse for every letter as well. I’d love for my kids to learn the verses to song like I did!

  122. I think I would choose Jamie Soles’ “Pure Words” with the first few Psalms. Thanks!


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