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Swagbucks Registration BONUS!

DISCLAIMER: If you are a dude with a fishing blog who likes to post pictures of me with the word "Sleazy" in the title because you wig out about the way bloggers earn money, TURN AWAY! TURN. AWAY. FROM. THE. COMPUTER.

Is he gone? Okay good.

Now we can talk about how you and I can earn FREE Amazon gift cards when we search the internet!
Search & Win

If you are already searching the internet occasionally anyway (and who isn't?), you might as well get paid for it, right?

Not only do you get rewarded for searching the internet with the Swagbucks toolbar, but you get matching "bucks" whenever one of your referrals earns bucks!

I have received HUNDREDS of dollars in Amazon gift cards simply from using Swagbucks.

Here is an actual screen shot of just SOME of the gift cards I claimed through Swagbucks in just a few short months.

It is super simple to begin, and Swagbucks is offering a 50 "buck" bonus for every new sign up through Friday, August 12 with the registration code "AUGUSTBONUS"!

It only takes 450 Swagbucks to get a $5 Amazon gift card and one way you get "bucks" is every time you refer someone.

Post this to your blog and Facebook, I bet you'll have a gift card in less than a week's time!

This means that I will earn "bucks" every time one of you signs up (don't be gettin' all up in my grill, Hooty!) and you can do the same thing! So hurry and sign up and then get your referral code and tell your friends!

Remember to use "AUGUSTBONUS" for your 50 extra bucks ONLY THROUGH FRIDAY!

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  1. Love Swagbucks! I wish it hadn’t been so stingy on Friday. I thought it was Swagbucks day! Oh well. Maybe I’ll get some this week.

  2. Is this one of the email promotions you received? I “do” Swagbucks..and have a banner on my site, but couldn’t find anything on this promotion to sign up others. Still learing the ropes! 😉

  3. Did you give him permission to use your photo? There are laws about that, you know. Unless he took the pictures himself, in which case, that might be stalking, about which there are also laws. Love me some Swagbucks. Someday I might have enough gumption to blog about it and get some referrals of my own. If I do, do you think I might get some trolls? I’m feeling kinda sad and lonely. Nobody is jealous of *my* affiliate links! sniff

  4. You and Cindy crack me up. Love, love, love me some Swag Bucks. They have paid for my kids school books, a pricey pair of compression running shorts, and a little bit of brain candy for me.

  5. How does Swagbucks work? Can you earn bucks without being entered into a sweepstake so a search generates a certain number of points or is it all sweepstake dependent?
    I’m a bit confused!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      Sarah, You can earn in many different ways. There are surveys and videos and sweepstakes. I just use the search bar and get referrals. Every referral you get helps out because you get matching “bucks” for every buck they get.

  6. I love Swagbucks. Curious: do you earn bucks when I perform a search on your widget? I do searches from your page sometimes in case it gives you ad advantage. I see nothing wrong with you earning money for all your hard work, keeping people informed and entertained 6 days a week!

    • Smockity Frocks says:

      I earn bucks every time my referrals earn bucks, no matter how they are earned. You don’t have to search on my search bar.


  7. I had a negative experience with swagbucks and closed my account. Looks like you are having better luck than I.