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When Mama Gets Strep Throat

Do you ever wonder if your body secretly knows there are certain times you absolutely can not be sick?

While my husband was gone out of town, I was staying up late and getting up early trying to get everything done and keep the circus running smoothly. I was dog tired and SO relieved when he got home on Friday evening.

I guess my body figured since number one in command was back in town it was okay to take some time off.

I woke up Saturday morning with a very sore throat. I tried to ignore it, but throughout the day it got worse and my body started aching, too.

By bedtime, I was kicking myself for not going to an urgent care clinic, and I had a sleepless night waiting for 8 a.m. when I knew the clinic would be open.

I got there bright and early and was the first to see the doctor, who confirmed it is strep throat and prescribed antibiotics.

Now, I have given birth 6 times with no drugs, so I am usually not a baby when it comes to pain, but I am pretty sure I have the worst case of strep throat in the history of medicine.

My throat is so sore it feels like there are shards of glass embedded in it, and my gag bag is so swollen and distorted that when I talk it sounds like I am gargling a bunch of marbles.

I am honestly surprised I didn't get some kind of certificate or something. I think it at least deserves an honorable mention. "Worst case of strep throat ever in the history of history. Ever."

So, I've been sleeping a LOT and taking cough medicine with codeine, which makes me sleepy, which makes me think things are very funny that are really not all that funny.

It also apparently makes me write long posts with no point.

Would you say you have a high or low pain threshold?

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  1. Since I’ve delivered 5 of our babies with no pain meds, I’d say I have a high pain threshold (I did insist on them for my 2 c-sections however).

    But since I freak out and whimper when my husband tries to pull a sliver out of my finger, I’d say my threshold is very subjective….

    Take it easy and feel better soon!!!

  2. Oh, Connie! I’m so sorry! Strep throat is so very miserable. Praying you feel better soon!

  3. Lol, gotta love codiene

    I think it depends on the source of pain. Science says that men are more able to cope with sharp pain, but we all know what a ‘man-flu’ is like! Women deal well with ongoing pain but we don’t cope with sudden pains.

    For me? Definitely depends on the source! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Get well soon! As for pain threshold, I can’t put birthing without meds under my belt. I don’t however, take meds for other things.

  5. Not sure how I do with pain. I must admit I can be a baby at times but others I just take it. 4 of my 6 births were with no pain killers. That is as about painful as a woman can get. LOL God is watching over you and will get you back to “normal” soon enough!

  6. Oh wow! I pray you get better soon. I’m glad you caught it very quickly. I used to get strep ALL the time. It would hurt to swallow my spit.


  7. Same thing at our house last week. My husband was gone from Sunday to Saturday. I felt tired and yucky all week, but I pressed on. The night he was headed home I broke out in shingle blisters all over half my head. Guess that explained the exhaustion and sore neck. I went to the urgent care the next morning, and then let him entertain kids all day while I laid in the recliner. Poor mommy!

  8. I read somewhere – don’t ask me where – that the adrenaline that helps you through busy season goes away when the season is over and your immune system dips causing you to get sick. That’s why people often get sick during vacations when their body relaxes. So sorry for the strep throat. I just had a normal sore throat recently and it was tough! I think I have a low pain tolerance though – only 2 babies, both with drugs. With my last, the epidural stopped just as my contractions kicked it up a notch, and I thought I was going to die! Hats off to all of you who have done so many without drugs.

  9. I would say it depends on the pain. Pain in my hands and arms I can cope with, sudden pain from a knock I can manage with a reasonable amount of made up swear words, but pain in my head I can’t handle. When I get a horrid headache I am worse then a man with the flu! I suspect we all have a weakness to pain in one area or another.

  10. I’m with you Connie…strep throat is the worst…I’ve given birth to eight children and I can honestly say my bout with strep throat and subsequent recovery was way worse then childbirth…including three C-sections! Hang in there and rest as much as possible!

  11. Oh, do be so very careful, Connie. Wasn’t it something like codeine that persuaded you to buy that hilarious plaque a few years ago? Do you remember what I’m talking about?

  12. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Generally, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. I have not, apparently, passed that along to my girls. I’ve already said that I’m going to see if we can get an epidural started for my oldest as soon as we find out she’s expecting…you know, many, many years and a wedding from now.

  13. Michelle H. says:

    Hi – New to your site. I find it truly inspiring that you can write a really good blog while suffering with strep throat. I’ve had one baby with drugs and one without and I’d have to say that it was definitely worse than strep BUT strep is horrible. Like the worst sore throat ever on steroids. I had it a lot as a child and a few times as an adult. Like most illnesses, it’s much worse as an adult. Hope you feel better soon!

  14. I am glad you got treated. I am sorry you are sick. I personally have been sick for 8 weeks. YUP you read that right 8 weeks. They aren’t sure if it is my gallbladder or my appendix. Tests aren’t showing anything UGG. So pain killers are my best friend. But the problem is we as moms can’t take them except at night. I can’t function. I only take them at bed time. The rest of the time I just suck up the OH MY JUST LET ME CRAWL IN A HOLE AND DIE pain and deal and then at bed time I take my happy pain pill and slumber off to happy land.
    I hope you get back to 100% soon and I am so glad you husband was home for the weekend to give you some much needed rest…Take care…

  15. Oh, Connie…yuck! I’ve had strep as a teen and an adult….it’s nasty. I get high fevers and the worst throat pain ever, no swallowing at all. I learned from doctor a few years ago that it’s a virus and can live in your body up to 7 years with recurring out breaks. I got strep every 9mos for about 3-4 years. It was awful. Codeine cough syrup is right nice, never mind the spoon…just swig it! I do have a high pain tolerance but the worst for me is an ear ache. Have you had one of those as an adult? I think everyone should just to better empathize…poor kids!

  16. I would say High tolerance – two kids with no meds and two surgery’s that I took myself off the med’s pretty quick afterwards (maybe because I don’t handle pain meds well – they make me feel like I don’t have control and I don’t like that – LOL!) Strep is not something to mess around with – hope you can get lots of rest and feel better soon! 😉

  17. I have a medium pain tolerance, but I know the kind of strep throat you are talking about. First it was misdiagnosed as a sinus infection and by the time I got back to the doctor (barely able to drive myself there) my throat was so swollen my tonsils were almost touching.

    The doctor put me on an IV in the office. It had an antibiotic, pain killer, and steroid for the swelling in it. That thing was a miracle! By the time I left the office I felt so much better.

    This happened over 15 years ago and I still remember it vividly, as you can tell. I hope you feel better soon!